This Former Secretary of Defense Said Hillary Should Be Indicted

Donald Rumsfeld was never known as one to hold anything back.

He recently announced he was endorsing Donald Trump.

But it was what he said about Hillary Clinton that made everyone sit up and take notice.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the former Secretary detailed why he was endorsing Trump.

Rumsfeld believes if anyone else were in Hillary’s place, they would be indicted for using a personal email server to send classified information.

The Daily Mail reports:

“I couldn’t support Mrs. Clinton,” he emphasized. “What she has done with classified information I think is inexcusable and puts at risk people’s lives [and] not just ours.”

Clinton is facing an FBI investigation concerning classified material found among emails she housed on a homebrew private server while she ran the State Department.

“I personally believe that if she were a sergeant in the Army or a yeoman in the Navy, she’d probably be indicted,” he said. “It’s just inexcusable. You just can’t do that!”


The impact of Clinton’s data security practices will be far-reaching, Rumsfeld predicted.


“Other countries will be less likely to share information with us,” he said, now that it’s clear the U.S. government can’t maintain the secrecy it once boasted as a core competency.


And the potential for hacking, he said, means state secrets are falling “into the hands of the other side, which tells them that we had the information, which means they can figure out how we got it and stop us from getting more … and even compromise the people who gave it to us or allow us to get it.”


Trump has repeatedly attacked Clinton along similar lines.

He uses the example of former General David Petraeus, who pled guilty to federal charges stemming from his sharing of classified information with his mistress, who was writing a biography of the former General.

The Washington Examiner reports Trump saying:

“Look at Petraeus. A good guy, he made a mistake. And by the way, leave the guy alone. They want to demote him. He’s suffered enough,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla. “They’ve gone after him, they’ve destroyed him, and yet Hillary’s flying safe and she did a hundred times worse than what he did. “

While Hillary is under FBI investigation, it is up to the Obama administration to pursue charges should the bureau recommend an indictment.

If Hillary were indicted, her poll numbers would likely sink and Trump would be favored to win the election.

Many believe there is little chance Obama would allow the Democrat presidential ticket to be thrown into chaos by indicting their presumptive nominee.

But it’s not just former Secretary Rumsfeld who believes Clinton’s conduct was criminal.

American Patriot Daily has reported on other legal experts who believe Clinton should be indicted (

Will Obama allow his Justice Department to pursue charges against Hillary?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.



123 thoughts on “This Former Secretary of Defense Said Hillary Should Be Indicted

    1. Cynic from the Midwest

      BTW, Rummy is Rumsfeld’s nickname. Not to be confused with Romney who, lately, isn’t correct about anything!

    1. Kathryn Ross

      Exactly Dennis Blakely… That is what the hold up is on Hillary “Rotten” Clinton is! But Why is Obama not removed from the White House now…? They are both in all this together…… HRC is nothing but a Obama Political Puppet! He learned how to pull her strings a long time ago….I wonder who will come up on the short end of the stick?

  1. Howie Subnick


  2. RLK

    President Trump and his appointed US Attorney General will get Hillary…..and he will also continue investigating Loretta Lynch (IRS Scandal)….and you can be sure he will get Obama if it leads to him……and it will… the saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome”…..

          1. Scrivner

            Let us not forget the uranium deal–US reserves sold to Russian Oligarchs. Courtesy of Clinton State Dept.

        1. RLK

          Dear Candice White, please stop being a Clinton lemming, she’s not worth it, honestly….try to be honest with yourself for once in your life! Here is the truth about Clinton: What are her accomplishments??? BE Specific , besides lighting the Mid East and Africa on fire, she has done nothing that has been beneficial to the USA but has done plenty to enrich herself and the Clinton money laundering scam. Annual Donations from our tax-dollars to make Clinton’s & others a fortune. The corruption in WA is so huge we cannot even understand how all this happened. I’m sure there are other Politicians doing the same thing, maybe not at the level of the Clinton Crime Family has done. None of them will rat on the other. The Corruption is what is making us poor, our Country poor. The right person in the Presidency could blow this whole thing wide open over their term in office. I think I am more amazed by the fact of how long this has been going on, how much money could the tax payer retrieve by this coming out. Stopping this corruption could pay off all our Nations debt. And cause us to no longer have a debt in future years. Our personal taxes could even go down if these things are exposed. My belief: Fraud, Racketeering, embezzlement, money laundering, hedge fund, donations, deceit, personal gain, enrichment, rich, felons, insider trading, murder, bribes, espionage, thief, prostitution, drug smuggling, violence, conspiracy, guilty, Assault, Battery, Larceny, Arson, Extortion, Homicide, Manslaughter, Perjury, Rape, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Tax Evasion/Fraud, White Collar Crimes, Criminal Contempt of Court, Computer Crime, Financial Crimes. Stalking, Serial Killers, Lack of Accountability, Fatalities. Who do you associate all of these things with? Correct Clinton Crime Family. So Candice, is this who you really want running our Country?

          1. Holy Joe

            I cannot recall from the various articles that the Clinton’s have amassed either $232, or $272 Millions since leaving office. Even I could live off money like that. Fat chance. Imagine what they will do if given a second chance ?
            Everything up for sale, the U.S. National Bargain Sale at Tax Payer’s Expense.

          2. katjan68

            More like 500 million. And one only has to wonder what is going into the Clinton Foundation, they use it as their personal banking system.

          3. HandsOffOurFreedoms

            Not to quibble over a few hundred million dollars one way or another, but I think the actual amount the Clinton Cartel has extorted from others is at least 1B and probably closer to 2B. Any way you cut it it is beyond rational thought that these payments were not quid pro quos, much of which was paid for by US tax dollars, returned to the Clintons after being paid to foreign countries in the form of foreign aid. Traitors!

          4. kingwarren

            Many republicans may be involved in illegal activities. That is why the are afraid of Trump. Being an elected official or even one appointed is like joining the mafia you are expected to be in it for life.

          5. PATRICIA MEAD

            The most powerful mafia in the world where murder, public humiliation and etc. is used if one gets out of line.

          6. katjan68

            There will be no taxpayer recovery unless from another country. To recover money from the government it would have to be paid out in more of our tax dollars, so no point in that. We the people have been asleep at the wheel far too long.

          7. PATRICIA MEAD

            And if the mafia elects Clinton the sleeping will awake to something they never believed could happen in America!

        2. katjan68

          Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa! The only idiot is the person that is so blind that he/she won’t acknowledge what is in front of her/or him!

  3. Thomas Boyle

    Why is anyone interested in the opinion of a man who, along with the other war criminals of the Bush Administration, should be arrested and tried for his part in torturing prisoners?

          1. Thomas Boyle

            Nope, not gonna STFU. This website needs somebody who’s not delusional to tell the truth while y’all vent your middle-aged-white-man anger.

          2. Thomas Boyle

            Let’s review. FACT: Bush and his cronies ordered/allowed/ignored the use of interrogation methods that meet the definition of torture – a war crime – under the Geneva Convention. FACT: the Geneva Convention is the law in the US. (Hmm, no lies so far.) Too bad the cowards in Obama’s DoJ didn’t have the cojones to indict them. I only hope Heartless Cheney the Dick visits Spain some day, where he’ll be arrested as a war criminal.

          1. Thomas Boyle

            Thx, paradoc2, I appreciate that your response isn’t angry. But I think it’s reflective of the conservative mindset that you want to be left alone, you don’t want to be exposed to other points of view. Instead, you want to see only opinions similar to your own, like on the RW radio talk shows where dissenting callers are blocked or derided. And then conservatives claim that liberals hate diversity of thought!

          2. paradoc2

            Well Thomas, we have the same situation on the left. Some people can’t reason by themselves so they lockstep with their so-called leader’s opinions and policy positions. There is enough wrongdoing on both sides of the aisle to fill a library – personally I feel the Democrats have had more than ample time to ‘do what they do’ and that’s why I’m personally more than ready for a change.
            The progressives are still clinging to their ‘gun control panacea’ and the ‘wonderfulness’ of our failed illegal immigration policies…which in my opinion is foolish and dangerous for our nation…with a doubled deficit in virtually eight years to boot! To each their own…

        1. John

          Conservatives get angry when liberals tell lies about conservatives! Liberals get angry when conservatives tell the truth about liberals! in either case the anger is understandable!

  4. Patrick Driscoll

    The loons of the left are exactly what obuma and hilary are trying to build……clueless and sheep-like. Seems from some comments that the sheep are here. Does anyone really care what a sheep thinks?

    1. Holy Joe

      What did Stalin call the American foreigners who lauded his murderous vile system ? – “Useful Idiots” – but he never lived long enough to see the modern versions that now rule this country. They actually ‘want’ Communism in America.

    2. Thomas Boyle

      Nope. That’s why thinking people don’t care what you and the other condumbs who populate this website think.

  5. Patrick Driscoll

    Every Real American can’t wait until Trump gets obuma and hilary and LL and all the other DNC assholes. We will celebrate their maximum punishment for treason, without limitations!

    1. katjan68

      He isn’t going to do that either. You have to remember Trump was a democrat. He was friends with Hillary, and some of his business practices aren’t quite up to snuff either, nothing like the Clintons though.

    1. LindaSinclair

      Rumsfeld tells the truth, so if you want to call somebody a lying POS, that would be Killary! Now shut up!

      1. Dusty

        Both sides of the aisle are liars. It’s what politicians call ‘Job Security’. They care less about our military, our citizens, our way of life. All they care about is gaining money and power. Only a fool would stand up for either of them.

          1. Dusty

            You betcha. Wish the entire country did more critical thinking and we wouldn’t have to take this garbage handed out to the public.

    2. Vic

      Candice you ignorant slut, your POS Killary needs to be indicted and thrown in jail, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!!

  6. tarheel

    Obama will do everything possible to protect her up to and including a presidential pardon, as she would continue his legacy of socialist failure. I would like to see her indicted before the election which hopefully would ruin any chance of being elected and then tried after Obama is no longer president. I would happily support her campaign for cell block president.

    1. nicholsda

      “I would happily support her campaign for cell block president.” Nope you got an extra p in there in resident. 😉

    2. Kathryn Ross

      tarheel, What you say is what i have been saying as well! She needs to be indicted before the election to hopefully ruin any chance of her being elected. And then tried for her many crimes committed after Obama has no power as President to pardon her. As far as any support for her! that i would not do!!! She is not fit for president of any house! not even a Dog House……..NO Campaign For Hillary….. No House in the United States…. You think maybe she could be deported say to “Yemen”?

  7. FSHNT21

    Barry Boy has been threatened by Hillary and he has ordered Lynch NOT to prosecute her even if the FBI recommends indictment. He KNOWS if she is indicted, she will go nuclear and spill the dirt she has on him and HE will be indicted and removed from office…
    Since they both are complicit in a HUGE number of unlawful activities, you have the ultimate “honor among thieves” situation with them …

  8. Richard Bagenstose

    why would oboma idict her , they are 2 peas in a pod , both are lying scum bags ,and belong behind bars

  9. Mo

    HRC is nothing more than a walking, talking scandal looking for a place to happen. Should be arrested, tried and convicted of TREASON and taken straight to the firing squad and terminated.

  10. terry

    Rumsfeld is right she should be indicted but with the corruption of the Obama administration it may not happen. If Trump gets in it will happen and Obama will go down with her as an accomplice!

    1. nicholsda

      Nope, 0bama will pardon her before anything can happen. Unless he get real mad at her about something because he has too much to lose. As does the whole Democratic party if she were to spill the beans.

  11. Dick

    This is the deal of the year. Obama pardons Hillary for ALL her “indiscretions” up to and including murder and treason. Hillary and the democrats STEAL the election from Donald Trump and a majority of republicans running for senate and house. You didn’t know so many DEAD people could vote. Hillary then pardons Obama for all his “indiscretions” including treason and failure to live up to his presidential oath. The destruction of America continues…

      1. Dusty

        Doubtful there will be any homeland war. Look how lazy the people are and leave everything up to the politicians. To top it off they agree with these thugs and continue voting for them. They’ll just sit back and grab whatever freebees are offered and shut up. Seems the pattern for decades so why would they care now.

        1. Kathryn Ross

          Dusty, I believe The People are about fed up now! with these Democrat-Rats….. This is a very different Election this time around…. The true colors of so many Leaders are showing… So Tired of The Political Hounds being in charge…. The pattern is changing! we want our Country back!! I believe there will be a war in the homeland as well! The people will rise! if these Political Idiots are not removed from office…Must we watch our Country endure further destruction. come on America we must stand up an fight against those that want to destroy us. Enough sitting back and putting up with it…… TRUMP FOR THE CHANGE AMERICA NEEDS NOW!!!!!

  12. Dusty

    Rummy should recall he was the one who issued North Korea the formula for the bomb and released uranium for them. He also should remember General Petraeus as a member of the Bilderberg Group who is working to depopulate the planet and enslave the ones left.

      1. Dusty

        I don’t make the history. I just research it. So far as the witch being indicted, he is right. But, Rummy talks out both sides of his mouth. We have no Rep or Dems. All we have are politicians and both sides work to enhance themselves personally. Nothing for the people. Power and money is their agenda. Ignorance laughs at truth so go ahead and laugh.

  13. Bob Goedjen

    She is not only damaged goods but even if not indited would be under significant blackmail pressure from Russia and other governments that have the communications. Her election would seriously damage our citizens respect for our government.

  14. preferred user

    The fix is in (Clinton walks. ) Neither she or Obama have the moral compass or abilities for the job he holds and the one she seeks and also the job she didn’t do well at SOS . Both are abject failures and corrupt politicians at any cost and a legacy of ruin to our nation and the globe .

  15. Kathryn Ross

    Are “We The People of the united States going to give The Clinton’s a second shot at the “White House”? Look what their first Occupancy brought about!!!! Some of the reprocussions of BillyC’s Presidency are upon us Today! They should both be behind bars….. Hillary would be the worst President possible for America’s Values…She would become The Queen on the Throne next to Obama’s Throne as King & Queen of the “New World Order” Gee where does that leave Barrack’s (Michael) “Michelle” And Hillary’s X-Impeached Husband Bill? Can you imagine them all in the “Oval Office” I wonder which Flag would be flying a top the White house!!!! No Thank You….Atleast with “Trump” We know what we’re going to get!!! a better America with “Trump” at the helm. Endorse and vote Donald J. Trump for President 2016.And put Melania as our First Lady, and the Trump Family in the White house…..

    1. Dusty

      Here’s the problem. ‘We the People’ are lazy and care only for what freebees they receive. Plus, the allowed illegal voters she will have. This is a rigged election already as she was promised this ‘position’ 8 years ago by people who are not even Americans who are running the country. What you say is true but most actually believe The People really stand up for the Constitution and its’ values. We have a serious problem here.

  16. Sharon Jeanguenat

    Unless Hillary alienates Obama, he won’t let them indict her. Unless he’s playing a game with her, & she knows he is. If he can hold an indictment over her head, he can pull her strings if she should win the WH.

  17. sickpuppy70454

    Intervention by Obama, or his representative, in Clinton’s favor would leave such a foul taste in most Americans, it would sound the death knell for the democrat party.

    1. John

      Lets pray that your right, but we do have a lot of liberal idiots in this country who will vote for democrats regardless of how corrupt and un American the democrats are!

  18. byronmullet

    Hillary obviously and with willful intent was trying to defeat State Department protocol. And also obviously she is playing the woman card just like Obama played the black card to get a pass on legal and moral accountability this is one of the many reasons we cannot elect her to any more public offices.They and those and enablers who helped them should all be indicted as an example to future office holders

  19. pegasi51b

    No because Obama has too much to hide that would be exposed if Clinton were indicted. These people have expressed publicly they think the constitution is outdated and irrevelant. They do as they please, not in accordance with their oaths of office.

  20. Wcgraybill

    You know he won’t let his little darling hang. So nothing is done politics as usual with the dems.

  21. Wcgraybill

    Trump will make all the crooks pay even Obama and that is why they are trying to stop him from getting the president ticket that he has won, but I believe the people will speak and he will be our next president, I sure hope so.

  22. ME

    obama is NOT going to let anything happen to hillary. If he stands in the way, he should be charged with obstructing the legal system. Among Treason, fraud, trying to rewrite the constitution, etc…… If she does NOT get indicted, WE THE PEOPLE, will handle it!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Trump 2016

  23. Vince

    It is beyond belief that in America, someone so corrupt since the 90’s can continue to get away with continuing to break our laws, that a regular citizen would be place in prison for. The Clinton’s are just like the Mob or Mafia; they have people in high places throughout the government that will protect them at any cost. These people are probably receiving big checks from the Clinton foundation to continue protecting the Clinton’s lawlessness.

    Hillary is not fighting for the presidency, she is fighting for her life, because when Trump is elected president she knows she is going to prison.

    1. Tim Aker

      HildaBeast has been corrupt well before the 90’s. She has been a POS since her college days. Her and Bill were the cocaine king and queen of Arkansas. Over 40 years experience as a criminal.

  24. unique201

    Look what the government did to General David Petraeus and how fast they indicted him. Hillary Clinton is WORSE then General Petraeus, she needs to
    be indicted. Not to say anything about Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch
    for 1/2 hour at the airport in her plane, discussing golf and their grandchildren.
    If you believe this, I have a bridge I want to sell you.
    This is the most corrupt administration we have ever had and if Hillary is elected
    her administration will be just as corrupt if not more corrupt.
    VOTE TRUMP 2016………..VOTE TRUMP 2016……….VOTE TRUMP 2016……….

  25. katjan68

    Everyone keeps saying she should be indicted, they have been saying for years. She should have been indicted a long long long time ago. So someone please have the guts to do it. We the people don’t care about whatever she is holding over your heads, we are more interested in seeing that criminals don’t get away with all this stuff.

  26. Edgar Longenecker

    Letting the reptilian illiterati, and, all their psychophants, launder, their criminalities, by, investigating, themselves, is of course, too anal, for real people…. The Fer-al Bureau of Instigation, is too busy aiding and abetting, the USSR, united states socialistic republic, to, be bothered with the quasilegal antics, at law, that, they’re all doing, per second; whatwith, being above the law….Who, therefore, polices the police….??? Themselves, of course…. Snidely….. Edgrrr…

  27. Cindy

    I can’t understand how someone who should be indicted, also sleeping on the job not protecting the guys over there in Benghazi (which is hideous), taking money, illegal contributions from countries that treat their women horribly, can be even running for President? Why would be want someone like that to be our President? Indict her now!! She has to be accountable!


    What will Obama do? He will reward her not indict her because he would be indicting himself and all involved. That’s why she is not worried. This investigation is only to make the public believe there is such a thing as justice. It’s a Hollywood performance! designed uphold her.

  29. Awaitingtherapture

    If Hillary does not go to prison, then the entire legal system we have is so corrupt that it will collapse and nothing but anarchy will remain.


    All of her security clearance should be taken from her completely and ignorance of the regulation is no excuse, because of what she has done and you fallow directives written by the government she should not be able to hold a security clearance at all. Like everyone is saying there’s a law for us and one for the clintons.


    For all of obamas administration what comes around goes around and also pay backs are hell. Now I will vote for Trump for sure, I don’t want a President that lies and has blood on there hands also as mentioned by RLK that Trump will get the obama administration when he becomes President.

    1. Casey Bartnik

      There would certainly be plenty of precedent for it. Al Capone and the Clintons seem to have the same approach to inconvenient human beings–remember poor Ron Brown, Vince Foster, and over 40 other corpses that paved their imperial progress from Arkansas to the White House? As a Cook County prosecutor, I thought it was particularly amateurish how they dumped Foster’s body in the park and left virtually no blood, despite a gaping head wound that should have gushed like a hydrant. And the revolver was still tenderly clutched in his hand–while the recoil should have blown it 6-8 feet away from the body. Clearly, Vince was murdered elsewhere and dumped in the park. And just 2 weeks ago, another inconvenient witness met his maker, when John Ashe, a corrupt former UN official was found with his windpipe crushed by a barbell, just days before he was to testify against the Clintons in a money-laundering scheme involving the DNC and a Chinese agent named Ng Lap Seng. Obviously, just a heart attack–nothing to see, folks! And remember the physical assault on Mr Trump that was thwarted by the Secret Service a couple of months ago? I am sure he is smart enough to be on guard for attacks from every quarter–but our prayers cannot hurt!

        1. Casey Bartnik

          Must admit I have never seen an actual copy. I understand the crime scene was worked–and botched–by the DC Park Police (!), rather than the more experienced metropolitan police force, (much like a case in my jurisdiction that I would love to relate to you). I have seen some allegations now in the tabloid press that the autopsy showed evidence of a neck wound as well, which would confirm a murder rather than a suicide. I will investigate and see if I can find that report for you–it has to be out there, considering all the exposes the Clintons have generated. In the meantime, could you please contact me by email? I have something that may be of interest to you.

        2. Casey Bartnik

          Have never seen the actual report, and it may still be under wraps for all I know. I will look for it and keep you apprised. Crime scene was worked up–and botched–by DC Park Police rather than more experienced metropolitan investigators, leaving many questions unanswered. Latest tabloid allegation is that the missing autopsy photos show a neck wound as well, which would disprove the suicide theory. This will probably be solved around the same time as the JFK assassination. In the meantime, Anne, could you please contact me by email? I have some info that may be of interest to you.

          1. Casey Bartnik

            Sorry, I took the liberty of leaving it on your Facebook page, along with some additional information.

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