This Legendary Marine General Is Shredding Obama’s Failed ISIS Policy

James Mattis, other military leaders, obliterate White House in stunning interview with Time magazine

Retired Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis has never minced his words.

He’s known for telling his Marines “there are some a–holes in the world that just need to be shot” and to “be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

But now he has something to say to Barack Obama about the White House’s handling of ISIS.

Mattis is hard against Obama, slamming him for a military campaign against ISIS that is “unguided by a sustained policy or sound strategy [and] replete with half-measures.”

And Mattis isn’t the only one slamming Obama to Time magazine.

Retired four-star general Anthony Zinni tells the magazine,

“It’s a bad strategy, it’s the wrong strategy, and maybe I would tell the president that he would be better served to find somebody who believes in it, whoever that idiot may be.”

“I don’t want to be part of a strategy that in my heart of hearts I know is going to fail,” says Zinni.

“I’ve talked to some U.S. generals who are really frustrated—they could be in Raqqa in a week,” Zinni tells Time. The United States are “losing credibility and they’re actually encouraging the enemy because they’re able to hold the ground for years now.”

“There is no political will in the White House to even listen to serious recommendations from military commands,” Derek Harvey, a retired Army military-intelligence Colonel tells Time. “The original strategy explained by the President was barely adequate and even that was not resourced or executed well.”

The Generals specifically took Obama to task for using old tactics focused only on killing large numbers of ISIS members.

That may work with armies, but doesn’t work with terrorist groups who can rapidly refill their ranks.

While the group is losing territory in the Middle East, it is expanding its global operations and its reach on the Internet, which places the United States in direct danger.

The Generals say Obama should put greater focus on destroying ISIS’ infrastructure to cripple the group’s operations.

“Employing an anemic application of force relative to previous air campaigns has yielded the Islamic State time to export their message, garner followers, and spread their message,” David Deptula, a retired Air Force Lieutenant General who planned the 1991 Gulf War’s bombing campaigns, tells Time. “A comprehensive strategy to rapidly decompose the Islamic State is still lacking.”

Military experts say any attempt to fight ISIS militarily would require thousands of ground troops and trillions of dollars to be spent on occupation and rebuilding.

They argue the only way to destroy ISIS is to replace it, instead of dropping bombs by drone and leaving power vacuums.

“First and foremost are we going to be decisive and have some balls, or just continue to try to manage conflict to unacceptable ends,” Harvey tells Time. “If not the former, then we should not play in the sandbox.”