This Poll Showed The Devastating Effects Of Obama’s War On Police

Law enforcement suffered a rough eight years under President Obama.

They were attacked, ridiculed and labeled as racist.

One new poll showed just how devastating the effects of Obama’s war on police actually were.

After Michael Brown was killed by a police officer defending himself from Brown’s brutal attack, Black Lives Matter and other racially-charged agitators launched a campaign of protest against law enforcement.

Barack Obama joined the crusade by inviting Black Lives Matter activists to the White House and embracing their cause.

This led to what many referred to as the “Ferguson effect.”

It was defined as police officers being less likely to perform their duties out of fear they would be singled out by Black Lives Matter and other racial activists.

Many scoffed at the idea of a “Ferguson effect.”

But a new poll of law enforcement shows it is real, and Obama and Black Lives Matter targeting of the police has endangered lives.

The New York Post reports:

The St. Louis police chief coined the term after the shooting of Michael Brown, to describe the tendency of officers to back off from proactive policing in the wake of widespread protests. The Manhattan Institute’s Heather MacDonald and others point to the Ferguson effect to help explain the rise in violent crime in many U.S. cities.

Pew polled some 8,000 police officers on race relations, morale and reform last year — with most of it done before the assassination of cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Key findings:

  • 93 percent of officers say they’ve grown more concerned about their safety.

  • 76 percent are now more reluctant to use force when necessary.

  • 75 percent believe interactions between police and blacks have become more tense.

  • 72 percent say they’re more reluctant to stop and question suspicious-looking people.

  • 67 percent report being verbally abused.

The “Ferguson effect” could help explain why murder rates rose in a quarter of the nation’s largest cities in 2015.

Democrats and leftists dismiss these findings, but for eight years, police have felt under siege.

Donald Trump campaigned on having law enforcement’s back and restoring law and order.

Many in the media called this a “racist” appeal, and declared it would sink his chances with minority voters.

But he outperformed Mitt Romney with both black and Hispanic voters.

Part of Trump’s job as President will be repairing the damage Obama caused by marching in lockstep with Black Lives Matter.



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