This Big Bust Proves A Border Wall Needs To Be Built Soon

Immigration issues in this country are out of control.

President Obama initiated policies that encouraged the mass legalization of immigrants, leaving President Trump unsecured borders and rampant immigration crime with which to deal.

And one big bust just proved how dangerous smuggling illegal aliens into this country can be and proved that our borders must be built.

The Big Bust

 Border Patrol agents in Texas arrested a human smuggler who had nearly 80 illegal immigrants locked in his refrigerated tractor trailer.

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents stopped a refrigerated tractor trailer at a checkpoint.

The driver and passenger immediately refused to comply with law enforcement officials, leaving them suspicious.

That suspicion was confirmed when a K-9 agent alerted them to the possibility of human or drug trafficking in the back.

When officers directed the driver to another secondary checkpoint, the driver refused to comply.

The driver drove away from the checkpoint, and a chase ensued.

The driver eventually stopped a few miles down the road and was arrested.

Officials opened the rear of the trailer once it was stopped, and discovered 78 illegal aliens who the driver allegedly locked inside.

Despite being locked in freezing conditions, the agents on scene determined the immigrants were in good health.

The 78 immigrants were subsequently detained and arrested. A translator was brought in for questioning after they were brought to an immigration facility.

When questioned, it was determined they came to the U.S. from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, and Mexico.

The migrants will be removed from the states on the charges of immigration violations.

The driver and passenger will be investigated on human smuggling accounts.

The Recurring Problem

 The Laredo Sector Chief Patrol Agent claimed this is a recurring problem that must be settled.

These criminal organizations continue to use tractor trailers and view these individuals as mere commodities without regard for their safety…..The blatant disregard for human life will not be tolerated. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to disrupt and dismantle these organizations and prosecute those responsible.”

Trump’s New Plan for the Border Wall

President Trump has a new immigration proposal that will not only help fund the border wall, but one that Democrats may finally be willing to listen to.

Trump wants $25 billion in funding for the border wall, a stricter immigration vetting process, and the removal of previous Obama-era policies.

In return, Trump promised that a portion of Dreamers will be given full legalization status — a compromise to which Democrats may finally yield.

Trump has been fighting for a border wall since he began campaigning in 2015.

Now, that border wall may finally be built — and our borders secured.

Do you believe that Trump’s new plan will lead to the building of a border wall?

Do you think that having the border wall will solve the immigration crisis?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



22 thoughts on “This Big Bust Proves A Border Wall Needs To Be Built Soon

  1. George Whitney Sr

    Being an election year, I hope that the democrats are smart enough to come to the table. Most legal American citizens are fed up with them.

    1. Bama Bill

      George, the Demon Rats are “Owned” by Mr. George Soros. So, take a few minutes, and search on this SOB! He worked with the Nazi’s to round up the Jews to be sent to the death camps! He “Bought” the European Union, through his “Open Borders Society”! Soros owns the Dems, Unions, and most “Rinos”. He founded this society back in 1985, and has poured over $38 BILLION dollars into it since then! He “Owns” Hillary, the Dems, Unions, and the “Lame Stream Media”. Read up on this bastard, and like they always say, “Follow the Money”!

      1. Shelba Herring

        that is why I would like to see his citizenship yanked and then deport him to his country of birth from what I have heard the people there would make short work of him

        1. Bama Bill

          Soros worked for the Nazi’s in WW2, he helped round up the Jews to be sent to the death camps. BTW, Soros is a Jew! He “Bought” the European Union thru his “Open Borders Society”. He founded it back in 1985, and has funded it to the tune of $38 BILLION since then. He also became very rich back in the 70’s when he “Broke the Bank of England”. Read up on that. Now for the rest of the story. That is when the U.S. Dollar became the “international currency”. Soros had dumped his British Pounds and bought U.S. Dollars. He made a “TON”!

  2. Syd Gaffney

    I think a border wall will help. We secure our homes why not our country? I would ask anyone if they would be willing to take in a family of say 4 Parents and two teenagers. You don’t know these folks from a bar of soap . Now yoou and the family go out in the evening and leave these people alone in your home. Good Luck. You may hit it lucky but our you willing to take a chance?

    1. Bama Bill

      The ones that come here and harvest our crops, I would trust. The ones bringing in drugs, I’d shot those bastards!

  3. General "Bull" Krapper

    How about charging any US born citizen caught trafficking with treason & imposing a mandatory life sentence, if not death? Maybe, just maybe, some would reconsider?


    1. Bama Bill

      How ’bout just revoking their citizenship and deporting the bastards? Mexico won’t take them, nor will Canada. But, I don’t care where they are shipped to! How about France???

    2. Dennis Anderson

      They used to have yellow plaques on telephone poles in California when I was a child. They read that it was a felony to be here illegally. They also said anyone aiding illegals were also guilty. Here`s something to consider sterilization if they want to stay? I gaurantee the majority would not even show up at our borders.There`s to many
      many people on this planet with no job skills and don`t comprehend.

  4. William Von Huben

    Get there information and tell them that they will be notified the date and address and phone number of the immigration services. Then put them on a plane back to the country they came from and when they get notified of the hearing they pay there own way here and back if they loose in the hearing. Hopefully they can be out of the U.S. in two days!

  5. Bama Bill

    Damn right the wall will work! We need parents to stop funding their children’s college and every weekend drinking binges! One bar in our town has several buses that it used to bring college kids to and from their bar. Some “Education”! Lie, cheat, screw, and drink till you “Blow Chunks” every weekend? This is “Out of Control”! I’ve only had one college grad that made it thru the probation period at our company! Most drop out for the common reasons, late for work, long lunches, and leaving early. Work overtime? Hell no! That cuts into their “Party Time”!
    The Illegals I really feel for. The Mexicans are hard working, and from my experience, Christians. They never stole from me, and always told the truth.

    BUT! They must come in legally! I have worked in the fields picking tomatoes with them, but I drove the truck that the produce was loaded onto. They really need to be empowered to improve Mexico, instead of immigrating here! But they are really great people. Except for the ones involved in the drugs.

  6. Barbara Bee Merrill

    a wall would eliminate ALOT of the illegal aliens. Not all of them but I think a country without borders is not a country. Years back they all came through Ellis Island. They had to qualify even then.

    1. Bama Bill

      Read about the fall of the Roman Empire. Open borders was Rome’s downfall. Look what has happened to Europe. Soros wants an “Americas Union” like the one he “Bought” in Europe thru his “Open Borders Society”.

  7. Shelba Herring

    The democRATS don’t care about the dreamers therefore they won’t go for Trumps plan to get the wall built, the only way we will ever see the wall built is with a majority of republicans in the house and senate that can pass the necessary funding bill, a bill that the democRATS cannot do any thing about because they won’t have the votes to stop it

    1. Bama Bill

      So, get your butt out and get as many friends and family to have a “Voting Party” on voting day. That’s what I’m going to do. If they need a wheel chair, ride, or are in hospice, get their vote in. Register as many youth as possible, the Dems drive vans thru the projects and pay $20 for anyone to vote, even for their 117 year old deceased relative! That’s how there were hundreds of votes cast by people over 115 years old last election!

  8. agrneydgrl

    I think we need two separate walls with room for a borde patrol car to drive thru. That means the illegals, if they get across one wall,they will have to cross the road to climb the other one. If we have cameras up we can get to them before they can climb the other wall.

  9. Jodi

    It’s a start in the right direction. Also, he can by executive order implement a change in the law that states that a baby born here is automatically a citizen. If a person breaks the law to come, has a baby then gets rewarded with permanent citizenship because they broke the law is unlawful and insane. The babies are called “Anchor” babies and the law needs to be changed.

  10. Charles Michalek

    we can send them too Germany and let the chancellor Angela Merkel handle the issue since she was so delighted too let a bunch of refugees into the country..

  11. desert fox

    We can stop the illegal immigration by taking away all of the freebies and entitlements that they get….and they can’t apply for citizenship and have to be self sufficient for five years and you have to learn the language and pass the history tests. That’ what my grandparents had to do when they came here and they had to be sponsored. The sponsor was responsible for them financially for seven years.

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