This ENORMOUS News Story Received ZERO Coverage

It’s obvious President Trump has dominated the biased mainstream media news coverage so much, that, they’re all chomping at the bit to undermine his every move and destroy his credibility with their ad hominem attacks.

Destroying the Trump administration has apparently become big business, and wannabe journalists are ignoring everything else so they can slander Trump’s name while making a name for themselves.

But there was an alarming and enormous story that occurred last week which barely received any national attention.

A massive statewide sting operation in California arrested hundreds of people and rescued dozens of sexually exploited children and young adults.

According to the Los Angeles sheriff’s department, 474 arrests were made, including 142 males on solicitation charges and 36 males on suspicion of pimping.

28 commercially and sexually exploited children and 27 adult victims were rescued from their kidnappers.

To say this operation was enormous is almost an understatement.

More than 30 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and task forces, including the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, participated in the third annual “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” enforcement operation.

The statewide operation took place over a three-day period between last Thursday and Saturday.

Los Angeles Sheriff Jim McDonnell said at a news conference following the operation:

“You are worthy of more. And we will work tirelessly with our partners … to provide you services and help you rebuild your life.”

The minors who were recovered during the sting are now being cared for by various children and family services agencies across the state.

The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, as well as the Saving Innocence organization, were coordinating efforts to help victims in L.A. County.

They released a statement:

“Operation Reclaim and Rebuild focused on rescuing victims of sexual slavery and human trafficking, providing victims with much-needed services, identifying and arresting their captors, seeking successful prosecutions, and disrupting the demand for vulnerable victims by targeting their customers.


Police agencies and other trafficking task forces throughout our state joined in the enforcement operation to send the clear message that California law enforcement shares a unified mandate: Human trafficking must not be tolerated in our state!”

Ironically, this meticulously coordinated statewide sting was spawned from the investigation into the November 2016 kidnapping of a California mother, Sherri Papini.

Papini was kidnapped on November 2nd and was found dead Thanksgiving morning heavily battered in a ditch off of Interstate 5 in Woodland, California.

Unfortunately, her kidnappers are still at large, but while investigating Papini’s disappearance police were able to uncover this statewide atrocity.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey expressed her anger over the human trafficking and added to Sheriff McDonnell’s statement that authorities will not tolerate children being sexually exploited.

Over the last few months, several areas in California have witnessed kidnappings of women aged 20-30 years-old, and related reports of abductions have spiked in recent weeks.

So now the elephant in the room needs to be addressed.  Why didn’t this story receive national attention?

Could it possibly be that the mainstream media intentionally ignored this story because it occurred in liberal California – and they’d hate to criticize the “golden child” of all the states?

Or did these “journalists” intentionally ignore this story because they are too focused on selfishly propelling their careers at President Trump’s expense?

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16 thoughts on “This ENORMOUS News Story Received ZERO Coverage

      1. Guest2

        Always wondered what happened to the school girls who were abducted in Somalia for that purpose. You know the ones that Michelle O. campaigned “Bring back our girls”….It was such a big press campaign and then just disappeared……

  1. johnwatson

    It is disgusting to say the least and these guilty folks should be shot. Period! There is no place for these types of folks not even prison.

  2. Kevin Morrison

    Other than the obvious… two things I found disturbing was what appears to be calling this an annual sting operation. So what, they only go after these lowlife pricks once a year? The other was the statement made by the district attorney where she stated “we will not tolerate children being sexually exploited”. So is that meant to say that adults dont get the same level of conviction from her I take it? Sorry if these are ignorant questions but when it pertains to California I have to ask because that is without a doubt the most ignorant state I have ever seen. Between the snowflakes and the other flakes running the show, that state is the most corrupt shit hole I have ever seen (on the west coast anyway)!

    1. longshorts3

      What about Chicago and Detroit? They are corrupt, and are pestholes, too. Your questions are not “ignorant”, just unanswered.

    2. James

      And look at the devastation going on state wide due to heavy rains and snows. Is there a relation? I believe so! The left coast has thumbed their noses at the almighty for too long!

  3. longshorts3

    Throughout the world, slavery still exists. Slaves are worth their weight in gold to people who wish to dominate others. Slavery and prostitution are the oldest curses to mankind. Though we may be able to rid slavery in our Country someday, it will still exist in foreign countries all over the planet and nothing we can do will ever stop it, but we can try. I even see ads for women who will prostitute themselves for apartment rent – they do this willingly. Communist China still sells their unwanted girl children into slavery worldwide. We can do the best we can as Americans, but I’m afraid slavery will still exist no matter what we do.

  4. Crystal

    Obviously, when it comes to destroying Trump, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING else matters! Not helping to get the country together, not helping to stop the divisiveness that Obama has left us with, NOTHING! I won’t read newspapers anymore and no Liberal news interests me at all, they’ve all become so bigoted and deceitful like the EX-president that encouraged and nurtured it! Now we’re dealing with the screaming brats of that president!

  5. ToniStimmel

    This Operation was certainly NOT ‘news worthy’ enough to displace lies about Trump on the front pages, especially not on the Left Coast.

  6. Alan Hastings

    The liberals, illegals,Muslims and Democrats do not want President Trump to drain the swamp and clean up the corruption because it would dry up their sources of income and expose their crimes.

  7. drbhelthi

    The owners of 96% of western world media – not US media, but rather total western world media – are too busy with subterfuge of the USA. These are the same super- rich, elite families that continue
    to lead the subversive TV, radio and newspaper campaign that supported 10 years of deceit by the alias, BHObama, Hitlary Clinton´s treason since her 1974
    assistance with the Bush-CIA set-up of pres. Nixon, the Clinton Crime
    Foundation and the DNC, and the defamation campaign against Donald Trump and
    family members. Their stooges in congress continue to harass the Trump
    entourage, while their on-line pimps harass Trump supporters on-line.
    More recently, the same media promote the Austrian immigrant, Arnold Schwarzenegger former Hollywood profit-winner. As governor of California he supported illegal immigrants while disregardeing the warning of erosion of the Oroville dam that has been over-flooded for over a week. The Austrian immigrant, Schwarzenegger, bankrupted California in his second term while having a child by his housekeeper, destroying his marriage to Maria Shriver. Perhaps Hollywood needs Schwarzenegger, but American patriots do not.

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