This Liberal Got Exactly What He Deserved After Terrorizing A Kid

Liberals are some of the most outrageous, toxic people in this country — and for more than a few reasons.

Between their disruptive protests and constant assaults against traditional conservatives, liberals push the boundaries to the point where some snap.

This past week, a kid wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was terrorized by a crazed liberal — but finally, he got what was coming to him after the fact.

A Texas man allegedly stole a child’s “Make America Great Again” hat and threw a drink in his face last week.

And now, that crazed leftist has finally been brought to justice.

Kino Jimenez, 30, was arrested for theft after stealing the hat and terrorizing Hunter Richard, age 16.

The incident occurred at a San Antonio Whataburger and was caught on tape.

According to the video, Jimenez snatched the hat and exclaimed, “This is going to go into my f****** fireplace, b****.”

Jimenez was then tracked down by San Antonio Robbery Task Force members and arrested just outside of the city.

He was arrested specifically for theft of person and may face additional harassment and assault charges.

Jimenez was also fired immediately following the release of the video of the incident that went viral.

The bar at which he was employed, Rumble, posted a statement on their Facebook page:

THIS BAR IS A SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE!” the post said. “No matter your race, creed, ethnicity, sexual identity, and political stance, you are welcomed here!

Hunter Richard says he will continue to support President Trump and plans to purchase another “MAGA” Trump hat.

He also openly supported having “conversations” between both political sides.

I support my President, and if you don’t, let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off,” he told WOAI-TV. “I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me.”

There is no evidence that the two knew each other prior to this incident, which makes the incident one of blatant assault and discrimination.

This is just the latest event in a string of harassment and targeting of conservatives by the left — and these incidents by offended liberals are likely only to get worse and more frequent.

Followers of President Trump have been targeted by liberal snowflakes since before he was even officially elected.

And every day, they come up with a new excuse for their disdain for Trump and conservative issues and expect the nation to fall in line behind them.

Their aggression towards Republicans is causing disorder and chaos in the country.

Thanks to radical leaders such as Hillary Clinton who push for their followers to create a hostile environment, the nation is divided.

And this is just one example of how disturbing liberals can be.

Do you believe this crazed liberal got what he deserved?

Or do you believe he should face further charges and consequences for his harassment and assault of a child?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



55 thoughts on “This Liberal Got Exactly What He Deserved After Terrorizing A Kid

  1. Frank Snuffin Jr.

    This blatent attack is what is wrong today. These attacks are welcomed by a once proud political party that died the day JFK was assassinated. Not only should he be charged with theft and assault he should also be charged with a hate crime. The democrats condone and provoke these distorted individuals and are dividing our country. The heads of the Democratic party and their ANTIFA Gestapo should also be held accountable for their TREASONOUS ACTS.

    1. Bama Bill

      And they are all “employed” by liberal groups. Who funds all these groups?

      Who do you think pays for the busses, motels, and expenses and bail money? Come on, doesn’t anyone else know? Any “Intelligent” answer requested. Trolls will be blocked.

      1. Frank Snuffin Jr.


          1. ARJAY

            Can’t “understand”. Couldn’t recognize “normal”. Has no idea what “thinking” is/means!!

      1. mousekiller

        MAXI PAD Waters needs to be charged with provoking a riot, inciting public disturbance and since she is advocating it publicly she should be held accountable for all damages public and private ;physically and real . I think her race card barley fits in her purse .

  2. Kurt Kruse

    It’s a beginning,certain not enough to merely arrest his dumb-ass, he should be held for additional charges and all any meaningful consequences as possible.No American family member should be threatened and,humiliated publicly or for that matter privately. This guy is a pig and as such should be put into a pen!,

        1. jjcbj

          The only way that he would do that to you is if you looked defenseless and he was sure that no one was going to prevent his liberal bullying. Liberal Progressives are THE LEADING OFFENDERS when it comes to bullying those weaker than they are.

  3. urantia wins

    What has this country come to….everything is upside down and backwards….good is bad…bad is good…doctors suppress true health, courts destroy true justice, universities destroy true knowledge, religions destroy true spirituality..Thank God for POTUS…good news is… the good guys are winning, after decades of unbridled corruption at the highest levels….YOU ARE FREE TV…You tube channel AND PRAYING MEDIC You tube channel…. are excellent news sources and give you the REAL updates of what is going on behind the scenes that MAINSTREAM FAKE NEWS WILL NOT! WWG1WGA

  4. roboteq

    People need to understand that they simply cannot behave violently toward others. Had this man had the nerve to try that little stunt on someone more his size, he may have even caused himself serious bodily harm or even death as someone else may have reacted even more violently. Either this type of behavior has to be duly and publicly punished, or we are going to wind up with chaos. I can just about guarantee that bullies such as this Leftist jerk are not going to come out ahead if it comes to we all just defend ourselves and our own.

  5. Robert Zraick

    Tell me about it. I just ended a friendship because the liberal wouldn’t engage in conversation, but only want to hurl personal insults and provoke a fight.
    It is why we must defeat them at the polls.

  6. mousekiller

    Thank you Maxi Pad Waters and all the Demolibs for provoking and promoting these physical confrontations against any one you don’t agree with. This is going come back to bite you in the butt and that may be sooner than you think. Election day will tell the story. I am waiting to read about some young person that literally kicks the butt of some liberal ignorant protester that gets in their face and gets hands on and they get a serious ass whooping . All on video. Would be a blessing.

  7. kathy

    By all means he should be charged with assault. Until these irrational people are charge appropriately their behavior will continue. This needs to stop, and the only person that is holding this man responsible to the fullest degree is the bar owner, and he made it very clear what is and is not acceptable . Its time our law officials and court system does the same.

  8. Kirk Kahler

    the left cant win at the box ! the left is loosing cuz they are finding it harder to get judges to side with them ! #walkaway is gaining speed ! black and Hispanic voters are leaving ! young white males are now leaving ! FOX and OANN are telling the American people the truth ! the democrats are being exposed for all their lies, misdeeds and corruption ! 59% of the American people want more deportations ! the left on TV states that if the regain their power taxes will go up ! so with every thing going on and all the bad that is being exposed democrats are calling on their followers to violence that seems to be all they have left !! the democrats support terror/hate groups ANTIFA, BLM and Muslim brotherhood and openly support their violence ! water and a few others have called for violence and the crazy ass followers are doing what they are told ! then there is MSM the attack dogs of the left openly spreading hate, lies and fake news ! this is the death of the democrat party if you ask me ! they no longer have trust ! no longer work for the people ! no longer care about our safety ! all they care about is regaining there power over the people and that has made them unhinged and a danger to every one !!

    1. sam

      I use to vote democrat , but never again . I am very discussed with the whole party and their left wing cry babies . Never though I would see such actions from a once proud party . The further they go left , the more hatred they push out on soceity .

  9. Mary Eleanor Urso

    I say make the culprit buy 1,000 MAGA hats and be forced to stand and pass them out to Trump supporters at a Trump rally… of course, AFTER serving a stiff jail sentence for robbery and assault.

  10. Doug Steltenpohl

    ladies and gentlemen this is your NEW Dem party,, totally unhinged,, totally hateful and totally wanting to hurt people who do not agree with their policy,, welcome to the self proclaimed party of tolerance(NOT)

    1. Paul Dragotto


    2. sam

      A vote for a democrat in Nov is a vote to destroy this country as we know it now , the future looks very violant .

  11. viking nation

    Some of these democrats are holding & stopping people from leaving a place so they can yell at them; Wouldn’t that be consitered kid naping like in the OJ Simpson case when he stop the people from leaving the room?

  12. jjcbj

    Liberals went off the track the first time that they decided that it was THEIR RIGHT to determine who in this country has RIGHTS. They have put this nation on the road to oblivion with their insistence that they and they alone have the right to decide which direction the nation should take. Sadly, they ignore the fact that their way, the socialist way, has brought about ruin wherever it has been tried. The Soviet Union, Cuba, the Iron Curtain countries of Europe, you name it and the liberal way has failed. Liberals are Santayana’s ‘won’t learn from the past’. Our problem is that we are going to have to go along with them as they fail again and again.

    1. Donaldo

      Democrats should go live in Venezuela for six months and might change their mind about their beloved socialism. You can’t fix ignorance!

  13. tes d'aless

    when is someone going to come to the aide of Trump supporters. these a. holes get away with crap and nothing is really done about it. there is talk about someone getting hurt and i have a feeling it will be the harrassers. then the person who is the victim will be the ones before a judge – where is the fairness here

    1. Paul Dragotto

      in portalnd oregon, the liberal haters hit a guy in the head with a pad lock. the guy needed to be rushed to the ER and they did catch the guy. he was Antifa.
      i say we need some good snipers with suppersor to take out theses liberal phyco’s with one shot to the head, when they break the law, or attack and injure a person. times are a coming friends. death to the liberal Antifa movement!

  14. Craig Apelbaum

    Jiminez should face further charges for endangering Hunter Richard. Even though Hunter is sixteen He’s still a child .
    Jiminez should be in prison for life. Why ? Because he endangered the welfare of a child. Furthermore that is still considered child abuse.
    And taking the hat from a 16 year old And throwing a drink in Hunter Richard’s face is a hate crime also.
    But this proves once again That liberals are nothing but big babies. All they know how to do is protest, bitch, whine, cry, complain, and carry on like the idiots they are.
    All liberals are is children with infantile behavior.
    And that’s the bottom line !

  15. Lee Smith

    I believe the attacker should be charged with assault and battery. All of these liberals who are demonstrating in front of homes. business, cars should all be halled into jail and/or fined, Why should they get away with acting like monsters. This is not the country I grew up in and that I was proud of. Let’s stop the ones that are creating the disturbance like Maxine Waters. Elizabeth Warren. These are grown women for heaven sakes they act like babies.

  16. David Swann

    Ah yes, that wonderful liberal tolerance on display. These examples of leftist behavior serve to expose their true colors and simply expand those who are leaving the dems and their hideous beliefs.

  17. Bama Bill

    When the veterans encounter these “Punks”, I know who is getting their butt kicked. Keep your phone or camera ready, and know how to use it. A video is great evidence for the police. Many are “Employed” by liberal groups like MoveOn, which are funded thru the “Open Borders Society”. Mr. George Soros funds the OBS, btw.
    Read up on Soros, please. He helped round up Jews for the Nazis to send them to the death camps, and Soros is a Jew! He broke the Bank of England in the 70’s, and now has his “European Union”, part of their “New World Order”. Soros want the “Americas Union”, but Trump has screwed that up!

  18. Daniel Rhoads

    Folks, they want us to respond with violence like them so just look at who ever verbally attacks you and say, “RED WAVE IS COMING IN THE 2018 ELECTION and walk away!! You can then protest them at the ballot box with your vote and send every Democrat National Candidate down to defeat and out on their asses where they belong in the 2018 election!! That is a “peaceful payback wihthout any violence”!!!!!

  19. wcapurro

    He will not get what’s coming to him as a result of the criminal justice system. But eventually he will get what’s coming to him. I hope he learns something as a result.

  20. mousekiller

    There is going to be a change coming… The liberal stupid uninformed protesters are not going to like it. It will start small then grow to what will scare the liberals back into the cave. It is going to be screw with the person with concealed carry license and get your protesting ass shot. More and more of the 2nd amendment believers will begin to stand their ground and it is not going to be in the liberal protesters favor. . Enough is enough. it is time to stand our ground. don’t want to do permanent damage?. Use a water pistol with ammonia in it instead of water, A can of wasp spray works really well too. I like the water pistol .I have . used it in defense and the fight was over after one trigger pull at their face. Then the application of severe pain began.

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