This State Just Became The Latest Threat To Big Labor

Since November of last year, newly-elected Republican leaders have worked tirelessly to bring justice and reform to hard working Americans.

Corrupt officials are facing their downfall under a new administration, and on both state and federal levels, change is sweeping the nation.

American workers have fought for their hard-earned paychecks, and have demanded their voices be heard.

And earlier this week, the state of Missouri became the latest to fight the shackles of Big Labor union bosses when its new Republican governor passed Right to Work into law, becoming the 28th state to protect worker freedom.

During his campaign to become the next governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens vowed to bring change to his constituents — and like President Trump, he is wasting no time ridding his state of legislation that punishes hard-working Americans.

Missouri legislators have tried to pass Right to Work in the state before but faced an uphill battle with their corrupt union-backed former governor, Jay Nixon.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute remarked on Nixon’s support of union bosses who lined his campaign coffers — even though he was facing the end of his gubernatorial reign due to term limits.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute reported:

“In the past legislative session, the Missouri House and Senate passed a right to work bill, but on June 4, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the legislation at the behest of union bosses. When he made his announcement, Governor Nixon was surrounded by members of the United Auto Workers union, which donated $50,000 to his campaign less than a week after the veto—even though the Governor is term-limited and has committed not to run for office again. Moreover, Nixon’s campaign coffers were full, with over $16 million through 2012, so it was not to pay off debt. Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder described the union donation and the Governor’s acceptance of it as “pay to play politics.”


Governor Nixon, in his veto announcement, trotted out union talking points about RTW, claiming: “This extreme measure would take our state backward, squeeze the middle-class, lower wages for Missouri families.” Yet, as experience in RTW states indicates, the legislation’s impact on Missouri would be the opposite of what the Governor claims. Expanding worker choice is far from extreme, research shows that RTW is economically advantageous, and polling shows the public widely supports the policy.”

States that have passed Right to Work legislation have seen economic growth with the opening of new factories and businesses, and a decline in unemployment.

And these states have seen investments increase and job security returning to the workforce in protecting the right to work freedom.

Though the Missouri legislature has been controlled by Republicans for years, former Governor Dixon fought tooth-and-nail to prevent passage of Right to Work in his state, vetoing several versions of the bill during his tenure.

Finally freed from Governor Nixon’s leadership, state Representatives reintroduced Right to Work legislation and now backed by Governor Greitens’ promise to stand behind them, Missouri workers are breathing a sigh of relief.

The Hill reports:

“The states that have passed [right-to-work laws] in the last few years have shown unemployment drop considerably, so I think this is a big deal for all Missouri working families,” said state Rep. Holly Rehder (R), the bill’s lead sponsor.


“I think that it’s not a silver bullet, but it’s definitely a tool in our toolbox now, and we can move on to some other things to make Missouri even more business-friendly.”


The new law is the culmination of decades of work by business groups and Missouri Republicans.

Union-backed lackeys in the state plan to fight to reverse the law.

The state AFL-CIO has filed with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office for an amendment to require workers to pay union dues to keep their jobs.

But for now, Missouri workers have won the battle against having to turn over part of their hard-earned paychecks just to keep their jobs.

And Governor Greitens and the Republican-controlled legislature are standing beside them all the way.

“We’ve seen the numbers, and according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, states that are right to work over the last decades have seen more job growth, more state GDP growth, and that’s what we’re about,” said one Republican legislator.



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