These OSU Students And Staff Are Calling For Refugee Sympathy, Even After Attack

An Ohio State University student claimed the Somali refugee who went on a stabbing spree in November was wrongly gunned down at the hands of police.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan was the refugee who committed an act of terror when he drove his car into a crowd of students and then went on a stabbing spree.

Artan was gunned down by local OSU police officer Alan Horujko.

The OSU coalition for Black Libertarians is a black-majority protest group that claims to protest violence against the black population.

The group recently held a rally due to the deaths of black individuals reportedly at the hands of police officers, and included Artan on the list of so- called “victims”.

The Daily Caller reports:

The OSU Coalition for Black Liberation is a campus protest group on OSU’s main campus in Columbus. The group held a rally Wednesday to protest the death of young black men at the hands of police, and read off a list of non-white men who had been killed by police in the last two months. Among the names read off was that of Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

Organizers of the protest ignorantly claimed his acts of terror were “irrelevant”.

The Daily Caller reports:

“In some cases, the deceased may have committed acts of violence against others before they were killed,” gender studies student Maryam Abidi said at the event, according to The Lantern. “Perhaps they were domestic abusers, perhaps they threatened or killed others. This possibility is not something to shy away from. The protest against police brutality extends to the innocent and the guilty alike, because we know that no matter the crime, justice and due process don’t come from a cop’s bullet.”

A professor at Ohio State University also defended the acts of terror Artan committed, claiming it was important to understand why he did it.

The Daily Caller reports:

Pranav Jani, an associate professor at OSU, said it was important to understand why Ali engaged in his act of violence, even if one didn’t condone it.

Another professor at OSU defended the act as well, claiming that the terrorist deserved sympathy – of all things.

The Daily Caller reports:

Jani also defended Stephanie Clemons Thompson, an OSU staffer who urged sympathy for Artan just a day after the attack.


“Even compassion has been politicized, as we saw with the diversity officer who’s being attacked for daring to say let’s show compassion towards a fellow Buckeye who made tragic, tragic mistakes,” Jani told The Lantern.

Artan posted on Facebook shortly before he went on the killing spree claiming he was calling attention to the “oppression of Muslims”.

The Daily Caller reports:

In a Facebook message posted prior to his rampage, Ali suggested he was lashing out over the oppression of Muslims around the world.

Clearly, Artan is one individual who does not deserve sympathy.

His act of terrorism is being justified by these students and professors as one of rebellion, and these individuals claim he was wrongly killed.

Who knows what more devastation he could have caused had he not been gunned down by the Ohio State University police officer.

Artan was just one of many Somali refugees recently admitted into the United States.

Reportedly, approximately 42 refugees are being granted asylum daily by the Obama administration.

What are your thoughts?

Does Artan deserve the sympathy these members of OSU are giving him? Or should his actions be condemned as the actions of terror of which they are?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • sillyrabbit

    wow, these people are really screwed up. Forget the actual victims that this muslim terrorist killed. These A holes actually feel that the perpetrator IS the victim. I

  • notrig

    This man was old enough to know right from wrong……PERIOD.
    It’s insane thinking like this that is a big reason why Trump won.
    Enough of this political correctness!
    Stop making excuses for idiots like this clown!

  • SL

    Far-left indoctrination on a college campus…shocking.

  • nj101

    The professors call for compassion and understanding for this jihadist because he was an OSU student. Would they do the same for a student who committed an act of violence in the name of the KKK or the Neo-Nazi party? No, they would not.

    What they are saying is that they hate European Americans, Jews, Christians, and America in general. Therefore they defend anyone who shares their hatred, including jihadists.

  • solog

    Save it….peeps now a days don’t even think. They are so easily manipulated and have no identity, stability or security in who they are….smh!