This Jaw Dropping Video Just Convicted Ilhan Omar Of Treason

Ilhan Omar’s career in Congress has seen her wrapped up in one scandal after another.

This time, the Muslim Congresswoman crossed the line.

That’s because this jaw dropping video caught her in the one act that just convicted her of treason.

President Trump selected former Reagan administration official Elliott Abrams as his envoy to resolve the crisis in Venezuela.

The illegitimate socialist President, Nicolas Maduro, has refused to step down, despite the growing evidence that he’s only clinging to power through fraudulent elections.

Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are protesting in the streets because Maduro’s socialist government has bankrupted the country and left its people starving and without jobs.

The Trump administration recognized Maduro’s opposition as the legitimate government, and the United States – as well as South American and global allies – are working to resolve the crisis by ending Maduro’s reign of terror.

Abrams testified before the House Foreign Relations Committee, of which the anti-Semitic Omar is a member.

Right off the bat, Omar used her time to smear the Jewish Abrams.

First, she called him by the wrong name – “Mr. Adams” – and then berated him for being a liar over a decades-old witch hunt where Abrams and the Reagan administration successfully kept the Soviet Union from installing communist governments in South America.

“Mr. Adams, in 1991 you pleaded guilty to two counts of withholding information from Congress regarding your involvement in the Iran-contra affair for which you were later pardoned by President George HW Bush,” Congresswoman Omar ranted. “I fail to understand why members of this committee or the American people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful.”

Abrams tried to respond to her smear by asking, “If I can respond to that?”

Omar was having none of it. She had no interest in questioning Abrams.

“Ah, em, it wasn’t a question,” Omar responded.

Omar proceeded to berate Abrams every time he wanted to answer her character assassination.

“That was not, that was not a question,” Omar continued. “That was… I… I reserve the right to my time.”

“It is not right that members of the committee can attack a witness who is not permitted to reply,” Abrams exclaimed.

“That was not a question, thank you for your participation,” Omar answered.

You can watch the video of Omar’s disgusting behavior below.

Defeating the Soviet Union’s attempts to install communist governments in South America was one of the pinnacle achievements of the Reagan administration.

That victory played a huge role in Ronald Reagan bringing the Soviet Empire to its knees and winning the Cold War for the United States.

Omar – like all America-hating leftists – does not view that as a win.

To anti-American loons like Omar, America is an unjust and oppressive nation that promoted genocide and torture to achieve its policy objective of protecting the racist system of Western capitalism.

Many Americans watched that video and came away thinking that if Omar has a problem with the United States kicking the communists out of South America, then there’s only one word to describe her.


We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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