This Senator Wants To Be The Next Hillary — And That’s Fine With President Trump

Following the rebuke of Senator Elizabeth Warren in the Senate, many on the left are making her into a martyr for the liberal cause.

During confirmation hearings to confirm Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this week, Warren went on a tirade against Sessions and the GOP, using the words of Coretta Scott King to drum up sympathy for her tirade.

Following a motion by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Rule 19 was brought out of the playbook to silence Warren.

In typical fashion, the liberal left has unleashed a firestorm of whines and complaints that Warren was silenced for being a woman — and that the GOP is bullying her into submission.

A former Senate historian spoke with Newsmax about the rebuke of Warren:

“Senate rules are unique. You can attack just about anyone, and you are protected. But only if you attack other senators are you punished.”


That punishment is to be “silenced,” as Warren was on Tuesday following a motion by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.


Warren’s punishmentwas courtesy of Rule 19 of the Senate playbook, written by Thomas Jefferson when he was vice president.


“Jefferson knew that rough language among senators could lead to fistfights,” he said.


“And, remember, in the 19th century, people were fighting duels when they felt their honor was attacked.”

Instead of accepting that Warren was wrong in attacking a colleague, she and her leftist supporters have turned her into a symbolic torch bearer for the hate campaign the Democrats continue to build following the election of President Trump.

But Trump and the GOP are fine with the attacks of Warren and the left, as they believe she is paving the way to become the next Hillary Clinton — and someone who could be easily defeated should she become a presidential candidate in the next general election.

Newsmax reported:

Until that moment, there was no leader of the wounded Democratic Party, which, Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer aside will be whomever emerges as the strongest presidential candidate. President Donald Trump has made no secret that he prefers Warren in 2020. He beat one woman, send on another, especially one who can’t claw her way back to the middle like Clinton did and one he knows the Manhattan donor class doesn’t like for taking on the banks. Say Warren’s name in Manhattan and you get a guttural sound of disgust.

Warren continues the tradition of the left — and in the process adds fuel to the liberals’ fire in their cries that women and minorities are being attacked by the right.

The social media outcry that Warren was silenced for being a woman stems from their continued disappointment that Hillary did not take the White House.

And Warren, in the aftermath of her attack against Jeff Sessions, has happily become their new leader.

Warren was rightly condemned for attacking a fellow Senator and has made it clear she will not support her colleagues or her new Commander-in-Chief.

In doing so, she continues the hate campaign of the left which can only further the divide in the nation today.

Newsmax reported on comments by author David Horowitz on the liberals’ support of Warren’s tirade:

We have in this country a large ‘hate-America left,'” Horowitz told Sean Hannity on Fox News. “It dovetails with the Democratic Party.


“It’s a party of hate.”


Horowitz said that the left’s vitriol has not fazed President Donald Trump.


“The great thing about Donald Trump is that he’s not intimidated by the attacks of the left,” he said. “We’re in the midst of one of the big witch hunts of American history.”

Horowitz went on to state the left’s attacks will continue to divide the country.

Instead of standing behind our new president for the good of the nation, the left can’t seem to get over their feeling of entitlement — and their temper tantrum that things didn’t go their way.

Newsmax reports on Horowitz’s comments:

The Alabama Republican was “defamed and slandered as a racist by Elizabeth Warren, who is making a career out of character assassination,” he said.


“The spirit of the whole Democratic Party looks on people that disagree with it as racist, sexist, homophobes, Islamophobes,” Horowitz added. “That’s why we can’t have a civil discussion in America anymore.”

It seems Elizabeth Warren is trying to mold herself into the next Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, the “party of hate” didn’t learn their lesson when Clinton went down in flames.

  • mackadoo

    Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren represents the very essence of the Democrat party. She is arrogant, hateful, phony, and psychologically unhinged. In other words the perfect person to represent the Democrats.


    Elizabeth Warren is a disgrace to the Commonwealth of Mass. She is so caught up with trying to destroy President Trump I wonder if she is paying attention to her job as a Senator. Is she really helping the people who she represents?

    • Michael Noone

      Elizabeth Warren is a disgrace to the human race. She typifies the basest of human traits; jealousy, dishonesty, greed, arrogance, lust for power, disloyalty, selfishness……(you can complete the list). She appeals to the lowest common denominator, which is to say, all progressives.