This Major Figure Believes Obama Will Refuse To Indict Hillary

Will he or won’t he?

The question many Americans are asking themselves is will Obama allow a criminal case to proceed against Hillary Clinton for using her private email server to transmit classified intelligence.

And a leading Republican believes Obama will ignore the evidence and refuse to allow the Department of Justice to indict Clinton.

From the beginning of the investigation of Clinton’s private email server, concerns that conflicts of interest were at play have swirled.

Hillary Clinton is in the same party as Obama.

She served him as Secretary of State, and was the anointed frontrunner in the Democrat Party to succeed him.

In fact, Obama endorsed Clinton for President at the conclusion of the primary season.

So the fear in the minds of many Americans is that with a conflict of either ambition for politics, or ambition for justice, ambition for politics will win the day.

One member of Congress echoing those concerns is Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA).

Issa was interviewed by Breitbart News on Sirus XM radio and expressed his belief that Obama will not indict Hillary.

Breitbart reports:

“Only the voters can hold Hillary Clinton accountable. This administration will not do it,” Issa charged, adding that “there’s more than enough [evidence] for an indictment.”

He explained that the statute essentially holds an individual responsible for transmitting what would be perceived as classified material in a non-secured environment. He said Clinton transmitted communications such as working with a Mayor in Afghanistan, adding that if those communications had become available to the wrong people, he could have been killed.

“Having fought this administration for all six of its years before I moved off of my position because of term limits, one thing I know is there is only one way out of this scandal and that’s an election. We will not see this administration hold anyone – including Hillary Clinton — accountable.”

In regards to Congress’ attempts to obtain information from the Justice Department on this matter, Issa continued, “[The Administration] did not follow the law. Eric Holder – most people don’t know it – was actively participating in his emails in obstruction of justice. He and his key allies were specifically trying to figure out ways to not provide information related to our subpoenas. That is a felony. It is a grounds for disbarment.”

But will Obama’s refusal to indict Hillary interfere with the voters’ opportunity to hold Clinton accountable?

If the Department of Justice refuses to bring an indictment against Clinton for political reasons – even after the FBI recommends criminal charges – some Americans would see it as her exoneration of any criminal conduct.

That misdirection could lead the voters who once had serious concern about Clinton’s character and performance as Secretary of State to erase all doubt from their minds.

Obama’s meddling in this investigation has tipped the scales in Hillary’s favor.

One of the biggest drags on her numbers – the scandal surrounding her private email server – could vanish through political manipulation.

And it could very well be the final push to hand Hillary Clinton the White House.

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55 thoughts on “This Major Figure Believes Obama Will Refuse To Indict Hillary

  1. FreeOregon

    The emails contain emails from Obama to her private server. He knew and did not care. The Russians have all the emails. Expect Hillary and Obama to do as told.

  2. drbhelthi

    Hitlary Clinton´s continued, unlimited, international functions are similar to the 19 decoys, arranged by the Bush-Saudi Carlyle Group, sent to John E. Jeb Bush in 2001. Since she has been on the subterfuge track since 1974, without being charged with a crime, she serves as a huge distraction from more important matters. Her qualification for adjudication and imprisonment remains unabated.

  3. Ben Ghazi

    I can see it now. Hillary gets nominated, elected and then indicted. Obama will pardon her. If she gets as far as inauguration, and then convicted, the waddling witch will pardon herself.

  4. Vic

    If Hillary does not get indicted, we no longer have a country that lives by the ‘rule of law’, and our constitution means nothing anymore. Will the American People allow this to happen? Who will stop this madness?

    1. kingwarren

      One of the major problems in this country is the average person ( whatever that means) doesn’t understand the danger the government has placed us in. The national debt is just on of the problems. The consumer debt is another problem much more dangerous than the national debt. The real unemployment rate is being hidden. It is really near or passed 20%. How do people pay the debts when they are unemployed and not even looking for work? Voters don’t even need to read the ballot at election time. Election fraud is impacting elections all over the country. To many people are getting comfortable with just living off what the government hands out. Why work when the government will take care of you as long as the democrats keep their scam going. When it crashes all Hell will break loose. That may be what the Democrats want so they have to declare martial law

    2. Eleanor Cummings

      We have to get the democrats out of the White House! Come hell or high water. We have to vote Trump!!!

  5. Dick

    I’m positive the deal is already made. Obama will pardon Hillary of all her “indiscretions”. She will then STEAL the election using multiple voting, dead people voting, illegal alien voting and crooked voting machines. After her election she will then pardon Obama of all his “indiscretions”. This will happen because she has too much dirt on him and he has too much dirt on her. They are both criminals and should both be tried for TREASON.

      1. Eleanor Cummings

        The crooked elements of this election will try to rig it, but the American voters can nip that in the bud by monitoring them closely. Especially the computer settings. Now is the time for each city and town to pick honest computer technicians to do the monitoring . Check ID’s closely. Dismiss (and prosecute) any one working at the polling places if caught trying to rig them. Crooked Clinton has to be stopped. Can anyone add to this or come up with a better idea?

    1. Eleanor Cummings

      Not if Trump gets in, and this she knows. If he’s elected, Trey will have to drag her hearing out until after January – no pardon!

  6. Art Zacher

    Hilary has been rude and ill mannered to those who served her in the White House when Bill was president. She is unlikeable. She can’t win the White House because many who say they support her will not vote for her.

    1. Eleanor Cummings

      I laughed when they were “so outraged” at Trump’s “salty” language when the Secret Service was already telling some of Killery’s foul language as First Lady and also when she cussed Obama out in his own office!! Now that would have been fun to see! Ol’ Limp Wrist cowering before that virago! I laugh every time I picture him sitting with his mouth open as hers spilled garbage on him I’ve got to buy the books the people who worked with (and for) them are writing! I don’t wonder why he refuses to indict her. She’s got too much on him (and he on her) so they HAVE to stay bosom (or should I say – cussin’) buddies??

  7. pistolpacking_grandmaUSAUSAUSA

    she will lie, cheat and have her followers commit voter fraud so she can’t be indicted!

    1. Eleanor Cummings

      Like I’ve posted so many times, the crooked professional politicians who have been stealing the taxpayers deaf, dumb and blind will try to rig this election to get Killery in. It mattered not to them if either Clinton or Bush** got in, their gravy train would be uninterrupted. But then, Donald J. Trump threw his hat in the race! They can’t buy him!! That’s why the hounds of hell have been unleashed on him! Negative ads and lies! He is already telling the people too much about the corruption in our government!! Yes they’ll be trying to rig the election like they did the primary! American voters can nip that in the bud by monitoring them closely. Especially the computer settings. Now is the time for each city and town to pick honest computer technicians to do the monitoring . Check ID’s closely. Dismiss (and prosecute) any one working at the polling places if caught trying to rig them. Crooked Clinton has to be stopped. Can anyone add to this or come up with a better idea?
      ** Go online and check out – The Mena Cover Up – and you’ll find “partners in crime” as it were

  8. unique201

    If the Republicans want a Republican President, they need to
    all back Donald Trump, the people’s president.

  9. Edgar Longenecker

    Since when can Obozo, assume the authority, of, those responsible for, due process, and, in so trying, tacitly admit, her guilt, for her….. Is she spending too much time, is a blue dress…..??? Snidely…. Edgrrr….

  10. aurora9

    Obama’s holding everything until after the election. Even then I doubt that he will throw hilliary under the bus. They’re thick as thieves!

  11. Tom

    I think Dick nailed it, they’re both TREASONOUS POISON for this country!!!! IF, the HILDABEAST wins, welcome to the USSA!!! This ain’t my AMERICA!!! GO TRUMP!!!!!

    1. Edgar Longenecker

      The USSR united states socialistic republic, looms, as the Re-
      pubic-crap-tic CONS-PIRACY, gallops toward another embezzlement of our laws and rights, as the “HEADS WE WIN, TAILS, YOU LOSE”, flipside of the same divide and conquer, mob, slug, divides us again…. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  12. Edgar Longenecker

    Such a refusal, makes Obama, guilty of being an accessory, after the fact; if, he, launders what he percieves to be a crime, on her part; especially, if more lucid minds, try to indict her, based upon rational reasons… opposed to criminal reasons…… Snidely…. Edgrrr….

    1. paradoc2

      Well he and the rest of his Democratic toadies respect the Second Amendment of our Constitution…which they swore to uphold when they got their teat jobs. That being said…consider the source and vote your conscience my friend. Buenos suerte…

      1. Edgar Longenecker

        Voting is a hoax; pablum; fed to the infants; as if, the oath of office; orifice; is of any importance, once the electile dysfunction, is in the rear view mirror…. Why, hasn’t Chillarys,” slopmouthed demeanor, to the psychophants, pandering to her royalty delusions, been broadcast, for, all to hear…..??? Snidely…. Edgrrr….

  13. Robert

    The voting machines on college campus safe rooms, have only one candidate. They believe they are making history. The experiment failed 8 years to vote in a Black man, but their blindness, and future degrees in under water basket weaving puts them in the know. You want to go to college, put 4 years in the military, know how to write cursive and get that perpetual iPhone out of your face. Hell the marijuana crowd of the 60’s at least went to Vietnam, our kids need counselors, safe rooms and school loan forgiveness. When was the last time you heard of a student majoring in Engineering, Nursing…ot any worthwhile science. Now it is ethnic studies and Mexican studies,

    1. Eleanor Cummings

      Obama is NOT our first black president!! Not by along shot! He duped us again! Even his race is a fraud, according to his Kenyan cousin. His mother was white (???) but his father only had 6% black blood, the rest is Arab, hence his light color and non-negro features. He duped us all again!! He hates his white and his black blood, identifying as a Muslim ARAB. The laugh’s on us! He wanted to get elected so he used the race card. Michelle is black. Like his religion turning from Christian to Muslim, so will his black race turn to Arabic. And he’ll keep laughing at our gullibility – while he and his family spend money like it all belongs to them, even when stealing it from vets and seniors.

      I think when we finally get a REAL black president, he’ll work hard for ALL the AMERICAN PEOPLE, (black, white, brown red, yellow or mixed) to erase some of the taint left behind by the Obamas!! Our first black presidential will NOT be a wimpy, egotistical nincompoop like we have in office.
      In case you’re interested look up:

      Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate

      His father me and married Ann Dunham in Hawaii a year AFTER he was born. Who is
      his natural mother?? DNA WOULD TELL!
      Hillary Clinton took a surprise trip to the UK archives in 2009 and got a copy of his birth certificate and it is said to have made copies for members of congress. Why did she suppress the information after she first brought it up???

        1. Eleanor Cummings

          LOL. Don’t do that. I was drinking some water when I read your comment. Water all over my writing pad!! Still giggling!!

          1. Casey Bartnik

            It is better to laugh than to cry, even if it’s gallows humor. Better for morale and for the digestion. Are you on Facebook? I finally took the leap last week–come visit!

          2. Eleanor Cummings

            I’d read the article on Slick Willie being our first “Black” president but kind of put it off as just the liberals pandering as usual for the black vote, so I was totally unprepared when you came out with it in your comment, but that’s okay, I didn’t get any water on my laptop. I do a lot of cut and paste while researching and keep all kinds of stuff on file. If the occasion merits it, I can bring a file up and post it as many times as it’s needed to keep people informed, aware, and alert. Come on over to FB and read my Timeline

          3. Casey Bartnik

            I will do that. I have just gotten involved in social media, and we all need to work together to beat back the forces of evil. Keep up the great work!

          4. Casey Bartnik

            Maybe we should consider working together–there is a lot to do before the election. Let us discuss it tomorrow. Keep the faith!

  14. REM1875

    This ain’t news. tell me a major figure who really believes oblamer will indict sHrillary and that would be news.

  15. CB Michael

    WHEN DEMOCRATS BREAK THE LAWS NOTHING HAPPENS BUT EXTENDED INVESTIGATIONS. Hillary has been bought and paid for for years with foreign money, (remember they where broke when they left the White House and stole a fortune in White House items, only to return and pay for it all.)
    When the GOP is involved all hell breaks loose and people end up in jail. Hillary has been anointed and The Donald has made people mad at some of his comments. Republicans overwhelmingly selected a person who wants to change things and Make America Great Again, Hopefully Americans will choose the lesser of the two and allow Trump to try to move America back toward our founding fathers ideas and the Constitution. Our borders need tightened and spending needs to be controlled while we rebuilt the might of America’s Military to protect everything that’s American.

    1. Eleanor Cummings

      Please visit the following links if you truly are unaware of the truth about Mr. Trump.
      (David Duke denying Trump Endorsement)
      (RE Trump University)
      (Untruth Video exposing headline after headline as lies)
      (Proof Cruz and Rubio lied about Trump on debate 3-3-16)
      (re military with hands behind their backs and supporting Trump’s desire to get tougher militarily)


  16. CB Michael

    One additional comment, If America whats to have anyone left to pay the bills that government is pilling up then we need to return manufacturing the the USA> ” No Jobs equal No Taxes” to pay for the social programs. we will all be broke within a year if Hillary is chosen and the constitution will ne used to wipe her ass.

  17. Tim Aker

    Get ready to kiss America goodbye. If HildaBeast is not indicted and allowed to run for president we are done. Ammo up and hunker down as shit WILL hit the fan!

  18. aurora9

    I never thought that they would indict hillary, and today, they didn’t. We have got a big fight on our hands, and it’s a wonder that some of these corrupt politicians don’t start disappearing!

  19. [email protected]

    Rules are only made for a few and the Clinton’s do not follow ANY RULES OR LAWS!! Hillary and Bill have both escaped the legal world for the last 20 YEARS! Mr. comey got Bill off, when he was completely guilty! Then – he refused to indict Hillary! Of course, as Bill had already made a deal with AG Loretta Lynch!!! THAT was the meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix!!!!They are made of teflon – nothing sticks! It is time the rules were applied equally!!! The Clinton Mafia is NOW 53 UNinvestigated deaths at their hands!~!!! How much longer will this be allowed to continue?

  20. Patriotic American

    When there are people like Issa who are telling truths, but nothing is being done about it. Why are our elected officials NOT doing what there supposed to do. which is to insure that this behavior is stopped and violators punished.

  21. ReaperHD

    Two Frickin Criminals who should be tried for TREASON and EXECUTED. Eventually WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to eliminate this Criminal Conspiracy that is in charge now and take matters into our own hands and it will be deserving of what justice is carried out.

  22. Patty Grondin

    This campaigne has been so long and full, it seems with everything negative that should keep Hillary Clinton OUT OF OFFICE of any kind. She’s been shown weak, weak minded, criminal, doesn’t know truth or honesty. But she has a following, the weak minded party that are the Liberals, Democrats. It’s a good chance she will win the election, and that will totally disgrace American, AGAIN! They’re all bought and payed for with big, criminalistic money that honest, law biding Americans, could never fight. If there’s even the slightest dab of morality left, she and her cronies should be in prison. God help us!!!! America has been beaten by Americans, please say it’s not so. We must continue to fight for America and our Constitutional Rights!

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