This Ridiculous Reason Is Why 9/11 Terrorist Suspect Is Not Being Deported To U.S.

Six Algerian terror suspects linked to Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which took the lives of over 3,000 Americans, won a 10-year human rights case in the UK in May of last year.

And not only were they freed from prison, they were granted the freedom to roam the streets.

These Islamist extremists were freed from prison on a human rights ruling technicality.

An immigration court said there was a “real risk” they would be tortured by Algerian security services if they were deported back and would be a violation of Article 3 of the Human Rights Act, which guards against “torture or degrading or inhuman treatment.”

Needless to say, the UK’s courts tend to err on the side of human rights rather than their citizens’safety.

And now another Algerian who entered the UK illegally will be allowed to stay in the country too.

And again, despite being a terror suspect with links to 9/11 and Osama bin Laden, the UK’s reasoning is that his fight against being deported to the United States for trial has been damaging to his “mental health.”

Apparently, the Algerian man has been fighting deportation for 21 years since he entered the UK with a fake passport.

Yet also apparently, his brain was healthy enough to fight being imprisoned for the last 21 years.

This man who cannot be named for legal reasons is thought to have sent young British Muslims to terror training camps abroad.

According to The Telegraph, the judge ruled the jihadist’s two-decade long deportation battle had affected his mental health, so much so that he could not be deported at all in the end.

It was also reported that he is a father and confined to a wheelchair – as if this somehow makes his case more sympathetic.

Britain’s Home Secretary Amber Rudd of Home Office – an agency that is responsible for the internal affairs of England and Wales that deals with immigration and citizenship – has repeatedly vowed to change the law to make it easier to deport foreign criminals or those thought to be a security risk.

But this new ruling is just the latest blow to Rudd’s hopes.

Under Rudd, the Home Office previously refused to grant the migrant the right to remain in the UK and imposed restrictions on him, insisting he stay at his home address and report to a police station every month.

But now thanks to the liberal judge, the citizens of the UK will be forced to roam the streets with a terrorist who worked with Osama bin Laden.

It was also reported the man was a supporter of the Algerian terror group, Call and Combat.

Call and Combat is a sub-organization of Al-Qaeda.

The Government alleged:

“Your activities on behalf of the group and of extremist fighters in Chechnya include sponsoring young Muslims in the UK to go to Afghanistan to train for Jihad.”

In the ruling by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, which was made in December of 2016, Justice Collins said:

“While I am not persuaded that the effect of maintaining short leave and conditions is to breach Article 3 of the ECHR, there can be no question that that is having an adverse effect on his mental health.”

And then they let him go.

You can thank the UK for not having the gall to hold him accountable for his actions against humanity on 9/11.