This Mom Has Strong Words For The Cops Her BLM-Inspired Son Tried To Assassinate

Black Lives Matter teen militant who tried to lure cops into a sniper trap may prefer prison to going home to mom.

Seventeen-year-old Marquell Rentas is currently in a Pennsylvania jail awaiting charges of attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer.
He and his cousin, Trentan Nace, lured police to a Lancaster cemetery, where they took cover and tried to gun down responding officers.  They were arrested after a firefight.

“I ain’t no p***y, I was shooting at you. F*** you, police,” Rentas screamed as he was being loaded into a police car.

Outraged over her son’s arrest, Rentas’ mother absolutely went off.

But this rant isn’t like the ones you usually hear from the mothers of Black Lives Matter terrorists.

“They are in jail for doing what Black Lives Matter wanted them to do; shoot at cops,” Luz Rentas said in a statement to the media. “The truth is that these are two punk kids following the orders of an irresponsible organization and now they’re gonna pay for it.”

“Where is Black Lives Matters now? Are they gonna help get them out of jail or help pay for lawyers?” Luz wrote in her statement —  pointing out BLM has no interest in supporting black suspects once they’re no longer politically useful.

Luz, who works third shift to support her family, doesn’t play.

And she’s not alone.

Nace’s father, who appears to be Luz’s brother-in-law, is also shattering the liberal narrative for blaming Black Lives Matter.

Roberto Rentas made a similar statement to WHTM-TV that the Black Lives Matter movement influenced the teens’ actions, the Associated Press reports.

Marquell Rentas has a history of liberal political violence.

“In August, 2015, he was involved in a fight over a Confederate flag at Sixth and Locust streets. Rentas removed a flag from the back of a truck, his mother confirmed Monday afternoon. A fight between 10 or 15 people followed,” Columbia Police Chief Jack Brommer said at the time, Lancaster Online reports.

A friend of Rentas and Nance, ironically named David Duke, confirms the pair were active supporters of Black Lives Matter.

On Friday, Duke posted on Facebook a picture featuring himself, Rentas and Nace with the caption “Free my brothers, man.” A Facebook group known as the Realist People of Lancaster initially drew attention to the post, which featured some anti-police rhetoric in the comments, Lancaster Online reports.

Duke says trying to kill police officers shouldn’t be harshly punished.

“I know they made a bad decision, but at the end of the day they are still my friends,” Duke tells Lancaster Online. “Do I think they should get 25 to life? No, because they are only 18. Everybody makes mistakes and everybody does deserve a second chance.”

They may prefer 25 to life in prison compared to what Luz has waiting for them when they get home.

With more black parents speaking out against Black Lives Matter terrorism, is this the beginning of the end of liberalism’s virtual political monopoly over the black community?

  • ricktenny

    The end of the Democrats hold on the black vote, in my opinion, is gone. That is has taken sixty years to get to this is sad but about time. The answer to a racial groups problems does not lie at City Hall, or at the State Capital and especially not in Washington DC. It hasn’t in the past and never will in the future. The answer lies in a robust economy, plain and simple. Stop the stupid trade deals that ship American jobs to other countries. When “Made In America” is what American buyers look for first in the products they buy, this lousy economy we have been stuck in for the last fifty years will turn around. When Americans make what other Americans buy, we will see an end to religious, racial and economic problems. It won’t happen over night. It will be a slow process, but it will happen.