This Biased Debate Moderator Acted Like Hillary Clinton’s Spokesman

The Hillary Clinton campaign and many members of the media spent the run-up to the first Presidential debate pressuring moderator Lester Holt to act as an attack dog against Donald Trump.

Liberals were furious over NBC’s Matt Lauer’s supposed failure to “fact check” Donald Trump in real time during MSNBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum.

And in this first debate, Holt acted as a partisan Democrat.

Holt badgered Trump relentlessly – interrupting him 30 times compared to just 19 interruptions when Clinton spoke.

He asked Trump tough questions about his tax returns, “birtherism”, and his temperament.

But he did not ask Clinton a single question about her emails, the pay-to-play scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundations, her foreign policy failures in Iraq, Libya, or Syria, nor anything else that would have made Clinton the slightest bit uncomfortable on stage.

Many – including GOP nominee Donald Trump – noticed the left-wing bias in the questions selection.

Holt also continued with the so-called “mainstream” media’s false assertion that Trump was a supporter of the Iraq War.

The left’s main demand after the Commander-in-Chief forum was for Holt to falsely assert Trump supported the war from day one.

While Trump made one half-hearted statement of support in September of 2012, his other statements regarding the war in Iraq was that the economy was of greater concern and the war was not something America should be launching.

Trump even used his exchange with Holt to accurately state the media was the strongest aspect of Clinton’s campaign.

The Daily Caller  reports:

“You had supported the war in Iraq,” Holt posed to Trump.

“I did not support the war in Iraq,” Trump shot back. “That is a mainstream media nonsense put out by her, because she frankly, I think the best person in her campaign is mainstream media.”


“My question,” Holt asserted before being cut off a second time.

“Would you like to hear? I was against the war, wait a minute,” the Republican nominee continued. “I was against the war in Iraq. just so you put it out.”


“The record shows otherwise,” countered the debate moderator.


“It does not show that,” Trump finally responded. “The record shows that I’m right. when i did an interview with Howard Stern, very lightly, first time anybody’s asked me about that, and I said who knows.”


“I then did an interview with Neil Cavuto. I then talked to Sean Hannity — everyone refuses to call Sean Hannity — had numerous conversations with Sean Hannity at Fox, and he called me the other day, and I spoke to him about it. He said you were totally against the war because he was for the war.”

During the debate, Trump had to confront two opponents – Hillary Clinton and the moderator.

Republicans are used to dealing with moderator bias in debates – Candy Crowley incorrectly “fact checked” Mitt Romney during the second Presidential debate in 2012 – but Holt’s performance was even worse than many expected.






5 thoughts on “This Biased Debate Moderator Acted Like Hillary Clinton’s Spokesman

    1. concern4us

      No fairness expected when dealing with the Liberal media, what gets me is I don’t know who taught them to lie, Hillary or the Media. Both seems to have the same lies, doesn’t matter!

  1. William R Nicholson

    Killiary Clinton could murder Donald J Trump On-Stage & Major Media , Including those paid actors pretending to be unbiased jawhorenalists , would be condemning a video producer of some video , that no one saw on you tube ! Maj Media hacks like those on stage last night ; STILL don’t realize , they’ve Lost All Credibility with thinking , caring , patriotic & moral people ……… logical people don’t follow anyone in major media as we can watch their childish antics & just wonder , did these adolescents ever graduate sandbox 101 in kindergarten ?

  2. 1936benz

    Schrillery will NEVER have to answer for any of the (numerous) crimes they have committed throughout their public “service.” She and Billy-Bob have too much dirt on everyone inside the beltway – and elsewhere. They have built an entire career and livelihood around criminal enterprises and corruption, and have protected their actions with blackmail and shakedowns. When a new up-and-coming Senator comes to town, they immediately start collecting dirt on him/her. If there isn’t any to collect, they shovel some into the newbee’s life. It’s amazing how much mileage they can get from a $1,000-an-hour, Washington, D.C. hooker unleashed on the new, fresh-faced, naive politician (or journalist) during an innocuous-appearing “cocktail party”. And if the honey-trap isn’t in order, there’s always drugs or some other vice (and everyone has one or two). If they don’t have dirt on someone, then they have dirt on his/her boss and mentor, who very quickly gives them a trip to the woodshed should they stray from the house rules. At that debate she could have doused a basket of kittens with lighter fluid and set them on fire, and the “moderator” and her “supporters” would have found a way to justify it. Unless changes are made, this country is finished.

  3. concern4us

    In watching the “circus” debate, what really got my hair on the back of my neck raised was the distractions by both Hilda-beast and anti-Holt brings up trash that doesn’t mean a thing. If we were trying to vote a saint into office, we need to find a person like our Savior Jesus Christ, but unfortunately he’s at a higher position interceding for all of us!

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