This Former Secret Service Agent Just Derailed Hillary’s Campaign

A shocking new book is making waves in Hillary’s Presidential campaign.

But this book isn’t filled with third-hand gossip from low-level aides who weren’t even in the same zip code as Hillary.

This new book was authored by a Secret Service agent who had first hand access to all the Clinton drama.

Former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne’s new book: “Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses his Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate,” is due out on June 28th – and it already holds the number one spot on Amazon’s best-seller list.

In his book, Byrne describes the White House staff walking on egg shells in fear of being on the receiving end of Hillary’s violent Jekyll-and-Hyde behavior.

Byrne believes Hillary’s brutal and aggressive temper makes her unfit for the Presidency.

And Byrne wasn’t just some field agent in some remote city who passed along gossip.

Byrne was the agent posted outside the Oval Office while Bill Clinton served as President.

He is also a 29-year Army and law enforcement veteran.

The New York Post reports:

The book claims she repeatedly screamed obscenities at her husband, Secret Service personnel and White House staffers — all of whom lived in terror of her next tirade.

Secret Service agents had discussions about the possibility that they would have to protect Bill from his wife’s physical attacks, Byrne writes, and the couple had one “violent encounter” the morning of a key presidential address to the nation.

Meanwhile, a paranoid Hillary Clinton tried to have the Secret Service banned from the White House and once tried to ditch her security detail, Byrne says.

“Hillary Clinton is now poised to become the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, but she simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office,” he writes.

“From the bottom of my soul I know this to be true. And with Hillary’s latest rise, I realize that her own leadership style — volcanic, impulsive, enabled by sycophants, and disdainful of the rules set for everyone else — hasn’t changed a bit.”

Donald Trump jumped at the chance to attack Hillary’s lack of character and violent temper.

Questions of character and temperament are swirling around Hillary’s campaign.

Thanks to her email scandal and this new book, what seemed like an inevitable march to the White House, has turned into a dog fight.

Her campaign is struggling to put away a 74 year-old Socialist in the Democrat primary because even liberal voters have serious questions about her honesty.

And now we are learning, first-hand, the details of the unhinged personality who wants America to give her the nuclear launch codes.

Will this new book drag down Hillary’s campaign once and for all?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.



29 thoughts on “This Former Secret Service Agent Just Derailed Hillary’s Campaign

  1. schr8er

    Well, if she wants to get rid of the Secret Service fine… she wants everyone to be dis-armed so that should mean that any wacko can get her… OH DARN… that would TOOOO BAD… (sic)…. Yeah Right … she has enough people around her with guns to start a small war… but then again she lies about everything anyway…. GO TRUMP

    1. Gnowark

      That would be a FIRST, hitlery following the same rules that she wants for everyone else! I’d like to think she’d give up Secret Service protection, and save us a little $$.

  2. Countrysunrise

    Her followers will just say that he’s a disgruntled employee, and blow it off, knowing how their mind works. They’re just sheeple, wanting to go to the slaughter. They won’t read the book, since they probably don’t know how to read anyway!!

  3. marshall

    Thank God for Former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne’s new book:. Can’t wait to get my copy. Now the real truth about “Crooked” Hillary is finally coming out.

  4. GlobalThinkTank

    At this point; it is fairly certain that not unless there is Videographic Evidence showing Hillary Clinton herself, with her blood-soaked hands, holding the gun shooting down all four persons at the Benghazi embassy, Hillary will NOT be derailed from becoming America’s next president…

    the establishment has done all it can to assure her win to continue the ‘Status Quo’ operations in D.C. and the Pentagon for maintaining the UN agenda toward destroying the constitution, Bill of Rights, invoking more Patriot Act support, allowing middle-eastern Asylees and Refugees to enter the U.S., allowing the freedom of Sharia Law to infiltrate U.S. values, and ensuring and instituting a Full-Out Gun Grab beyond Assault weapons.

    So, not; there will be no Sanders and no Trump win… the picking of he president is a done deal… buckle up; its going to be a very bumpy ride.

      1. GlobalThinkTank

        Hey, I wish it were different, and you were right; but it just doesn’t seem to be that way. The problem today is that, D.C., the ‘delegates,’ and the Pentagon area now all involved with the destruction of our rights; they are all involved in corruption and cronyism; Hillary can’t be solely blamed for her Email fiasco; because, as she said, everyone else is doing it too, and Obama didn’t tell her differently.

        So, if Hillary is indicted on Email charges, she will no doubt attempt to take down Obama and everyone else who is doing the same. When it comes to Benghazi, Hillarry again is not alone; no telling who else is involved. The fake Osama Bin Laden Raid?

        Again, who was involved with that one too? Hillary was in the middle of all of it… and it is all of those around her that is keeping her from being indicted and charged… and the delegates are on the take as well; they too must be hiding secrets. The truth be told, for nearly eight years now, there’s no doubt been a widespread cover-up of scandal in D.C. and in the Pentagon… and they are doing all they can so as not to disrupt the ‘Status Quo;’ of revealing the details of their corruptions.

        My Question to Obama and Hillary, and to the American People…

        What Standard of Justice Allows the Ongoing Criminal Behavior of Top Officials to Violate Laws, Regulations, and Polices to Go Un-Punished, but The Same Standard Holds Citizens Accountable With fines and or Prison?

        What Message Does This Say About Elected Officials, Appointed Persons, and Any Person in Any High Positions of Authority Who Blatantly Violate These Laws?… What Is The Message To Its Citizens?

        Why Should There Be A Double-Standard Of Accountability That Does Little to Suspend, Charge, Indict, or Imprison Violators of These Egregious Violations, But Hold Its Citizens To a Harsher Treatment of the Law?

        There is a Clear Disparity of Law and Justice In America; of All Corporate and Political Violators of the Law over a Decade, Fewer Than 20 Officials have been charged…

        Yet, America has the Highest Incarceration Rate Among All Leading Nations; of over 1.6 Million In Prison Annually — Half The Population For Minor Non-Violent Offenses.

        I Call This, The Disparity of Hypocrisy…

        1. BILL

          I used to try the old “everyone else is doing it” excuse when I was six. It didn’t work then and it is still bullshit today or should be.And if anyone else does it indict them too.

        2. Morton,G

          To Globle Think Tank,
          You are so right, Donald is right about taking America back, I am sure that if I could speak with him in Private, he would not have to wait till November or December but curtail this Joke of elections that are rigged in the first place, and he could move in by the end of the week! I am more than likely on their Death List, my NATO Tele Com connections were removed from the mains in front of our apartment house that where once German Bankers lived, these lines were installed from Siemens and later IBM with Crypto/Digital with that special copper wire in the middle tobe used only for the Military and Embasses,until DDR Agents sneaked into our Outposts here in Bad Kissingen and Schweinfurt Outpost Conn . I speak the truth and been here now 60 years including my Army time. Those traiters know who they are and I know them as well Far and Near:

        3. Joe1938

          GTT, the only additional comment needed is… Recent studies by psychologist and social scientist in the US and UK suggest that contrary to mainstream media stereotypes, those labeled “conspiracy theorists” appear to be saner than those who accept the official version of contested events. The most recent study was published by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent (UK)

    1. Cheryl Haywood

      I think everything you said could be our future if more people don’t educate themselves and vote against her! But, the cards were played long ago. She’s being protected, and given the presidency to push forward the “agenda” of the ones that really pull the strings .

  5. Jaye

    I am, have always been a liberal Democrat. However, the thought of having that evil woman in the White House sickens me. Just ordered the book by Byrne!

  6. Jacob Bagnell

    I heard the same thing from an agent who’s wife was friends of our family. She would get mad at Bill and go nuts. throwing things and using language only a truck driver or Democrat would use.

    1. Eleanor Cummings

      My son-in-law is a truck driver and doesn’t use the foul language Hitlery does, but I HAVE heard kids 3-4 yr. old using some of the foulest language with parent(s) right NEXT to them!!

    2. Joe1938

      Don’t sully truck drivers by mentioning the crooked clintons in the same sentence. Other than that, thank you for your post Jacob.

  7. Frank


  8. Dusty

    She was assured the position of POTUS over 8 years ago and was kept in high $ positions while she waited it out. Even guaranteed they would rig election if necessary.

  9. Awaitingtherapture

    I have said for many months now, that if Hillary does not go to prison, the rule of law in America will die. Anarchy in the streets. Why should we the working taxpayers obey the law if it does not apply to the elite?

  10. Bill

    I just don’t understand all of the voting immigrants who left their country because of corruption now willing to support the most corrupt candidate in my 87 year lifetime. Please wake up!

  11. daveveselenak

    There are two options: no elections will be held due to, take your pick – Martial Law, WW III, crash of the dollar ; Hillary the Pillory, ole ugly commie whore will be “implanted” as the Muslim-Marxist jihadist was as she escapes going to prison but will be controlled by the demonic psychopath as he stays in “Moscow West” ! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  12. John

    I think most everyone has either forgotten or was never aware that Hillary had the FBI Files of Congressmen and Senators locked up in the White House where no body could find them for about 4 months during Bill’s administration. I wonder how many FBI agents, Congress men and Senators she has blackmailed for the last 20 years. She suddenly found them in the White House and returned them to the FBI.

  13. Irate nurse in AZ

    And, don’t forget all of the valuables that Hillary stole from the White House the last time she was in there. She is an all around crook. If she should win, God forbid, where shall we move? This country will not be fit for habitation any more. People forget this is our country. It doesn’t belong to Obama and it doesn’t belong to the Clintons. It belongs to us and we hire people to take care of it for us, called senators and representatives. These people are not doing their jobs. They serve anyone but us.

  14. Mike O'Mara

    You didn’t mention her absolute lack of ability to do any part of the job except to extort funds and launder money.She is a total criminal and much like Al Capone she is right in your face about it.

  15. Joe1938

    Jerry Zeifman fired hillary “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” This when Bengaziehillary was 27 years old. After all these years crooked hillary has not changed.

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