This Longtime Progressive Turned To Trump, Here Was Her Reason

A longtime progressive has recently turned to the conservative right, claiming she was disgusted with how her party had turned over time.

The true turning point, Kim McKinney Cohen stated, was when Hillary Clinton portrayed Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables”.

Breitbart News reports:

Three weeks before Election Day, as she sat at her kitchen table to fill out her ballot, Kim McKinney Cohen was angry and fed up. The Democratic Party, to which she had been unswervingly loyal for four decades, had sabotaged her chosen candidate, Bernie Sanders, and then lectured her about the need to vote for a woman whose hawkishness and arrogance rubbed her the wrong way. When Hillary Clinton said dismissively supporters of Donald Trump were “a basket of deplorables,” Cohen had heard enough.


“Well, then,” she sighed, “I guess I’m a deplorable.”

Kim McKinney Cohen was fed up with the way the system worked, as was many voters this election season, particularly.

She was fed up with the Democratic Party offering her candidates with poor morals and poor standards for government.

She also refused to vote for the incredibly corrupt candidate her party offered to her after Bernie Sanders lost to Clinton at the DNC.

Politico reports:

Cohen had never been particularly enamored of Hillary Clinton. She didn’t like the way Clinton, when her husband first ran for president in 1992 and later, as first lady, handled her adulterous husband’s “bimbo eruptions.” In fact, her exasperation with the Clintons led her to become a political activist. After the bombshell news dropped in 1998 that President Bill Clinton had carried on an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, Cohen would spend hours glued to TV coverage of the unfolding scandal and ensuing impeachment proceedings. Her husband finally told her, “Quit yelling at the TV and go do something about it!” (She left the house and came home later announcing she’d enlisted to become a precinct captain.)

Interestingly enough, Cohen is a near- perfect representation of the Democratic demographic. She is pro-gun control, pro-choice, pro-labor, environmentally conscious, and African American.

But she could not vote for the Democratic Party whom she felt betrayed by in good conscious.

Politico reports:

“It’s not like there were a ton” of black liberals who voted for Trump, Belcher said. “But [Cohen] was important because she contributed to Hillary’s failure.” (In Cohen’s case, this contribution may have been mostly symbolic; her home state of Colorado was considered a swing state, but went for Clinton.)


As Democrats fret over how to woo back the white working class, they’d also be well served by taking a look at how many true believers like Kim Cohen they lost, as well, and what it will take to make peace with them.

Whether Cohen’s protest vote will be taken seriously by the Democratic Party or not is unclear, but the change in political heart is certainly a major step for Cohen and many other progressives fed up with their party.

Politico reports:

Locally, Kim Cohen’s protest vote didn’t change anything. Colorado voted for Clinton anyway. And this raises the question of how seriously Democratic Party leaders will take Cohen’s protest vote. They can write her off as an aberration, some misguided radical; or they can take a hard look at this African-American committed progressive, the quintessential Democratic base voter, who couldn’t be swayed to vote for the fuzzy-messaged candidate at the top of the ticket.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that more liberals will turn to the Republican Party in time due to the disarray within the progressive world?

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