This Big City Liberal Mayor Is Taking Guns Away From Police Officers Who Got Into A Shootout With Terrorists

Liberals are so obsessed with demonizing the AR-15 they are literally taking them away from police officers

Boston’s incoming leftist mayor is disarming the city’s police force.

Mayor-Elect Martin Walsh has informed the Boston Police Department he is banning them from buying or carrying the popular AR-15 rifle.

Boston police say they need the rifles, citing the fact they got into a massive gunfight with Islamic terrorists during the 2012 Boston Marathon.

Yes, a liberal mayor is literally disarming police officers in a city targeted by Islamic terrorists.

“Mayor-elect Walsh is opposed to the AR-15 rifles,” his spokeswoman Kathryn Norton said in a short statement last Thursday. “Unless otherwise convinced by the Boston Police Department, he does not think they are necessary.”


“Walsh would have to approve a budget for 33 AR-15 rifles at a cost of $2,500 each. Police were in the planning phases of acquiring the rifles to put in the cruisers of two specially trained beat cops in each of the city’s 11 districts,” Police magazine reports.


“Officers would only use the rifles for active-shooter attacks, suspects wearing body armor and far-away targets,” Boston’s Fox 25 reports.

Officers requested the rifles after the 2013 shootout with Islamic terrorists Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The attack killed two police officers and gravely wounded a third.

Yes, liberals are so obsessed with keeping AR-15’s out of the hands of civilians that they are willing to let police officers die.

And it has Boston’s finest furious.

“It gives you at least a fighting chance if you go into something where suspects have more firepower than you,” one officer, who asked not to be named, fumed to the Boston Herald.


“The city and the world we live in now is different than in years past,” he said, “and we need to have equipment to meet the threat that we’re facing now,” Boston Police superintendent Kenneth Fong tells Al Jazeera.

Unfortunately for the officers who risk their lives facing criminals and terrorists, it appears the city’s leftist council members are just as stupid as their leftist mayor.

“I don’t believe arming them with assault weapons is going to make them any safer,” City Councilor Charles Yancey told

So why isn’t Boston’s mayor and city council taking guns away from their own personal security?