This New Poll Has Hillary terrified

The massive political fallout regarding the FBI’s decision to not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton is still continuing.

Even though Hillary and her campaign team believe they have escaped the worst of the damage, a new poll is reporting shocking results.

And its findings are leaving a sinking feeling in the stomach of every Hillary supporter.

A brand new ABC/Washington Post poll finds 56% of Americans disagree with the decision to not bring charges against Hillary for transmitting classified intelligence on an unsecured email server.

Only a mere 35% agree with the decision.

The poll showed other troubling news for Hillary as well.

By nearly a 3-to-1 margin, voters who had previously said the scandal would affect their vote are now stating they will likely not vote for Hillary in November.

And about 6-in-10 voters are worried Hillary’s illegal conduct will continue while she is President.

Politico reports:

“Asked whether Clinton’s conduct made them worried about what the former secretary of state would do as president, 57 percent responded that it did, while 39 percent said the issue is not related to how she would perform as commander in chief.

A majority, 58 percent, said the decision would make no difference in whether they would support Clinton, while 28 percent said it would make it less likely for them to support her, while only 10 percent said it would make them more likely.”

The poll comes after Hillary’s lead over Trump in the Real Clear Politics polling average dwindled from 6 to 4 points.

But it’s no coincidence Hillary’s lead is shrinking in the wake of the email scandal.

During the Democrat primary, she lost – in overwhelming margins – many voters who believe a candidate’s honesty and trustworthiness is the most important quality over to Bernie Sanders.

That weakness allowed Sanders to win 20 contests and fight Hillary all the way to the end of the primary.

And while FBI Director James Comey did not recommend charges be brought against Hillary, he detailed all of Hillary’s lies about her conduct.

Hillary partisans initially reacted with glee.

Writing in the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson best summed up the feelings of the pro-Hillary media when he wrote:

In the end, Clinton had to endure harsh words from FBI Director James Comey. She was “extremely careless” in routing sensitive information through a private server, he said. Clinton’s email traffic did, too, include some classified material, despite her carefully parsed denials. But in the end, no “reasonable prosecutor” would bring criminal charges.

Comey’s tongue-lashing provided ammunition for Republican attack ads, to be sure. But imagine the alternative scenario in which his decision went the other way. Clinton’s presidential hopes just dodged a mighty big bullet.

But did she?

The poll commissioned by Robinson’s own newspaper found that voters overwhelmingly believe Hillary should have been charged; that they are worried she will continue her criminal conduct as President, and that those who previously said they would change their votes based on the outcome of her scandal, are now likely not going to vote for her.

This blowback does not sound like Hillary dodged a bullet.

  • Howard Martin

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  • arnapuck

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    • Debby

      Lipstick on a pig!

      • OttoZeit

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    • A. Jay

      A dump truck full at least!

    • nicholsda

      How would you know which end to put it on?

  • Roy Johnson

    To pull the lever for a democrap is saying it’s ok to be dishonest!

  • Evan

    Hillary should be put in prison where she belongs!

    • Steve Terrill

      She would make a fine “prison bitch.” Most certainly would be a bull dyke within a year.

      • durabo

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      • mike

        Really,I would say a day or two

    • SDofAZ

      Like any other legal citizen who has pulled the same crap. Everyone but this monster has been punished for this yet she is still out there running her mouth, gathering more money for her clan, and running for the highest office in the land. Like BO the other arrogant narcissistic sociopath currently in office the dem wit dem lemmings and the good old go along get along RINO boys just keep giving these two passes! Now why is that when the rest of us would have been in jail long ago? BO should have been impeached. He is the biggest lying sitting president in history. He is a hater of America and a racist black moslime. Why is he still sitting in that seat? Guess we have to clean out congress and DC. Then the agencies cause all of them went along with this against the will of the people! Remove the trash in DC, states and cities. The liberal and dem lemmings, the rinos gotta go. VOTE EM OUT!

  • Elizabeth Moore

    I vote for Hillary in PRISON.. Not as our President..

  • Steve Terrill

    I still think Comey knew what he was doing by not recommending an indictment. Not only did he tear Hillary a new asshole in public, he also implicated Lynch and Bill Clinton in the “behind the scenes” cover up and influence peddling that most Americans are sick of.

    • OttoZeit

      I think Comey felt guilty for having succumbed to political pressure (he evidently had no choice), but tried to redeem his conscience by setting Hillary on fire as he left the room of his disgrace.

  • durabo

    I’m not necessarily voting FOR Trump (and I shall!) but rather AGAINST Ms. Fuggly, the fat-arsed, corrupt, lying Marxist. His government will be like an old fashioned dose of castor oil: unpleasant but with curative results. Our beloved Republic requires deep purging, so we can expect to put up with four years of medicinal government.. With luck, we will never again hear from the Chicago community agitator and his IslamoMarxist gang, including the Hildebeeste

  • Roy Johnson

    Anyone who loves America will not vote democraptic. The party believes it’s above the law! History when written will ask why there is no IMPEACHMENT of this is administration! So many criminal acts committed! Where are the democraps?

  • ahufekim

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  • BILL

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  • A. Jay

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  • Silvite

    Hillary is aging before our eyes. She and Comey are sharing the same bags!

  • Donald H Sullivan

    A great many Independents read comments like these. Most people dislike mean spirited comments, and it will probably serve to help Hillary more than hurt her. It would help more to merely bring out the shady activities of the Clintons in a mature and responsible way, rather than sounding like grade school name-calling kids. Keep in mind that lots of Independents reading this will be judging your comments as well as the Clinton’s crooked actions.

  • Taking care of business!

    The demon-possessed tyrant WILL light the White House blue, to honor the UN takeover of America.

  • jim jones

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  • Mike

    Reality is that she should just step away from this election because it is only going to get worse. More and more people are finally realizing that all she does is lie and are now realizing that her only interest is in Hillary, not the people and they see how she is constantly changing her tone. Now she has to agree with everything Sanders has said which makes her a socialist instead of a progressive and they see that and are now wondering what does she actually stand for. Too bad, she actually should be in jail, not just for the email and treason she committed but many other crimes that fill her life. All the illegal activities she engaged in during her stint as Sec of State. She claims she has achieved so much, check her record and see what she has achieved, NOTHING, she has no achievements on her resume, none, just a history of corruption. Its easy to verify, even though she tries to hide her life, there is a complete chronology from when she graduated college til now. Check it out.

  • axmickl

    This just shows that about 54% of American voters value truth and honesty. What a shame these democrats bring on the rest of us!

  • Zorba

    Where are the old Democrats who wouldn’t tolerate her criminal behaviour?

  • longshorts

    I believe that Hilary should already be in the deepest, darkest solitary cell on the planet. From Whitewater to the present, had I done what she did, I would be jailed or on death row waiting for my last meal.