Trey Gowdy Just Revealed Obama’s Biggest Failure

What was Obama’s biggest Benghazi failure?

The secret has been hidden for years from the American public.

But thanks to Trey Gowdy, the truth has finally been revealed — and it’s even uglier than many feared.

The Benghazi Select Committee recently released their 800-page final report.

There were many jaw-dropping revelations in the document.

Americans learned that the administration was more worried that Libyans would be offended by the uniforms Marines wore than about ordering military assets to perform a rescue mission.

But one of the most shocking new developments in the scandal was the news that Barack Obama skipped his daily intelligence briefing the day after the attacks.

The Weekly Standard reports:

Among the many revelations that will emerge from the voluminous majority report of the Benghazi Select Committee when it is released Tuesday is this one: Barack Obama skipped his daily intelligence briefing one day after the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012. The president’s briefer handed a written copy of the presidential daily briefing to a White House usher and then briefed Jack Lew, who was then serving as White House Chief of Staff. But Obama, who sometimes avails himself of the oral briefing that is offered along with the written intelligence product, did not ask for such a briefing the day after the attacks on U.S. facilities in Libya.

That disclosure came during the Benghazi Committee’s transcribed interview with the executive coordinator of Obama’s presidential daily briefing (or PDB, for short), a veteran intelligence officer who rose through the ranks in Army intelligence and then the Defense Intelligence Agency before serving as the president’s top briefer. It is buried deep in the Committee’s report, in Appendix H — a 14-page examination of how that briefer came to include an assessment in the PDB that the Benghazi attacks were likely a planned attack and not a protest gone awry. It’s not unusual for Obama to skip his oral briefing, but his decision to pass on the PDB on September 12, 2012, will no doubt generate additional questions.

The White House has largely kept secret Obama’s whereabouts and activities during the Benghazi attacks.

And what did Obama do the next day?

He flew to Las Vegas for a campaign fundraiser.

This was known during the 2012 election.

Republican nominee Mitt Romney criticized him for the decision to campaign rather than attend to the tragedy.

Obama and the media brushed off the attacks.

But what we did not know then was just how disengaged Obama was from the event.

He blew off his intelligence briefing.

Did he not have time in his busy campaign schedule — or was he worried he would learn things he did not want to know?

Americans discovered in the final report that drone operators and survivors of the tragedy all knew immediately that it was a terrorist attack, and not the result of a protest over a YouTube video.

Was the information contained in the briefing?

And did ignoring the briefing give Obama the plausible deniability to shift blame from his failed policies to a protest gone wild?



153 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy Just Revealed Obama’s Biggest Failure

  1. notayuppie

    Obama’s entire presidency is a failure. That is his legacy; nothing would change it now. Since he insists on considering it successful the question is by what standard? If his intention was to deliberately damage America, then I guess he is.

    1. Gordon

      It was not a failure! It was what he wanted as soon as he was elected. And the sad part is, 50% of America thinks he has done a great job!

      1. marshmil

        Unfortunately the Nation has that 50% population of slave voters who depend on the other 50% working population for their upkeep.

        1. Gordon

          Most of the liberals are on the government dole, work for the government, didn’t finish high school, Illegals, can’t speak English, just out of high school or in collage, Don’t know who the governor of their state or their senators are, and do not have a clue how a representative Republic works. They don’t care if she is a criminal or lies when her lips move. The only hope are the republicans get it together and the independents get who she really is. Otherwise she will be our next president.

          1. Btty

            Unfortunately with the help of voter fraud she will get in as the Republicans continue to sit on their thumbs and twirl

          2. marshmil

            Those employees are there because it is hard to fire them. Most of them do vote Democrat.

          3. marshmil

            Fine Jake319. Now go cast your vote for the lier Hilldabeast. Ha. A lot of dead people voted Democrat in 2008 and 2012.

          4. Jake319

            I will and she will win. You conservatives are a minority in America . Soon republicans will be a foot note in the history depicted as name calling ninnies.

          5. Mike

            Jake: Are you willing to bet on that? I will bet your welfare check that she not only loses but she loses BIG. As for conservatives being in a minority, maybe you might want to check the roles, Dems are the minority, the ONLY reason they outnumber conservatives today is the illegal vote and the walking dead vote, other than that no one likes the direction the dems are going today. Socialism never was part of AMERICAN culture.

          6. Jake319

            Your mis informed mike. Obama won by 55% of the vote. Highest in modern times.
            The American culture? If you call a bunch of whinining people who don’t take responsibility for themselves an American culture. Then your on the losing end all the way around.

          7. Mike

            Typical liberal response, answer without research. Sorry but you are wrong again, maybe if you got off the couch, learned a skill and got a job instead of living off welfare you might get something right. If you really want to learn anything try learning about your own party before you say anything or just stay the hell off the internet.

          8. Jake319

            So Obama didn’t win the election twice?
            Your not even clever with your name calling and insinuations. Make me get off the Internet chump!

          9. Mike

            I did not say he did not win twice, I said that you as a moron does not know the facts. He did not set ANY records as you said. Do some research next time. I would love to meet you where ever. I have no problem with getting you off the internet. Idiots like you have no place here as all the respondents to your comments have shown.

          10. Jim Terio

            And “Democrats” will finally change the name to Amerikan Communist Party, and your worthless butt will be theirs. You are proof that you cannot cure stupid.

          11. Jim Terio

            Jake, I suggest you read up on Marx and Communism to see the one-for-one match-up of “Democrat” platform elements and Marxism. It might be an eye opener. By the way, nothing is more lame than some liberal-progressive-weenie without the brains to see what is happening. You are also living proof that you can’t cure stupid.

            You won’t like socialism unless you are one of the 47% takers and non-producers. And you mean to say Jake319 is NOT lame? lol.. lol. and more lol.

          12. Jake319

            So what’s happening Jim? Huh! The worlds going to end? Seriously, in the 1970’s. There were 1000 bombing a year in the US.
            Violent bank robberies happened 10 times more then now. I worked in a socialist country for 5 years. It was great! It can’t happen here because the conservatives would expect to have there entitlements to discriminate against any one they don’t approve of. I suppose your talking about Marx brothers because you
            Know nothing about anything..jim

          13. Mike

            My god, you really are a dumb ass aren’t you. Why did you not stay in the socialist country you say you worked in, I am sure they would be more welcoming than we are. How quick can you pack your bags.

          14. Jake319

            Im a democrate not a republican. So save your delusions for a conservative bigot.
            There are a lot of them, they even have a political party they call themselves republicans. They have some real guiable members.

          15. Jake319

            She lied… bush and Cheny lied. I don’t think so. Cheny had three servers 2 in his office and one in his home in Wyoming. The republican congress could not get him to turn over any of the data. Which was hacked by wiki leaks in 2006. Turned out he had top secret defense material iraq stratagies. Yeah Obama won by 55% in 2012. The biggest margin in history…lol

          16. stbaumsb9155

            compared obuma bush was smarter than Einstein, and had documents to prove he was an American and when and where he went to college!!! but why does obuma hide his and spend over 3 million dollars to keep them sealed!!! WTFU!!

          17. Jake319

            What is wrong with you? Your losing it.
            Is because your programmed by corporate media? Or are you just disappointed that you sucked at life?

          18. Donald H Sullivan

            Question: You think dead people vote Republican? Then why did Obama visit so many cemeteries around the country to thank those who voted for him? Explain that.

          19. Mike

            Sorry moron, you have it backwards, the Dems rely on the walking dead and illegals, why do you think they don’t want to show ID when they vote, most of their voters cannot get an ID or their ID expired when they did. Maybe you’re one of the voting illegals since you support them.

          20. voncile fullwood

            Jake you are so full of it take a nap and sleep it off until after the election,for what comes out of your mouth degrades the American people

          21. voncile fullwood

            no! that’s how the idiots got BHO in office fraud voting and dead people’s SS # and using illegals to come over ,now go cast your vote for the killer and crooked Hillary and you will be all set

          22. Aardvark

            Let’s not forget all the homeless people that were bused into other states to cast repeated votes for the Demonrats. Funded in part by George Soros.

          23. Jim Terio

            Jake319 – the year is 2016, Bush has not been president of 7+ years. Time to get you head outta your butt!

          24. Jake319

            She will be the next president and the republicans will lose the senate. America will rise again. Then you 15% can move out of the USA

          25. marshmil

            We’ll see. Hillary and Obama are chasing voters to Donald Trump now that the truth is getting out and that Blacks and former Mexicans are waking up.

          26. durabo

            Shrillary’s voice is so strident and raucous (nails on a blackboard) that it curdles milk — while it’s still IN THE COW.

          27. Gordon

            You are just a poor, lost, ignorant, narcissistic person who likes to support killing babies, hating God, and thinks satin is glorious!

          28. stbaumsb9155

            we need to remove people on welfare and food stamps and adc from voting IT’S A CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!!

          29. Jake319

            The big banks that get paid for running those programs are not going to let that Happen.
            Real American of you. But that’s how concservative think non American.

          30. marshmil

            Vote for Hillary. Switch to the system of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky and find out what the Russians proved to the world. You socialists just refuse to wake up.

          31. Buchanjx

            No Jake, research the meaning behind conservatives. Conservatives believe in helping one another however they also believe in back breaking work (if need be) when knocked down one pulls up their boot straps and keeps on going. If one needs help, that fine, however, it’s NOT meant to be made a life career hand out/paycheck. America was not built on handouts, but with dirt & sweat. Just how can we rid this deficit or at least stop the climbing of it, when no one is paying taxes to support the handouts only receiving them? You’re way of thinking is just greasing the wheels and the wheels get deeper & deeper in the mud.

          32. marshmil

            That is correct stbaumsb9155. The non-contributing members of the population should not be allowed to vote. They contribute little to nothing yet want all the benefits. That’s a conflict of interest absolutely.

          33. Jake319

            You must have missed it. The republicans got together and started a war. $7trillion wasted or stolen. Now you want the republicans to get together again? Obama paid down $3trillion of their mess. Hillary will fix the economy once she has a democratic congress.

          34. marshmil

            And Obama has arranged a national debt bigger than the debts combined of all the other Presidents.

          35. Jake319

            I’ll say it slow for ya. He doesn’t spend the money. Congress does. Obama inherited bush’s war debt. Because the republican congress of 2002-2006 never put that money in the annual budget. $5trillion plus intrest.
            They just used the continuing resolution to fund the war and passed the debt on to the next generation.

          36. Gordon

            It’s always going to be Bush’s fault. 100 years from now poor Obummer just could not take charge and fix the country. AND IF HILLARY GETS IN FOR 8 YEARS IT WILL STILL BE BUSH’S FAULT. Just ask any liberal! It was the republicans fault. Liberals are perfect. Hillary Lies about Bengasi;
            Clinton Cash;
            Clinton Foundation;
            Hillary changing her book? What do you know!
            Dolly Kyle 6/8/16;
            Full Documentary;

          37. Joseph Carrilho

            The congress is nothing but castrated eunuchs and has been for at least a generation.
            They do what they’re told to do.

          38. Buchanjx

            That is so true, what was it Nancy Pol-stupid said “We’re just going to pass it (Obama healthcare) and then see what’s inside”

          39. Aardvark

            Oh, you mean like Obama passing on the 19 Trillion in debt to the next SEVERAL generations! I’m no fan of Bush, but Obama is so much worse in so many ways, and Hilliar is even more experienced at the lying and corruption.
            You are right about one thing: The establishment Republicans may end up a footnote in history if they don’t start following through on their conservative promises. Conservatives are fed up with all the Rino’s in congress.

          40. stbaumsb9155

            WTF America was 7 trillion in debt when that imposter obuma took office and now we are 19.5 trillion in debt!!! he raised the debt more than all the previous presidents combined!!!!

          41. Joseph Carrilho

            The so called national debt was about 10 trillion when Obummer got elected – now it’s almost 20 trillion.
            Did you skip, or flunk, reading’ writtin’ and RITHMETIC?

          42. Jake319

            Get spell check! No you didn’t add the intrest and the Iraq holy wars we lost. The truth is none of the war on terrorism was included in any annual budget during the rein of GW bush it came due in 2009. You republicans are brain washed.
            They didn’t teach you math at the Christian charter school?

          43. Buchanjx

            Jake the ones you are backing are KILLING the Christian way of life! Watch what you say or they’ll dam you thinking you are a Christian. They can dam me, I am a proud Christian and know the way they are turning away from our Christian foundation and the foundation our fore-fathers built this country on …. geeze just how old are you? I can see how much America has changed in just my life time. America has already turned close to 150 degrees away from our Constitution it only has about 30 more degrees to go and these rights you have will be gone! Watch what you say and type. They’ll get you off the Internet/computer. Hell there probably won’t be an Internet! At least not free one, all censored and blocked!

          44. Bob Taylor

            You must be using some of the government fuzzy math if you cannot realize that the 19 trillion owed today is greater than the 10 owed 7 years ago. It may be true that Obama paid in 3 trillion but spent 12 trillion ask your Mother to show you how to subtract.

          45. Jake319

            Hey, you know less about the national debt them you do about America. But , that is par for conservatives. They have to be told what to say and think. That’s why conservatives make good nazi’s

          46. Bob Taylor

            OK try this for size. Then if you still think I am wrong contact the SS and ask them. Since you seem to think you are the expert on America how long have you served her?

            Debt Held by Federal Accounts

            Debt held by federal accounts is not considered public debt – it is the amount of money that the Treasury has borrowed from itself. That may sound funny, but it means that the Treasury borrows surplus money from one trust fund and gives it to another trust fund. For example, the Treasury might borrow money from Social Security to finance current government spending in another area. At a later date, the government must pay that borrowed money back. Federal accounts currently hold 28% of the national debt.

            (Note: The Federal Reserve is not counted as “debt held by federal accounts” because the Federal Reserve is considered independent of the federal government). In other words it is a private company running our country’s finances.

            The U.S. debt is more than $19 trillion. Most headlines focus on how much the U.S. owes China, which is one of the largest foreign owners. Fewer people know that the Social Security Trust Fund, aka your retirement money, owns most of thenational debt. How does that work, and what does it mean?

            On August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act . It created a program to pay an income to retired workers (65 or older). The funds for Social Security came from payroll taxes, known as FICA. The Social Security Trust Fund was established in 1937 to manage the income collected from these taxes so they could be redistributed as Social Security Income.

            Since then, the Trust Fund has received more in income than it’s paid out in benefits. That’s because of America’s demographics. Until recently, there were 2.9 workers for every beneficiary. More money has gone into the fund via payroll taxes than has gone out as benefits. Thanks to those decades of surplus income, the Fund had $2.7 trillion in invested assets as of 2014. (Source: 2015 Annual Report, Table 1)

            It’s also been because of tax hikes and adjustments to benefits. In 1977, the payroll tax rate was raised from 6.45% to 7.65%. The Trust Fund has held a surplus since then. (Source: Social Security History)

            The Fund also receives interest income from its investments in “special issue” securities. The rate of return is determined by a formula enacted in 1960, and it changes each month. The average rate for each month in 2014 was 2.271%. However, the average rate for all Fund assets ($2.6 trillion) was higher, 3.358%, because the fund still holds bonds from past years when interest rates were higher.(Source: Social Security Administration, Fund FAQ)

            Now for some fancy math:

            In 2011, the situation worsened. The Fund’s total costs were $736.1 billion, including $725 billion directly paid in benefits. However, its income from taxes and investments was only $702.4 billion. The Fund required $102.1 billion from the General Fund, making it the first year the Fund contributed to the budget deficit.

            My math must be bad if I take the total costs of 736.1 and subtract my income of 702.4 that leaves me short some 33.7 which could have come from the 2.6 trillion. But our government took 102 billion from the general fund and charged it off to SS. If that is their math it is no wonder we are short money.

            I know a bit about SS because I am drawing on it and have been for over 16 years. That after serving for 18 years in the Army before becoming disabled in Vietnam. If you would like I can give you some information about other Dem officials. Much of it first hand.

          47. Jake319

            Yup, she will be even if you get all your inbred republican Knuckle drawers to vote twice.

        2. Awaitingtherapture

          Exactly !!!! I fear that we have now surpassed the 50 % level, and if that is true, we are screwed.
          The EVIL we defeated in WWII did not go away.
          it just patiently stepped back and realized the American family was too Godly and strong. So it went to work and infiltrated our education system.
          We were defeated before we even realized we were in a battle.

          1. marshmil

            Thank you Awaiting. I too am awaiting and looking forward to my own “Translation.” Satan never rests. That evil being was in the famous Garden. He challenged God about Job. Then He entered a Middle Easterner in the 600s CE and created an evil cult with its own false prophet. The world has put up with that crap for close to 1400 years.

          2. Awaitingtherapture

            YES, the God honoring family unit of ONE MAN & ONE WOMAN, whose children learned the LORDS PRAYER and the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE in grade schools defeated EVIL in WWII. But now, our schools have pumped out scum like you for so long, that we are indeed a failed nation.

          3. Awaitingtherapture

            Thanks for the info. People like him have already sealed their fate, and nothing you or I could say will change their eternal destination. Only the Holy Spirit has the chance of softening his hardened heart. God Bless you and yours.
            Look forward to meeting you in the RAPTURE.

          4. marshmil

            Same here. Some have opted to reject the Supreme Creative Intelligence of Heaven and Earth for their own “omniscience” ???. We open the door and invite them in. They say, “No thanks” and walk away. I can see them after the Second Resurrection at the Last Judgement begging, “Yes, but I…..”
            then the Judge says, “Depart from Me. I never knew you.” Then they gather at a poolside party where they should have brought thick asbestos swimsuits.

          5. Awaitingtherapture

            God, and our constitution gave you the freedom of choice.
            If you choose to go to hell for all eternity, by all means, do so. If you believe the Bible, and follow John 3:16, you can avoid hell and enjoy Heaven. Again, you are free to choose.

          6. Jake319

            Oh, the robot nation. It ain’t happening.
            Failed nation? When did that happen.

            The only failure in America is you bible trumpets crying over the lose of .your white entitlement..
            You and all the bigoted conservative can’t compete with the rest of the world. Your solution of killing everybody that doesn’t agree with your religion or what ever paranoid fear of the month conservatives come up with. You are the new minority. Your grandchildren will be marginalized and pushed on to FEMA camps…lol

          7. Awaitingtherapture

            Tell me of one, JUST ONE, city, community, or country that is run by the black man that isn’t in ruins.

            Enter crickets chirping. chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp.

            Want to learn the truth about who took care of the black man in this country. check out this site. IF YOU DARE.


            A Short History of Democrats, Republicans, and Racism

          8. Awaitingtherapture

            Hey Jake. Still waiting for you to name one country, or city , or even a community, ANYWHERE in the world that is run by the black man that is not in ruins. One where it is peaceful and prosperous.
            How about Detroit ? NOT !
            How about Baltimore ? NOT !
            How about Chicago ? NOT !
            How about Africa, NOT !
            How about Somali, NOT !
            On and on and on and on.
            STILL WAITING,

          9. Jake319

            Well you have removed all doubt that your a bigot…congratulations
            I can triple the list of cities in the US and double cities in europe that are run by white men that are as broke as you.
            So what’s your point? Oh ya you can’t make a point unless your disparaging Americans and the country. You can stop waiting bigot go back to hating every one.

          10. Awaitingtherapture

            Must really suck to be you. Since you can’t name one place in the entire world that the black man is in control and is a good place to live. WOW !
            I think if my race had that problem, and I was black, I would not go around making racist remarks about whitey or their religion.
            But then that is what a logical man would do.
            Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to.
            Sad thing is, the black race was BEGINNING to make progress by the 60’s, THEN President Johnson all but sentenced them to eternal slavery on the Democratic Plantation.

          11. Jake319

            Cultural maxism ?
            If you watch it carefully all you have to do is substitute Marxism for Christianity. That will explain the suckers that are the republican party.

          12. Awaitingtherapture

            Thank you so much for the link. Just finished watching it.
            I have stored the address in my documents to share with as many of my friends and relatives as possible.
            it should be required study in all levels of education.

        3. Jake319

          Every working person is paying taxes knot head. You buy anything! your paying 6% in most states up to 10% in sales taxes. People making $32000/yr are paying 28% income tax. Because the tea party congress removed all deductions over the past 4 years for us working folk. We have no deductions. To itemize they raised that too $6100 and redefinied what you can itemize. So everybody paying income taxes unless you make $500,000/yr. or more. Trump hadn’t paid taxes since the reagan administration. But he gets secret service protection, uses the airports, drives on the roads we pay for. 98% of us are the slaves or sucks which ever you prefer.

          1. marshmil

            You obviously have a problem with people who are successful. Now when are you going to unload your hate on Hillary who it is just been determined by the FBI that she mishandled government secret data? By federal government regulations she does not qualify for secrecy clearance. FACT. It was determined by the FBI. For a documented lier to take the Oath for the Presidency would be the greatest joke of world history.

          2. Jake319

            Successesful people? Ya I do . There is no such thing as a successful person in america. You have trash that inherits a fortune, break laws, pay no taxes. Conservatives are the same as the treasonist loyalist of the revolutionary war. They want a king to bow to, tell them how to think.

          3. marshmil

            Suggestion Jake319. Go take some 101 classes in civility. It will greatly improve your image here.

          4. Gordon

            You are really dumb!
            The Clintons think they can do anything they want and they are immune to prosecution, they are criminals and pathological liars! Liberal blindness is despicable!
            Hillary Lies about Bengasi;
            Clinton Foundation;
            Hillary changing her book? What do you know!
            Dolly Kyle 6/8/16;
            Clinton Cash;
            Full Documentary;

        4. Jake319

          Everybody pays taxes. Except corporations. Republicans have gutted the education system with there private charter schools over the last 30 years. That’s why your still living in your mothers basement.

          1. marshmil

            Ha! You missed again. I’ve lived in my own home for several decades. Love it. BTW it is
            “you’re” not your. You get an “F”
            today in English grammar.

      2. BOC

        No, that’s reality. Just ask the rest of the world leaders who rated him the top leader of the free world.

    2. SDofAZ

      BO’s views are those of an arrogant narcissistic sociopath. Reality or truth are not in his makeup. He has his own delusion of his legacy and his achievements. Really a hallmark sociopath personality! Delusional traitor!

    3. Jake319

      What standard do you hold the tea party congress too?
      One thing that congress did was raise their pay and cut the days they work down 84 days a year. Now that is a legacy republicans won’t talk about in the

      1. marshmil

        I did not know we have a “tea party” Congress. I’m sure the Democrats did not turn down a pay raise and reduction in number of work days. Gotcha!

    4. Roger

      Well, actually, his legacy, if he succeeds, is that he fundamentally changed America from a freedom loving Christian country to a Muslim hating country.

  2. Angel Lynn


    IF YOU ARE AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT YOU SHOULD WANT TO DO THAT ALL THE TIME! Obama has gone on apology tours, when they are now asking where are we? WE SHOULD NOT APOLOGIZE FOR BEING THE WORLD’S LEADER ON GENEROSITY? OR IS IT. BEING CHRISTTIAN?? Hmmmmmm? Because the christian genocide goal was met! The chicago political group Obama was associated with in Chicago before he became president protested with signs to inilate Israel?? Now, Iran deal would give Obama an easy hand to Iran to get that done!

    What Obama and Hillary have gotten away with, One Hillary building concrete tunnels for her friend hamas palestinian , again against Israel,terrorist where her assistant Huma Abedin is from, without congressional oversight is absolutely astounding! NOT TO MENTION HILLARY INJECTING HERSELF INTO ANOTHER COUNTRIES ELECTION FORCING THE OUTCOME IN EGYPT SO HER muslim brotherhood friend would win, and when he did, the Egyptians HUNG HIM IN THE STREET, Hillary even had the group Pink there from the US. This should also be on her list of convictions!

    At the same time, Hillary influences popular singers and movie stars to start flash mobs to boycott Israel products to convince them to give up their land as the Palestinians refuse to talk yet send misses endlessly!!


  3. Chuck Rolando

    The family of the people killed in Benghazi should be sueing oboma for murder,if we can sue a gun manufacturer for selling a gun hold them responsible why can’t we hold oboma responsible for murder the scum bag muslim terrorist

  4. B.k. Johnson


      1. Gordon

        Jake You are so dumb. Do you know how many times Obummer threatened to shut down the government if congress did not give him more money to fund his projects? 6 times. You are not fit to live in a country like this. I think you should finish grade school before you can vote,

  5. Mike Knox

    Please don’t go praising Mr. Gowdy. He had the chance to defy the Liberal Media, call a press conference, and make CLEAR That the Administration was at fault for the deaths of US citizens in Benghazi, But – and I HEARD him say this- his sound bite was I did the bidding of Speaker Boehner & Speaker Ryan… ” So no, Mr Gowdy exposed NOTHING… all he did was give Hillary a pass… just like Comey did… these guys are either blackmailed or are craven cowards.(or both)

    1. Vern Steinhoff

      You are correct, most of the politicians are corrupt as Hillary. Get your guns ready, it is our only hope.

    2. Caroline

      And, he looked sooo scared at the Committee hearing last hear. The glare from her really frightened him. We are turning into a Banana Republic. So sad.

      1. Mike Knox

        That is a possibility. And that’s how far we’ve fallen from our Founding Fathers. Each one signed their name, knowing that if the Revolution failed, they would be executed by The Crown. GIVE ME LIBERTY or GIVE ME DEATH but it looks like that kind of bravery is sadly out of fashion nowadays.

  6. Richard Bagenstose

    so now we know what we new all along, as hillary would say at this point what’s it matter , i don’t see anyone getting arrest and charged for there stupidity and corruption , why waste the money to investigate if you ain’t going to follow threw and bring charges against these criminals, moths ago i thought gowdy was a go to guy , but then as things dragged out i found out he wasn’t, same old song and dance , and then to sugar coat the report like he did really sucks

  7. ReaperHD

    Less than 6 months and this NIGGRO is done and then maybe will meet his just desert as to what he has coming to him.

  8. Shagnasty1

    “Americans discovered in the final report that drone operators and
    survivors of the tragedy all knew immediately that it was a terrorist
    attack, and not the result of a protest over a YouTube video.”

    Those of us who are aware of what’s going on in the world figured it out immediately. Those who watch inane TV or we see interviewed by Mark Dice still don’t have a clue.

  9. Dane

    The FBI just announced that they have no proof of Hillary’d wrongdoings. Another coverup and another part of government that cannot be trusted, the FBI.

  10. Cliff Robinson

    You notice how all the links at the bottom of this page return 404’s (page not found). I won’t be surprised if it was at the behest of Obama, Hillary or one of their cronies. If it’s because of server problems, then get your act together “Conservative Revival” – I want to read those articles.

  11. Diane

    Why should he bother to look at the briefing? He already knew exactly what happened because he help plan the attack with Egypt’s then Muslim Brotherhood Leader Morsi. It was supposed to be a kidnapping of AMB. Stevens so they could trade him for the Blind Sheikh in New York but the two Seals showed up and killed 60 of the terrorist and pissed them off so they killed Stevens instead because they thought they had been set up! You can bet Obama was on the phone with Morsi the whole time the attack was happening. They have audio of men running towards the attack saying, “don’t shoot, we’re from Morsi”. Egypt’s Leader now, El Sisi who was the military Leader in Egypt then told Egypt’s newspapers that he had the papers showing Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood member but our fake media wouldn’t report what he said.

  12. annefarrelly

    Look at the bright side: Hillary should be easier to defeat than Biden! Let’s not screw it up this time, vote Trump!

  13. Reg Dahl

    Any MAN who understands understands irresponsibility! Same applies to courage and cowardice! HOW can anyone can TRUST a man or (president) who does NOT UNDERSTAND HIS OWN ROLE!

  14. Gail

    He probably was too potted up or with his lover Ron E . Right after this is when Ron was sent to Chicago

  15. Tom

    Obama has NEVER produced a legitimate birth certificate. Forensic document experts(plural) have stated the phony birth certificate numerous type styles. Obama can never be considered a president of the United States.

  16. oat21

    What I’d like to know is why he was never Impeached or why there was never an attempt to impeach him. Can anyone give a rational explanation? Nixon was a saint compared to this POTUS!!!!

  17. Chris Rasmussen

    Wow! To hear anyone work up the gall to call Obama a “failure” after the fiasco of George W. Bush defies comprehension. Bush demonstrably and verifiably lied to launch an unnecessary war which cost us over 2000 American lives on his watch and left most of the 21000 injured with permanent handicaps.

    Bush planted the US with Iran and China in saying torture is acceptable, entered office with a $260 billion surplus courtesy of Clinton and left Obama with a $455 billion deficit, two wars and an economy in free-fall… which *somehow* now gets the FOX revisionist fantasy of being Obama’s fault. Really?!?

    I have very strong issues with Obama, primarily for following in Bush’s footsteps and renewing the disastrous tax breaks for the wealthy – did you or I see any of it? He also followed Bush by further strengthening the Constitutionally questionable Homeland Security Act – extending warrant-free spying on American citizens, and icing the cake by ignoring whistleblower complaints and siding with business 100% of the time. Sounds downright Republican, right? So what’s the problem?

  18. stbaumsb9155

    he nothing more that an illegal undocumented fraudulent criminal usurper who should be tried for his crimes and fraud then shot by firing squad and have hillary sit on his lap at the same time!!!

  19. Thomas Goss

    I just wish that , that ILLEGAL LYING MUSLIM HALF BREED ASSHOLE SON OF A BITCH Obama would suffer the same fate a Chris Stevens. AND I WISH IT WOULD BE TODAY.

  20. JCLincoln

    How disappointing Trey Gowdy has left us. This could even have been a springboard to higher positions……but not now. Rather, he may even lose his seat this Fall. “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”

  21. ImAPepper1942

    “No-bama can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but he cannot fool all the people all the time.”

  22. Wcgraybill

    They both Obama and lynch are nothing more than liers that soon will end as Donald Trump will be our next president and will attempt to undo the bad things they Obama and lynch have done to America.

  23. Joseph Carrilho

    I encourage everyone to watch the film “Hitlery’s America” and learn the truth about the democratic party. I hope democrats will watch this and learn about just how badly they have been betrayed.

  24. driver

    Obama probably wasnt interested in the breifing as he probably helped plan the attack and knew all about it already..see judicial watch..homeland security , through a contractor called g5s, is taking 80% of border crossing illegals, straight from the mex/usa border, to arizona where your tax dollars buy them a bus ticket to wherever they want to papers, no id..border control cant stop it, ..we are in deep trouble america, and the present govt is responsible

  25. Bob Taylor

    Obama passed on the briefing for one reason…it gave him plausible denial if the Congress had the guts to do anything about it.They didn’t so he did not need to use it. So, he continued with the cover story of a video was the reason.

  26. durabo

    During the Benghazi crisis, Mullah Hussein was in bed, resting so he could join Beyoncé in Las Vegas for a fundraiser. It was a matter of priorities, y’know? What a despicable mongrel!

  27. Genevieve

    Obama is also just as much responsible as Hillary. They both make me sick to my stomach for leaders of this country who just don’t care of anything but themselves. Trump would never do what these two did.Trump 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. GrumpyGrandpa

    When he looks like a rat-bastard, stutters like a rat-bastard and runs down America like a rat-bastard, then I believe he IS a rat-bastard!

  29. stick

    Obama failed and Killery ignored the pleas for help. Killery you want to be our commander-in-chief? I don’t think so, KILLER. Oh!! Hillary by the way, No Matter what you think of Trump, He wasn’t to blame for this. Just YOU and YOUR faulty LEADER.

  30. stick

    I do not choose to be a common man.
    It is my right to be uncommon. I seek opportunity to develop whatever
    talents God gave me — security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen,
    humbled and dulled by having the state look after me.
    I want to take the calculated risk to dream and to build, to fail and to
    I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the
    guaranteed existence, the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of utopia.
    I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. I
    will never cower before any earthly master noe bend to any threat.
    It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act
    for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creation and to face the world boldly
    and say, “This, with God’s help, I have done.”
    All this is what it means to be an American.
    “An American’s Creed” Written by Dean Alfange in 1952
    We have become lazy and to comfortable in our own zone,!! thus forgetting who we are.
    We cannot be beaten from the outside, however if we lose our freedom we
    destroy ourselves. Abraham Lincoln

  31. ricktenny

    When Dwight Eisenhower was made the Supreme Allied Commander of all Africa and Europe Forces, the first thing he had to do was asses his Generals. Why had the war been bogged down in Africa? He started replacing them if he felt they had lost or never had in the first place, the will to fight and win. When he was done we were out of Africa and knocking on the Nazis door in relatively short order.
    When I think of Barack Obama, I think of him in the same light as some of the old time Generals Ike replaced. Our President doesn’t have the stomach for a fight. He won’t commit or allow our Generals to fight to win. I wish Ike was still around. He would jerk Obama’s ass up and out in a heartbeat.

  32. Mike O'Mara

    What, if anything, was the successful part of the Obama/Clinton handling and cover up of Benghazi. We had an tortured, Raped and murdered. Back in the days when we were considered a nation that would have been an act of war. When Japan threatend our Ambasador we went into the harbor with a fleet and gave them a few hours to correct the situation or be destroyed. If we were a world class power with real leaders that is what would have happend this time too.

  33. Kris Kohler

    I’ve always pinned the blame on this guy as much as on the Secretary. He appointed her in the first place knowing she was inept and corrrupt. Both behaved predictably in the face of crisis.

  34. draftsman69

    He could’ve cared less what the impact of the attack was. He wanted our military assets and abilities in the region to be deteriorated. That was his intent in the first place. He does not care about what is in the best interest of this nation. He doesn’t want the US to be in control of anything anywhere at any time. He is a traitor to the American people. He is a spy to this nation in disguise as it’s Commander in chief.

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