This FBI Insider May Finally Spill His Dirty Secrets

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has lost all of its credibility this year.

Thanks to incompetent and corrupt leaders such as James Comey the FBI has completely destroyed its own reputation.

But one FBI insider may finally spill his secrets and about what really happened during the 2016 election..

Former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is working on a deal for immunity in exchange for his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Andrew McCabe claims he wants to testify, McCabe is facing a criminal referral for allegedly lying to investigators about press leaks during the Clinton investigation.

McCabe wants immunity so nothing he testifies to in front of the Senate Committee can be used in any criminal prosecution the United States Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C. may bring against him.

Michael Bromwich, McCabe’s Attorney, wrote a letter to the chairman of the judiciary panel, Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, to plead his case:

This is a textbook case for granting use immunity,” Michael Bromwich, implored. “Mr. McCabe is willing to testify, but because of the criminal referral, he must be afforded suitable legal protection,” Bromwich said. “Accordingly, we hereby request that the Judiciary Committee authorize a grant of use immunity to Mr. McCabe.”

 Both the former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe were revealed to have botched the investigation into Clinton’s email investigation, and were also caught lying to investigators at several points in their careers.

And now, a damning report released has not only cost McCabe his job only two days before retirement, but his reputation as well.

McCabe was first fired in March, just two days before his retirement, for a “lack of candor” during interviews and his suspicious involvement in the Hillary Clinton case.

The Inspector General alleged McCabe lied about reaching out to a media source and leaking information about the Clinton investigation.

James Comey went on the record a total of three times to dispute these claims against Andrew McCabe, leaving key members of Congress wondering who is telling the truth.

Not surprisingly, both former officials have told very different stories regarding what happened with the Clinton investigation and leaks in the FBI.

Andrew McCabe’s lawyer, Michael Bromwich, pleaded on McCabe’s behalf to keep his name clear:

“Even though Mr. McCabe committed no crime, these leaks have forced us to acknowledge the criminal referral,” said Bromwich, who added that he and McCabe “are outraged by these leaks.”

Because of this, the Senate Judiciary Committee is interested to hear Andrew McCabe’s testimony, but will have to resort to offering immunity in exchange.

Bromwich argues that his client deserves full immunity rights, based on the criminal accusation he received—and Bromwich is fighting back, hard.

An immunity order would require a two-thirds vote of the committee, and the Justice Department could delay this as well.

If McCabe is granted immunity, it will make for an interesting hearing.

Andrew McCabe is desperate to stay out of prison.

And he could ultimately end up spilling his guts about James Comey’s tenure as Director of the FBI.

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9 thoughts on “This FBI Insider May Finally Spill His Dirty Secrets

  1. Turtle Keeper

    I hope they do not take this slime ball up on it. It’s a total snow job. It will end up as his word against Comey. Get this freak and keep going after Comey and Muller as well. Then fire Sessios and Rosenthal.

    1. Dave Nettles

      This is their job, this is how you get it done, people have to talk, if nobody talks, Nobody goes to jail. This is America, HERE we have to prove it..

  2. Deplorable Lanie

    I am sick of these idiots breaking the law and then demanding immunity or they “will plead the 5th”! MAKE him testify without immunity. You don’t get to do something wrong and then say “hey, but I shouldn’t be punished because I can tell you about the other guys who also did something wrong”! He needs to tell the truth and take the consequences of his actions. IF he tells the truth, the courts may go easy on him, but if he pulls this 5th Amendment crap… throw the book at him!

  3. Bobseeks

    Dismantle the FBI and bar all of its agents from ever working in law enforcement again. Even those who weren’t directly involved had to know something was wrong and should have reported it.

  4. Palmer

    it’s like Lerner taking the 5th and walking away. Hopefully her case is reexamined. She is guilty of using the IRS to punish conservative groups before the Obummer election.

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