This Major Figure Believes Obama Will Refuse To Indict Hillary

Will he or won’t he?

The question many Americans are asking themselves is will Obama allow a criminal case to proceed against Hillary Clinton for using her private email server to transmit classified intelligence.

And a leading Republican believes Obama will ignore the evidence and refuse to allow the Department of Justice to indict Clinton.

From the beginning of the investigation of Clinton’s private email server, concerns that conflicts of interest were at play have swirled.

Hillary Clinton is in the same party as Obama.

She served him as Secretary of State, and was the anointed frontrunner in the Democrat Party to succeed him.

In fact, Obama endorsed Clinton for President at the conclusion of the primary season.

So the fear in the minds of many Americans is that with a conflict of either ambition for politics, or ambition for justice, ambition for politics will win the day.

One member of Congress echoing those concerns is Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA).

Issa was interviewed by Breitbart News on Sirus XM radio and expressed his belief that Obama will not indict Hillary.

Breitbart reports:

“Only the voters can hold Hillary Clinton accountable. This administration will not do it,” Issa charged, adding that “there’s more than enough [evidence] for an indictment.”

He explained that the statute essentially holds an individual responsible for transmitting what would be perceived as classified material in a non-secured environment. He said Clinton transmitted communications such as working with a Mayor in Afghanistan, adding that if those communications had become available to the wrong people, he could have been killed.

“Having fought this administration for all six of its years before I moved off of my position because of term limits, one thing I know is there is only one way out of this scandal and that’s an election. We will not see this administration hold anyone – including Hillary Clinton — accountable.”

In regards to Congress’ attempts to obtain information from the Justice Department on this matter, Issa continued, “[The Administration] did not follow the law. Eric Holder – most people don’t know it – was actively participating in his emails in obstruction of justice. He and his key allies were specifically trying to figure out ways to not provide information related to our subpoenas. That is a felony. It is a grounds for disbarment.”

But will Obama’s refusal to indict Hillary interfere with the voters’ opportunity to hold Clinton accountable?

If the Department of Justice refuses to bring an indictment against Clinton for political reasons – even after the FBI recommends criminal charges – some Americans would see it as her exoneration of any criminal conduct.

That misdirection could lead the voters who once had serious concern about Clinton’s character and performance as Secretary of State to erase all doubt from their minds.

Obama’s meddling in this investigation has tipped the scales in Hillary’s favor.

One of the biggest drags on her numbers – the scandal surrounding her private email server – could vanish through political manipulation.

And it could very well be the final push to hand Hillary Clinton the White House.

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