This Politician’s Speech Trashing The Globalists Just Broke The Internet

UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage is becoming a household name.

As one of the top supporters of the victorious Leave Campaign, which forced Great Britain out of the European Union, Farage has become a thorn in the side of the globalists and a hero to the millions who reject open borders and mass immigration.

But it was his speech before the European Parliament after what is known as the “Brexit” vote that turned heads and became a viral sensation.

Farage’s remarks, in the wake of the United Kingdom passing a referendum to leave the European Union, is the equivalent of spiking the ball in the end zone and busting out in a celebratory dance.

The globalists who make up a majority of the European Parliament were in no mood for Farage’s victory speech, grumbling at the thought of having to listen to him.

But that didn’t deter Farage from delivering his stemwinder where he proceeded to light up the internet, garnering over 1 million views on Facebook.

Farage tweeted out the full video of his remarks.

You can watch them below:


Farage was speaking inside the belly of the beast.

The European Parliament is home to the globalist officials who believe in erasing nation states and replacing them with a single entity government.

This is being accomplished through mass migration and open borders.

And the strength of national identity is what fueled the Leave campaign’s victory.

Farage noted that it’s the arrogance of the members in the European Parliament for never seeing their defeat coming.

The Telegraph reports on his most stinging retort:

“Now, I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives or worked in business or worked in trade or indeed ever created a job. But listen, just listen.”

The Members of Parliament responded by booing and turning their backs on Farage.

But he won millions of admirers in the form of ordinary people who see politicians who have never worked a day in their life lord over them and boast “we know best.”

As Farage described it, the ordinary people rose up against big institutions such as political parties, banks, and multinational corporations to reject their immigration and trade policies that eroded the United Kingdom’s national sovereignty.

The Telegraph also reports on Farage’s warning that the “Brexit” vote in Great Britain would not be the last victory for the nationalist movement sweeping Europe:

“What happened last Thursday was a remarkable result. It was a seismic result, not just for British politics, but for European politics but perhaps even for global politics too, because what the little people did, what the ordinary people did, what the people who have been oppressed over the last few years and who have seen their living standards go down [did], they rejected the multinationals, they rejected the merchant banks, they rejected big politics. And they said, actually, we want our country back. We want our fishing waters back. We want our borders back. And we want to be an independent, self-governing, normal nation and that is what we have done and that is what must happen.

And in doing so we offer a beacon of hope to democrats across the rest of the European continent. I will make one prediction this morning; the United Kingdom will not be the last member state to leave the European Union.”



47 thoughts on “This Politician’s Speech Trashing The Globalists Just Broke The Internet

  1. Jean Darnell

    That was an awesome speech! If trump is elected I’m hoping he does the same thing. If Hillary is elected, I’m thinking of an extended UK vacation.

        1. OttoZeit

          In that contest (& they ARE rival groups of thugs), I’m going with the Mob too — their motives and methods are less sophisticated, less devious and deceptive, and easier to detect and decipher. With the Mob, you know what you’re dealing with. With the Illuminati, you’re never sure until the knife is actually in your back.

      1. Jake319

        So how is that American ? Submitting to a higher authority is not how America survives.
        Isolation is a sucker bet. Kow towing to an authority that does not have your intrest as a priority is the same as voting republican.

  2. Dumeman

    My mother is British, most of my extended family is in England and I am very proud of the voters did.

    The idea of GB being run by a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels was failed from the start.

    1. freethinker4

      GB got there by their own parliament, globalist within? The same thing that we are fighting against here in the US. Its time for us to be one nation under God again.

        1. freethinker4

          You are a IDIOT why is protecting the people of this country, freedom, liberty and the constitution a discriminating offense

          1. Jake319

            Protecting who? Your white entitlements. Your just afraid all the time. Your name calling is Juvenal. If you can’t discuss Farage then get back under your bed.

  3. ClarenceDeBarrows

    Just pray that patriot citizens in the United States will emulate those in Great Britain and with Donald Trump’s able assistance start the movement to “Make America Great Again” by electing him President and thereby sound the death knell for the New World Order, Global thinking, liberal – progressive hierarchy in our Country. Go Trump!

      1. daveveselenak

        That is a big AMEN, sister! Like they say: freedom doesn’t come free and although we have had a two-hundred plus year run, now it is done! The thing is that they know the sheeple haven’t it in them to save their own asses. We have been afraid of them for far too long = TYRANNY and that must be changed to them fearing “US” = FREEDOM! I suggest that the states – at least those still not run by communists – MUST start manning militias as our trampled over constitution permits in order to send a message to “Moscow West” that they have gone too far!

        The Rule Of Law Is Dead In America

      2. Jake319

        From who? Just to let you know America is the best place on the planet. So if Hillary is elected you would go against the majority of Citzens that elected her lawfully? You need to read the constitution.

        1. freethinker4

          You need to read the declaration of Independence, sad there are so many clueless stupid people. And Hitlary is a crook, lair and a thief, look at the legacy of her husband Bill if you want more free trade and open borders and less rights and liberty she’s your candidate?

  4. Richard Bagenstose

    just like democrats here , there is no reasoning with them , it’s there way or the high way and as you hear , they are just as violent

    1. Jake319

      That sounds like the republican congress.
      “there way or the highway”. They shut the government down twice!

    1. Jake319

      This man bailed out after the vote to leave the EU. All the lies and distortions that he shoved down the throats of guiable Brits during the campaign to leave are found to be just lies. I listen on the radio the the speeches made. In the eu parliament that day. Farag was reminded by other speakers that all of his assumptions were worst then wrong. That he led his country and the rest of the EU in to a period of economic pain. The English pound sterling lost 40% of its value after the vote.
      How would you like your bank account to drop 40% in worth over some blown up lies by a bigoted fool like Farage?

  5. Gail

    I say pray he keeps it up and gains more supporters . Britain needed to wake up and smell the world .Pray that it gets over here

    1. Jake319

      He quit. Farage was just a load mouth like trump. No ideas, no substance, he just told lies for the media. Now great Briton will break up in to smaller counties. Briton will be a Detroit in 10 years.

  6. Marie

    The earliest biggest mistake Europe made, was switching to the Euro in 2000. From then on Europe went down the drain!

    1. Jake319

      Wow! That’s an out right lie. First of all not all countries in the EU used the euro. Eu had a growth of 4% till 2008 when the bubble of fake housing prices in America fell apart. The EU will go on. In some shape or form. Britain has subjected themselves to a period of high intrest rates and low growth over some silly patriotic nonsense.

  7. Wcgraybill

    American people needs to kick the united nations the hell out of America and quit supporting them with our tax dollars or at least not pay the majority of support of dollars to keep it running and send Obama back to Kenya with his so called wife and family.

    1. OldTxGal

      I’ve been saying the same thing! It’s the UN that is pushing globalism, and pushing Obama to take our guns away. Disarming us is the last step in demoralizing us; controlling us. We need to get rid of all of them!!

      1. misatokatsuragi

        Right, it’s the UN that’s pushing a one world government and it’s amazing how many people still see the UN as this shining example of peace and mediation. It is anything BUT. It is the UN that will rule the world, not any one nation on the planet. The UN is owned by the central bankers and it is they (the few dominate elites), not any country, that will control the whole world.

        They already tried this after WWI when the tried to get the League of Nations passed. Enuff countries not wanting to lose their sovereignty, didn’t go for that, so the Rothschilds, just caused WWII and tried again. You know, throw enuff stuff at the wall and eventually something will stick.

        So after WWII, they came up the United Nations (the UN building even sits on land donated by the Rockefellers), only to make sure it was accepted this time, they cleverly came up with the pretext that with the UN, there would be no more wars as every nation could now just discuss their differences.

        They new that would not be the case, but it got enuff nations to swallow that garbage hook, line and sinker, and now the United States alone has been involved in more wars since the UN than in all it’s previous years since it was founded.

        Don’t let the globalists fool you. The UN and the war on terror ever since 9/11, is all about getting a new world order were everyone and everything on the planet is under total control of a select few dominant men.

    2. 88twin

      until the american people decide thy want to be and stay free we are doomed the far left and progressives only make up 10 percent of the people but all the big citys keep voting them in office over and over and now more then ever there bills and laws are crushing the american people and if hillery wins we will take the place of england in the eu and be run by the un and we will have no more boarders

      1. Jake319

        Wrong the big cities have 80 % of the population in america. Your math is wrong. Besides cities pay most of the taxes to support rural America. Cities are the bedrock of our economy. It sure ain’t the hillbilly meth heads that live in the rural counties. Cities pay for your Social security disability checks. That started in the late 90’s when asset companies sold off all the rural manufacturing jobs and stole the workers pensions by bankrupting. We in the city pay for intrustructure that is never repaired or updated. The congress has frozen the future of America for the past 40 years. They put money in wars and building war machines that cost trillions and are outdated or to expensive to operate.

        1. freethinker4

          All people share in the cost of city’s dip-shit, workers that commute to the city’s often pay income tax a portion of gas taxes property taxes transit and shipping taxes license and plate fees? Typically auto insurance cost more in rural areas because the city’s theft rate they spread the cost to all people or at least a portion. Do you realize all taxes and fees are paid by the consumer eventually. When you buy a car for instance how much of the total cost is property taxes , city taxes, payroll taxes, gas taxes, shipping taxes insurance cost or countless other fees etc. Think about it?

    3. Jake319

      How does the UN effect your life? How about the tax dollars that support Isreal? Just to let you know cowboy. You or anyone of your nutty conservatives are not going to tell any American what to do or how to act. your a minority when it comes to limiting the rights of other Americans…in short your out numbered 7to 1.

      1. freethinker4

        Moron they want to be a government over a sovereign nations governments. And we do pay them due’s as a member?, The UN also wants levy taxes on the people of member nations and remove guns from all the citizenry throughout the member nations. Look on there site dumb ass.

  8. 88twin

    won;t happen clarence the republicans are siding against trumph and siding with the dems. now the coward turn coat fbi director spit in our face and cleared the crook hillery

  9. barbarakelly

    We are going to try and ground the globalist into the ground. All they are is trouble makers for them to get richer .

    1. Jake319

      There are 9 billion people on the planet.
      Trade policy with china has given rise to what you call the globalist. An iPhone made in china has a 2000% mark up by the time it gets to the store.

  10. crockett

    We need to get the UN assholes barred from being involved and telling us what to do . They have demanded that more foreigners can come to our shores . HELL NO ! ! We don’t want more trouble we are just fine and need no help from The UN at all, stay out this is our USA and we don’t need you BITCHES ! !

  11. Cass Moret

    Way to go, Nigel! There are still some Brits with spine. But the vote was too close; and Scotland and N. Ireland voted to stay. So only England and Wales voted to exit (and I’m not sure about Wales). Scotland already has a parliament so this vote could portend the dissolution of the United Kingdom. Ironically that twentieth century giant, Winston Churchill, was in favor of a United State of Europe. The great man was wrong on that one.

    1. Jake319

      Time will tell. But going it alone in a world with separate trade deals will but Great Briton in the back of the line. The only ones that suffer are the ones that will pay higher prices or goods.

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