These Photos of Bill Clinton and a Playboy Bunny Have Him In Hot Water

trump-clinton-playboyThe Bill Clinton Presidential Library just released some eyebrow raising photos.

They show the former President with Donald Trump at the 2000 U.S. Open Tennis Tournament.

But it’s one of the women in the photo that has everyone talking.

Pictured in the photo are former President Clinton, Trump, his future wife and then-girlfriend Melania and an unidentified woman wearing a Playboy Bunny t-shirt.

Politico reports:

The Clinton Presidential Library has released nearly two dozen photos of Donald Trump socializing with President Bill Clinton — including one that shows the two men with their arms around Trump’s then-girlfriend, Melania, and an unidentified woman wearing a Playboy Bunny t-shirt — images that underscore just how chummy Trump once was with the president and his wife Hillary.


The 22 images were taken by official White House photographers in June, 2000 during a visit the president paid to Trump Tower in New York City for a political fundraiser, and in September, 2000 during the U.S. Open tournament in Flushing Meadows, New York.

Some of the photos taken in a private box at the tennis tournament appear to reflect a jovial mood, with Trump’s future wife, Melania, and the woman wearing the Playboy t-shirt laughing in one image, Clinton smiling broadly, and the real estate mogul seemed to be cracking jokes.


The photos are reminiscent of the much-hyped photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton warmly laughing with Donald and Melania Trump at the Trumps’ wedding in 2005. In August of last year, as the election season heated up, Hillary Clinton explained that she had thought it would be “fun” to attend the nuptials, which was Trump’s third marriage.

Bill Clinton’s problems with other women continue to haunt Hillary during this campaign.

Juanita Broaddrick — who claimed Clinton raped her in the 1970s — has been a vocal critic of Hillary based on Clinton’s attempts to silence her after Bill allegedly raped her.

Broaddrick now says she lives in fear for her life.

These pictures could lead some to speculate as to why Bill Clinton was socializing with other women while visiting with Trump, and reignite some of his past scandals related to other women.

Some #Nevertrump Republicans point to these photos as evidence Trump was a Clinton plant who entered the race to assure her victory.

The Washington Post reported the former President spoke with Trump before he announced his campaign for President:

Former president Bill Clinton had a private telephone conversation in late spring with Donald Trump at the same time that the billionaire investor and reality-television star was nearing a decision to run for the White House, according to associates of both men.


Four Trump allies and one Clinton associate familiar with the exchange said that Clinton encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party and offered his own views of the political landscape.


Clinton’s personal office in New York confirmed that the call occurred in late May, but an aide to Clinton said the 2016 race was never specifically discussed and that it was only a casual chat.

However, this paranoid fantasy was among the many discredited attacks launched by establishment  #NeverTrump Republicans in their failed bid to stop the populist billionaire from winning the GOP nomination.

More likely, these photos show Clinton was eager to be in the company of an attractive woman.

  • Mary Stinson

    If HIllary Clinton had pneumonia they would have taken her immediately.

    • carolhock


    • bubba03

      She got a shot of dopamine. If she was contagious why hug that little girl

      • NannyB

        Are all types of pneumonia contagious? I don’t think so.

        • bubba03

          Her campaign said she was

          • NannyB

            Okay…then that makes it even worse. They just have no respect for anyone. Then again, are we sure this is what she has? If you look at the “close up” of that one video and watch her feet…she passed out. Her feet were dragging and they tossed her into that van like a rag doll. I think the campaign is still lying. JMO BTW…if you can blow it up to the point just before distortion, look at her left ankle…there is something that drops out of her pant leg. It looks like a small metal rod. I wonder what that is too?

          • Maria castro

            like a sack of potatoes, or a dead cow.

          • bubba03

            That is the metal rod that moves her lips

        • BILL

          Why would you risk it? It’s your grandchild and daughter. Now she has her doctor lying.

  • Terri Sturgill

    So what is the point? Slow news day?

    • NannyB

      Not exactly. What is at stake is the leadership of our country. Hillary will not do anything more than follow OB and I truly believe she is ill beyond her supposed “pneumonia”! Her behavior as of late says there is something deeper wrong with her. (beyond her Liberal problems)

    • NJ Lady

      Please read NannyB, who gets the point.

      • Terri Sturgill

        But it’s not new or news. It’s fact that I care about, but waste my breath to keep repeating to her teflon campaign.

  • Rose Russell Wenzel

    From what I’ve heard and seen, she has something worse than just pneumonia! They are all so fake.

  • David Stewart

    What can he say? A horndog is always a horndog! Nothing will ever change.

  • David Keith

    Pneumonia is treated outpatient. If she has pneumonia she would be issued drugs and sent home. What she does from there is up to her.

    It actually makes perfect sense – the extreme HRC narcissism at work; she can’t avoid the limelight when it is offered to her, even when it poses a risk to her health.

    She obviously is unhealthy, as is witnessed by several public incidents that were caught on camera. So she’s trying to the usual Clinton thing and present another false image – that is, that HRC is not ill as many are saying, rather that she is doing just fine.

    Be sure your sins will find you out. What is whispered in secret will be shouted from the rooftops…

    • TheRaghead

      You are wrong about pneumonia. I am 77. I had pneumonia 3 times in 1 year and was hospitalized EACH TIME! It depends upon the specific infection as to it being contagious. The worse is nick named “the Mexican Crud”. It is next to impossible to get rid of it because Mexicans start treatment and stop before actually killing the infection, becoming a carrier. The 3rd hospital used a drug rarely used today and it worked.
      I suspect this “illness” may be an attempt to get away from the House hearings! She is a criminal and should be in jail as I would be. Remember this fact: SHE was actually a US Gov employee AND all the e mails are U.S. Gov. property, not hers to play around with.

    • NJ Lady

      I can’t wait! (Maybe then we’ll have an honest election.)

  • Susan

    I am in no way a Clinton supporter…in fact, both Clintons turn my stomach. But to call Clinton out because he was with a playboy bunny, and not bring out the fact that Trump was cheating on his wife with Melania, well, shall we say both men have issues and maybe they both are guilty of …so, to be fair, bring up both men and their problems.

    • bubba03

      I don’t think Trump raped anyone

      • NannyB

        No Bubba I do not think so either…and Susan…YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. Trump married Marla Maples in 1993 and he divorced her in 1999. If you want to slander someone…get your facts straight!!

        • David Keith

          According to DT himself in his autobiography / memoirs he BOASTS of his serial infidelity.

          Perhaps DT needs to get his facts straight and stop slandering DT!

        • Diane Yates

          His divorce from her was she cheated on him!

          • NannyB

            Sorry, Diane Yates…your comment is not making sense.

      • Freedom Rules

        Trump never Raped anyone, you must be confusing Trump with that pedophile rapist Bill Clinton…

        • bubba03

          I think I just said that

    • Dusty

      Since no photos were shown perhaps the entire article is a fraud. Simply takes up space. I prefer concrete proof of every word that’s printed.

      • NJ Lady

        Dusty — Surely you jest! That’s most likely an impossibility even if the information giver is well intentioned.

    • Freedom Rules

      Excuse me Trump was already separated from his wife before Melania..

  • Bob Taylor

    An article about a picture of Bill with a mystery woman? Then a picture of Bill by himself. Where is the picture? Talking about a picture of Bill Clinton with a woman is like a corn field with corn growing in it. It would be what anyone with a brain would expect to see.

  • Cherie Lynn Davis

    According to this doctor, she has Parkinson’s disease.

  • Lewis


  • DBAtwill

    Google Hillary getting a shot from her Secret Service agent.
    It’s NOT pneumonia.
    She has a secret service agent with her at all times and he carries a small hypodermic needle for her. She started acting weird and he rushed up to give her a shot. Diabetes? More likely a mental disorder.

  • Howie Subnick

    I guess most of you do not know BILL’S true name. IT IS DICK!

  • 1IndianaSeniorCitizen2

    If she was so sick, how could she come strolling out alone two hours later (and about 20 pounds lighter?) I think it was her “body double” — like Tina Fay impersonating Sarah Palin.

  • Mike Knox

    There is no way of knowing what motivated Trump to run as a GOP candidate. To call the possibility that he entered to mess up the GOP and help Hillary is certainly a possibility – nothing “paranoid” about presenting it as something he and Bill spoke about. Where we are at now, he is certainly challenging Hillary. But let’s watch the debates and see.

  • Joe

    Hillary faked the moon landing

  • Mary Stevens

    What Trump said is crass at best. What the Clintons have been accused of doing is illegal, immoral, selfish, deadly and criminal.

    • Melvin Bennett

      Bingo. We know Trump isn’t perfect. But then again we know politicians aren’t either and furthermore we know the Clintons are evil and globalist traitors who sold our missile tech to enemy China.

    • NJ Lady

      Amen to that, Ms. Stevens!

  • dennis johnson

    Hillary has the “Clap” and she gave it to Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera and she got faint when they said that their wives found out.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    she got aids from oboma

    • headonstraight

      It has not been confirmed that the woman depicted is a Playboy Bunny. Having a Playboy logo on her shirt does not make her a Playboy Bunny any more than having a Mickey Mouse cartoon on my T-shirt makes me a mouse. As to your ASSertion about aids, there is absolutely nothing in the article that confirms that. It is simply a gratuitous insult from your illiterate and bigoted mind!

  • collateral_damage

    Who freakin’ cares??? Thew world is blowing up!!!

  • jim jones

    Emaillery needs treatment at the Betty Ford Clinic.

  • wvweights

    Let us see………… 2000 he was just another person….What does that have to do with today? I would say that since he was a businessman he met with lots of scum bag politicians and all the heads of so called big business also did. Just remember at this time all he was ………was a plain businessmen. Just the clintons trying to make trouble again.