This Could Send Hillary Clinton To Jail

Are millennials turning on Hillary and the Democrats?

A new poll shows one of the left’s most loyal constituency groups may be looking to jump ship.

And it could set off a chain of events which may end up sending Hillary Clinton to prison.

The latest Public Policy Polling national survey found Hillary Clinton leading Trump by just 5 points.

But it is in the crosstabs where things get interesting.

Voters between the ages of 18-29 actually have a more favorable opinion of the Republican Party than of the Democrat Party.

41% see the GOP favorably, compared to just 36% in favor of the Democratic party.

And 40% of these voters believe Hillary Clinton belongs in prison, compared to 39% who do not.

The 40% of voters between the ages of 18-29 that believe Hillary belongs in prison represents the highest percentage of any age cohort.

Red Alert Politics writes that this could be due to the leaked Democrat National Committee emails, which show the party worked to rig the primary for Hillary Clinton:

“40 percent of millennials want her jailed, while just 39 percent oppose it (21 percent not sure). Overall, 36 percent favor putting her in prison and 51 percent oppose. Millennials are also the only age demographic where a majority does not oppose jailing Clinton.


Is this because they are more aware of the details of her email scandal? Maybe somewhat, but it is likely because of the hacked DNC emails exposing the collusion between the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Sanders voters learned firsthand about how the Clinton machine operates, and now are more skeptical of her past scandals as well.


Both of these numbers should give some hope to Republicans, but GOP candidates and campaigns need to act quickly to take advantage of Clinton’s woes to gain an edge on this historically Democrat voting bloc.”


What‘s interesting is that 18-29 year-olds went big for Obama in both 2008 and 2012.

In fact, a study showed millennials were decisive in his victory over Mitt Romney.

Politico reports:

“Mitt Romney would have cruised to the White House had he managed to split the youth vote with Barack Obama, according to an analysis released Wednesday.


Obama easily won the youth vote nationally, 67 percent to 30 percent, with young voters proving the decisive difference in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, according to an analysis by the Center for Research and Information on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University. Obama won at least 61 percent of the youth vote in four of those states, and if Romney had achieved a 50-50 split, he could have flipped those states to his column, the study said.”

 The PPP survey shows there is an opportunity for Trump to make inroads with young voters because of Clinton’s scandals.

His message that the system is rigged may register with the voters who are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the two-party system.

The youth vote declined from 19% of the electorate in 2012 down to 13% of the electorate in the 2014 midterms.

And Democrats only won 54% of that vote in 2014, compared to 67% in 2012.

This helped lead to the massive Republican victory two years ago.

If Trump sees an uptick in support from young voters – or if the younger voters do not turn out in the same numbers as previous elections – Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton.

And if he wins the Presidency, Trump has stated he will ask his Attorney General to look into a criminal prosecution for Hillary Clinton over her email(s) scandal.

And that could lead to Hillary Clinton behind bars.

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