Trey Gowdy Just Shut Down This Liberal Reporter

The Benghazi Select Committee just released their final report.

So the liberal media is working overtime to delegitimize their investigation.

When the press put their plan into action by asking Trey Gowdy a loaded question, he gave an answer which stunned everyone.

The Clinton campaign has sought to destroy the credibility of the Benghazi Committee by accusing their investigation of being nothing but a partisan witch hunt intended to damage Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

And because Clinton’s campaign has been the pursuers for that narrative, the liberal press follows suit by reporting the Benghazi Committee’s work as tainted and as an attempt to fool the minds of the American public.

Following the Committee’s detailed account of their findings, a reporter thought he could back Committee Chairmen, Trey Gowdy, into a corner by asking him – in an accusatory manner – whether the catch phrase “Clinton lied and people died” seen all across America on T-shirts and bumper stickers was the inference of the final report.

But Gowdy immediately turned the tables.

The Blaze reports on the exchange:

“There are bumper stickers and T-shirts all over this country that say ‘Hillary Clinton lied, people died’… is that true?” the reporter asked.

“You don’t see that T-shirt on me, and you don’t see that bumper sticker on any of my vehicles,” Gowdy fired back. “And you’ve never heard me comment on that.”

“Could you shed light on that?” the reporter pressed.

“Have you read it?” Gowdy asked.

“I haven’t had time yet,” the reporter replied.

“Well, I’m asking you to read it,” Gowdy answered.

Throughout the press conference, Gowdy repeatedly encouraged the American public to read the lengthy report and to draw their own conclusions based on the committee’s findings.

“I’m not gonna tell you what to be on the look out for. I’m gonna tell you there’s new information,” he said.”

The reporter then revealed himself as a political hatchet man.

But just why did he ask such a politically charged question if he hasn’t read the report?

Critics claim the answer lies in the fact that the Committee’s report blasts Hillary and other Obama administration officials for not preparing for the risks involved with securing our consulate in Benghazi.

The 800-page document could severely damage Clinton’s campaign – so the liberal press has to go into full spin mode.

Inquiring about bumper stickers had nothing to do with informing the public about the work of the committee.

The question was only asked in the hopes that Gowdy would slip up and give an answer which the press could paint as partisan.

Then they could weave their webs about the “vast rightwing conspiracies” who are denying Hillary Clinton the White House.

But not only did Gowdy not take the bait, he once again proved he is not to be played for a fool.

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