These Voters May Doom Hillary Clinton To Defeat

Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are dropping and Donald Trump is gaining ground.

That has been the dominant story of the campaign since the traditional Labor Day kickoff.

But the voters who could cost Hillary Clinton the election may not be who you think they are.

Many pundits have already noted that Hillary is badly trailing Trump with men and working class voters.

While this is true, the real story why Hillary is falling behind Trump – and in key battleground states – is because the key demographics in the coalition who elected Obama are refusing to support Hillary.

Some pundits claimed the Latino vote put Obama over the top in 2012, but Hillary is running far behind Obama’s 2012 numbers.

Some argue Obama won Colorado, Florida, and Nevada because of his performance with Latino voters.

Others have claimed Arizona could turn blue because the state’s Hispanic population could revolt against Trump’s strong policy proposals to stop illegal immigration.

But Hillary is also having trouble attracting millennial voters.

While Americans between the ages of 18-35 may not like Donald Trump, they are also apathetic to Hillary.

The website noted that when third party candidates are included in the polls, the biggest drop in Hillary’s support is with younger voters.

Because Trump now leads in key battleground states like Iowa, Florida and Ohio, Hillary is hitting the reset button on her campaign.

This includes a speech specifically targeted to young voters, as well as deploying fellow senior citizens Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to try to rouse the younger voters who view Hillary as a Wall Street sell out and a reminder of a yesterday’s politics.

The Wall Street Journal reports on her collapsing numbers with millennial voters:

The outreach comes as polls show younger voters moving away from Mrs. Clinton. Among those under age 35, Mrs. Clinton’s lead over Republican presidential rival Donald Trump fell from 24 points in late August to just 5 points this month in Quinnipiac surveys.


That was one reason her overall lead among likely voters fell from 7 points to 2 points.

Similarly, Mrs. Clinton bested Mr. Trump by 27 points among voters under 35 in a Fox News survey in early August. That lead fell to 9 points in a new Fox News survey.


The trend is appearing in some state-level surveys, as well: In a new poll of Michigan voters, Mrs. Clinton’s 24-point lead among young voters a month ago fell to 7 points. That change helped account for why her 11-point lead among voters overall fell to 3 points in the survey, conducted for the Detroit Free Press and WXYZ.


Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate, is picking up many of the young voters who had backed Mrs. Clinton. In the Quinnipiac poll, he drew a significant 29% of likely voters under age 35, up from 16% in August. He trailed Mrs. Clinton by only 2 percentage points among those voters, a sign of how potentially damaging he could be to her campaign.

  • concern4us

    If we don’t win this election over Hillary and the liberal tidal wave, we’ll never win another Republican election, especially what Obama and Hillary, with the DNC and Media planning to over load our country with illegal immigrants all looking for a government to take care of them!

    • Rich Olmsted

      Ironically, RINOs also contributing to their own demise by enabling the flood of illegals.

      • NannyB

        When Trump takes over in the White House, those RINOs will run for the hills. They will have no more reasons to hang around. Their “easy street” flow of money will be gone and they will show their real colors.

        Trump for President 2016

        • McHaggis

          Nancy, you have hit the nail on the head. That is exactly why they are afraid of Trump. The RINOS are easy to spot. They are a sold-out part of the establishment and afraid of losing their power and status. I do hope Trump wins. Hillary would only mean a third Obama term.

          • NannyB

            I believe Jeb Bush just expected to waltz right into the nominee position and was floored to see Trump take over. There were a bunch if RINOS/POTENTIAL RINOS on that stage. Cruz is a “wannabe” and I could go on…but fact of the matter is…I do not think Trump wants people like that trying to suck up to him once he is POTUS. Trump is his own person. Just remember to watch the debate. Should be VERY interesting. I am wondering if the “powers that be” have replaced Matt Lauer as a moderator for one of the debates as the Liberal Press is saying they should. Shame on them!! Does anyone remember when Trump said that if the press was found lying that their credentials should be removed. Ha…would LOVE to see that happen to some of these idiots. Sorry, did not mean to get off subject here.

  • Evan

    Give it up Hillary!
    Nobody in their right mind wants you in the White House!
    Get out of our lives forever!

    • Arimathean

      The only reason Hillary is still in this race is because the Republicans nominated a candidate who is even worse than she is. Neither Clinton nor Trump is worthy of our votes. If this is not the time to rebel against the corrupt party establishments, that time will never come.

      • BambiB

        So vote third party.

        • NannyB

          Cool…and where would that get this ??? person ??? Although they are saying it is taking away from Clinton. Since neither third party candidate has the chance of a snowball in hell…why not put some real thought into each party’s candidate and make a decision. How hard is that?

          • Arimathean

            I have already made my decision: Clinton and Trump are both absolutely unacceptable, so the question of which is worse is irrelevant. When the lesser evil is not lesser enough, one must reject them both.

        • Arimathean

          That’s probably what I’ll do. I plan to vote for Gary Johnson. Johnson is already leading among college-age voters and military personnel.

      • McHaggis

        You seem to be a typical uninformed voter. Trump is at the very least the big question mark in the race. Hillary is far from that. She is the known candidate with almost forty years of lies and corruption. None of that applies to Trump. He represents the last best hope for an honest government. Please, give him your consideration.

        • NannyB

          Thanks for your manners. I was going to respond until I read yours. You were much nicer than I would have been. LOL

  • My country

    I really am amazed at people over the Latino vote ! First off they shouldn’t be voteing unless they are legal . This is why our elections have been distorted . The right to vote belongs to legal citizens. Not illegals . Americans had better raise their heads about this . Not just deportation but they have been givenrights only citizens have . And no President has the right to circumvent Americans . Not even Congress without the will of the people . This bunch has gotten away with this way too long !

    • NannyB

      You are right. If Trump wins, he will stop all of that by demanding there be voter ID backed up with proper documentation. I can’t help but know that the whole country knows what is behind these Democratic judges ruling against this voter ID. Everyone needs this for so many of the things they do in everyday life. We had better keep a sharp eye on these elections and on the voter count precinct by precinct!!

  • Ektor

    What put Obama over the top was the fraud vote. The liberals will be getting out even more of a fraud vote to save Queen Hitler and Obama’s worthless and despicable legacy.

  • Broos

    AND. $he’s A CROOK !

  • BambiB

    Less than half of Hitlery voters want Hitlery.
    Less than half of Trump voters want Trump.
    Most people want someone else.
    So VOTE for someone else!

    Johnson is the only other candidate who will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

    • McHaggis

      So you want to waste your vote? If you vote for a third party candidate, you are doing exactly that. Trump may be a question mark for you, but Hillary is an absolutely known criminal and liar. Don’t throw your vote away. Do the right thing BambiB.

    • concern4us

      Sorry for disagreeing, Johnson is only on the ballot to keep Trump from having a land slide, no one wants another President that doesn’t support a Republican nominated candidate, if he was so great why didn’t he have the guts to run in the primary with all the other candidates? Because he knew he wouldn’t have a chance of winning, just as he doesn’t have a chance of winning the Presidency!

    • Arimathean

      Johnson is already leading among college students and military personnel. Young voters are tired of the crap their elders are trying to foist on them.

      Johnson would be a viable candidate if he could get onto the debate stage. As it is, he will at least keep Hillary under 50% of the popular vote so that she cannot claim a strong mandate for a radical agenda.

  • collateral_damage

    The Hispanics may have finally awaken to Emporer Obastard’s LIES!?!