Trey Gowdy Just Shut Down This Liberal Reporter

The Benghazi Select Committee just released their final report.

So the liberal media is working overtime to delegitimize their investigation.

When the press put their plan into action by asking Trey Gowdy a loaded question, he gave an answer which stunned everyone.

The Clinton campaign has sought to destroy the credibility of the Benghazi Committee by accusing their investigation of being nothing but a partisan witch hunt intended to damage Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

And because Clinton’s campaign has been the pursuers for that narrative, the liberal press follows suit by reporting the Benghazi Committee’s work as tainted and as an attempt to fool the minds of the American public.

Following the Committee’s detailed account of their findings, a reporter thought he could back Committee Chairmen, Trey Gowdy, into a corner by asking him – in an accusatory manner – whether the catch phrase “Clinton lied and people died” seen all across America on T-shirts and bumper stickers was the inference of the final report.

But Gowdy immediately turned the tables.

The Blaze reports on the exchange:

“There are bumper stickers and T-shirts all over this country that say ‘Hillary Clinton lied, people died’… is that true?” the reporter asked.

“You don’t see that T-shirt on me, and you don’t see that bumper sticker on any of my vehicles,” Gowdy fired back. “And you’ve never heard me comment on that.”

“Could you shed light on that?” the reporter pressed.

“Have you read it?” Gowdy asked.

“I haven’t had time yet,” the reporter replied.

“Well, I’m asking you to read it,” Gowdy answered.

Throughout the press conference, Gowdy repeatedly encouraged the American public to read the lengthy report and to draw their own conclusions based on the committee’s findings.

“I’m not gonna tell you what to be on the look out for. I’m gonna tell you there’s new information,” he said.”

The reporter then revealed himself as a political hatchet man.

But just why did he ask such a politically charged question if he hasn’t read the report?

Critics claim the answer lies in the fact that the Committee’s report blasts Hillary and other Obama administration officials for not preparing for the risks involved with securing our consulate in Benghazi.

The 800-page document could severely damage Clinton’s campaign – so the liberal press has to go into full spin mode.

Inquiring about bumper stickers had nothing to do with informing the public about the work of the committee.

The question was only asked in the hopes that Gowdy would slip up and give an answer which the press could paint as partisan.

Then they could weave their webs about the “vast rightwing conspiracies” who are denying Hillary Clinton the White House.

But not only did Gowdy not take the bait, he once again proved he is not to be played for a fool.



127 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy Just Shut Down This Liberal Reporter

  1. Lauretta A Tate

    Trey Gowdy can hold his own with anybody. He would be a great server of the country if he would be Trump’s choice for Attorney General. Then after that run for the Presidency. I would have voted for him this time around had he run. Robert Tate

    1. voncile fullwood

      either Attorney General or The Speaker of the House…many people asked him to run for President but he declined

      1. Jake319

        Because trey has an sex crime in his record. But most of the republican politicians are petafiles and drunks

        1. RETROBOB

          If only you had resisted the urge to type, people would not have had a clue just how ignorant you are, but no, you had to put fingers to keyboard and let the world know the depths of your stupidity.

          1. Matthew V. Brown

            As you know, Bob, there is a difference between being “ignorant” (which can be addressed with more accurate information) and being “invincibly ignorant” (if you have not run across this term, find a Roman Catholic who will be glad to explain the concept), which actually has a moral quality about it. All indications seem to point to the fact that Jake319 is not only “invincibly ignorant”, but, given his posts, seems to take pride in it.

          2. Crystal

            Liberals seem to take pride in all things that an intelligent person would have the decency to be ashamed of!

          3. Matthew V. Brown

            letsroll, you make a good distinction. The use of the word “fool” in the Bible always ascribed moral lack to the one being identified a “fool”. Being a fool is not just a mental state. It is a moral predicament.

          4. marshmil

            “Fool” as per the Jewish Hebrew Scripture makes reference to an atheist. “A fool says in his heart, ‘There is no god'”.
            And lest the atheists scream discrimination just be advised we have April first annually as “ALL FOOLS DAY”.

          5. marshmil

            Thank you lets roll. Jake319 and his progressive cronies are all useful idiots who support the likes of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Josef Stalin. They know nothing about the history behind the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

          6. marshmil

            Matthew you are on the right track but your level of comprehension and processing of information is way above that of progressives in general and of Jake319 specifically.
            The proof is blatantly demonstrated by their support of a power hungry lier who has compromised national security and allowed the murder of four Americans in Libya. Hillary Clinton wants a United States Banana Republic with herself seated on God’s Throne ruling over a mass of useful idiots concerned only about their individual entitlements.

          7. scoop

            There is an rare disease that Jake seems to have acquired, Assafacia. It was discovered many years ago in a long list of Democrat Presidents. Due to the identical appearance of their mouths and their anal orifice, their stomachs did not know which way to go!

          8. nicholsda

            We still don’t know the depths of his stupidity. I’m sure if he sticks around we may get a clue though. I’m betting that the above was just the surface of it. 😉

        2. marshmil

          Let facts be presented to a candid world! NOW! Post facts about the slanderous statement you just made. We are waiting……. And learn the difference between the use of “a” and “an” and also explain what a “petafile” is…a person who loves pets?

          1. marshmil

            So you caught on armyaafa. Good for you. Take care. (I don’t think Jake319 will.)

          2. David Keith

            25+ years in Information Technology.

            A ‘petafile’ is a file that is in size at least one petabyte. 😉

          1. Matthew V. Brown

            Oh, don’t call him an ass. An ass can actually be a rather gentle being. Calling Jake319 an “ass” is an insult to asses everywhere.

        3. armyaafa

          and Eloi / Sheeple democraps are perfect? Look at slick willy,,, Tried and convicted of being a LIAR,, and speaking of drunks – Ted Kennedy,,, yer kiddin right??? drove off a freakin bridge, killing an innocent girl, and of course,, nuthin happened

          1. Matthew V. Brown

            Thanks for the allusion to H. G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” (which I happen to be watching presently).

          1. Ron Myers

            You are right, but it goes like this, “It is better to be still, and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubts.”

        4. mnesdpre

          It has been proven, not just accused, that three presidents cheated on their wives, Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Clinton. All Democrats.

        5. Ron Myers

          What about the Clintons and the Kennedy;s, especially, “TED Kennedy” and their Kids, who were drunks or drugies

        6. Matthew V. Brown

          Trey has “an” sex crime “in” his record? Not surprisingly, I found nothing in my research to support that. And if that were true, his Democratic opponents would be shouting it from the rooftops. And “most” Republican politicians are “petafiles” (you may need to explain that to me; the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not include “petafiles”) and “drunks”? I don’t know many Democrats who are tee-totalers. Of course, there was Bill Clinton, who famously “didn’t inhale’ (I believed that about as much as when he said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”) and Barry Soetero, er…Barack Obama who definitely DID inhale. Does the phrase “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” ring a bell? Nah, probably not.

          1. David Stewart

            Harry Reid proved it; shout a lie at the right time and the election will be over before you get caught out!

        7. Cass Moret

          Jake did you go to school? Did you study English?
          Trey, not trey
          has a sex crime, not has an sex crime
          Republican, not republican
          pedophile, not petafile
          And what evidence do you have for these three serious allegations?

        8. Dennis Dumas

          Ok fool, you can’t make an accusation like that without providing the proof! So where is it, just because you say it does not make it true. So present verifiable, proven facts backing your claim, or shut the hell up!!!

        9. craig

          Spoken like a True Obamabot Idiot/Lyin CrooKilary Moron!! No doubt Drunk when u wrote it,or need to study English,Wow!! I would bet that u support slick willie IMPEACHED pres,Sexual Abuser of Young Girls,while Old HAG KILLARY attacks his Victims!! So those are the Ilk u support jakie!!??

        10. Pete

          Watch what you say Jerk I mean Jake, there are many Trey Gowdy’s out there I suggest you google the na,e befoere you say somethng friggin stupid again

        11. Steve R

          Let me help you, Jake. It would be “a” sex crime, not “an” sex crime. It would be “on” his record, not “in” his record. And the term is “pedophile”, not “petafile”. When you vote do you sign in with an “X”?

        12. Matthew V. Brown

          Jake319, where have you found this information about Trey Gowdy having a sex crime in his record. I haven’t been able to run down that information. And most republicans keep files on PETA? Interesting.

      2. SouthernPatriot

        Trey has expressed hope to return to South Carolina and retire wit his grandchildren nearby. I think that is his dream, but I think he can be persuaded to accept a cabinet position or similar.

        1. james.m.heller

          I wold be a shame to loose a great leader to retirement, Can we move the White House to South Carolina? I understand thought I love the Carolina’s that is form a Damn Yankee

        2. NannyB

          I think he is terrific but I must muse at his hair and now his facial hair. They make fun of Trump…look at Mr. Gowdy! I am always eager to see what style he is going to present next. Some are actually quite bizarre! But he is sharp as a tack for sure!!

    2. Jake319

      Trey howdy is a drunk and a petfile. 800 pages and $200 million wasted. Hillary bitch slapped the conservatives again and again. Your republican politicians are out matched..

      1. Larry R. Miller

        Hey Jake, if you want to impress anyone with your brilliance, you could at least learn to spell. I’ve read lots of research that states people who can’t spell are usually far below average in intelligence. Sorry Jake, if intelligence is too long a word for you, you might recognize I.Q.

        1. Matthew V. Brown

          Well, Larry, as the old saw goes, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” Jake319 seems to have the “bullshit” thing down pat, but what baffles me is that anyone with even a modicum of sense could possibly believe the manure he is spreading. Now, Jake319: regarding “drunks and PEDOPHILES”, Republicans are RANK AMATEURS when compared to Democrats.

      2. freethinker4

        And your a FAGGOT LOVING LIBTARD? Anti American, Anti Constitution, Anti Bill of Rights, Anti Freedom period.

      3. marshmil

        “Petfile” is a file where information on pets is stored. “Petafile” in your previous post presumably means that Trey likes pets. So do I so I’m one too and a conservative supporting the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, the Flag and the Republic over which it waves. Have a good day.

        1. Cass Moret

          Calling someone an a****** is an insult – (to an important part of the human anatomy). If BO (love those initials) were one, it would be a significant improvement over what he now is.

      4. Junkki

        Jake319, you seriously seem to believe that Hillary is an upstanding politician? You said she bitch slapped the conservatives, we’ll that part about her is true, she is a Bitch. She lies, steals, feels she is above the law, and has an uncontrollable temper. She speaks down to the poor while complaining she had trouble paying her mortgage’s (notice the s at the end). Hillary is no different than any other wealthy politician Because of her inability to do her job, 4 Americans lost their lives and that she needs to pay the price for. Leave no man behind, and she left them. Hillary has no place in American politics anymore, she cannot be trusted. We will not even get started on Bill Clinton.

      5. Leonard Jenkins

        Actually it was 7 million and he put more people to work than obama. By the way, the word is “pedophile”. If you’d have finished grade school you’d know that. Ignorant schlub

      6. Kevin Morrison

        People, stop arguing with Jake319. It is perfectly clear, this is nothing more than a troll and the best way to treat a troll is to ignore them. If he really believes the shit spewing out of his mind, let him live in that slimy gutter alone where he belongs!

    3. Bama Bill

      I would watch every minute of him prosecuting Hillary as AG! I trust him 100% to “Enforce the laws”! Those that allowed obama to install his “Mafia” bros to do as he dictated, should be prosecuted also!

  2. Joanne Kaufmann

    Killary calls it a witch hunt,well she’s the witch that should be hunted,tried and imprisoned! Keep up the good work Trey and don’t let the brainless bastards get you down!

    1. Kirby

      Trey’s “good work” is becoming as much a waste as the FBI’s investigation – also, excellent, that is being summarily tossed, ignored, and drowned out.
      Unfortunately, it seems the majority of our nation now belongs among the uninformed, indifferent, and self indulgent. Only what they want is relevant and the means have become justified by the end – gorging at the pig trough.

  3. Terry Hampton

    Good job Trey. Just hope Trump picks up on this to slam the Liar Hillary in the Presidential debates coming up.

  4. Mike Knox

    Sorry Brittany, this exchange means NOTHING. Mr Gowdy had the opportunity to say CLEARLY that YES Hillary did LIE. Mr. Gowdy knows no one is going to read a 900 page report. Mr Gowdy said that his investigation was at the behest of “Speaker Boehner and Speaker Ryan” His public insistence on “impartiality” is absurd- Democrats attack and never apologize- because Mr Gowdy won’t attack he has given Hillary a pass- just like Comey – are these guys being blackmailed or are they just cowards?

    1. armyaafa

      Yea,,, like, “Pass this, then we’ll read it mentality” ? The fix is in on both items,, and they will steal the election, just like last one.

      1. Cass Moret

        Do you remember Florida? The Democrats did everything they could to steal the election – they disallowed military votes on a technicality, they chose Broward county for a recount because it was Democrat territory (remember the ludicrous controversy over “hanging chads”?). Then they went to a Democrat controlled state Supreme Court, which was overruled by the US Supreme Court. To this day, Democrats will tell you Bush stole the election.

        1. Matthew V. Brown

          Yes, in spite of the fact that the Democrats did everything in their power to steal the election, and when they didn’t succeed, they did what Democrats do best–they accused Republicans of doing what they were doing.

    2. Cass Moret

      You highlight one of the differences between liberals and conservatives. Liberals do attack. Gowdy adheres to that quaint outdated concept called decorum.

  5. liberator24

    Republicans: How about trying a little honesty for a welcome change?
    Two Republicans admitted in public that the Benghazi Committee was set up to
    “Specifically damage Hillary Clinton’s polling numbers” and then added to the
    fake committee, they said: SEE- we have accomplished that purpose- Just look
    at numbers!!. So, just stop using your usual chicanery and admit that your committee hearings are mostly PHONY!!. You had a hearing about contraceptives
    and did NOT ALLOW any women at the hearings. You even eliminated a Republican woman. You are all a bunch of week-kneed cowards and hypocrites.

    1. nottigerwoods

      hey liberator, how about some honesty yourself, Hilliary is a lyer and has lied about multiple things over the years. You SAY 2 republicans said whatever. Who? and what did they say. Or is that your warped interpretation of what they said. She should be under arrest right now, you would be, but not the powerful clintons who have made millions influence peddling. I thought the report let her off light.

    2. Jim Singleton

      Two frogs jumped across the pond….Therefore all frogs can jump across ponds ?
      It doesn’t matter what “two” of anything said bud.
      Facts are Facts plain and simple regardless.
      Liberals are worm infested anti everything that is normal ‘idiots’ who sacrifice themselves to bugs in hopes of not being re-incarnated as one.
      Sorry but a little bit of self inspection is called for in your case.
      Get over yourself.

      1. liberator24

        We are not talking about “frogs” sir. The relevance of what the two Republicans said was borne out by the fact that after 11 hours of severe interrogation and 8 hearings, the Chairman Mr. Gowdy
        admitted that the Committee did NOT find anything to condemn
        Secy Clinton. Yes, Facts are Facts. and in this case you refuse to
        acknowledge the Facts as determined by the Republican
        Committee. Did you realize that this investigation was longer than the ones involving “Pearl Harbor” 9/11, Kennedy assassination?
        Is there a possible partisan bias involved here?

        1. marshmil

          It was the FBI that determined (erroneously) that Mrs. Clinton did nothing to warrant charges against her. Even if 18 USC 793 of the United States Code says differently.

      2. marshmil

        Jim I don’t mean to be nosey but were you living in Atlanta, GA in 1973? I knew a guy by same name then. He was age 19. Likely not you. You don’t have to reply. Just curious. He was a great guy. Moved to TX I think.

    3. armyaafa

      geez, 2 Republicans stated that,, and whose pocket were they in. The WHOLE Govt. is waaaaaaay corrupt,, time for 2nd Revolution, and let God sort out the dead !~!

      1. marshmil

        army I have not heard that one in about 20 years. I once knew an ex-Army guy who stated it neatly: “Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out.”

    1. marshmil

      Attorney General tm and i agree with you. Hope you’re doing fine and that you meet the Century mark in 1.5 year.

  6. FSHNT21

    The Democratic Propaganda Branch (the MSM) will do everything in their power to bury this report…
    The report confirms the ineptitude and callousness of Clinton and Barry Boy and that they will go “all in” to protect their political ambitions and everyone else be damned…

  7. Roy Johnson

    A flat out statement by our,democratic party and all islamic followers! America has a two tier unjustice criminal system, rich and non rich! Shariah Law, one world gov. and total control! Criminals are in total control!

    1. marshmil

      Yep. Today not all of them are locked up. Some outside the correctional facilities are sitting in Washington offices. One is even running for the Presidency.

    1. marshmil

      Phil they have all died out and what we are stuck with now is a bunch who cannot compose sentences and paragraphs in standard English so that they make sense and convey information.

  8. katfan

    I gained a renewed respect for Trey Gowdy as he answered these type of loaded questions following the release of the report. If we had more like him this country wouldn’t be in the sad shape it is in right now.

    1. marshmil

      I’d like to see Trey as the next Attorney General. To hell with the amateur pretenders we’ve been wasting time with the past 7.5 years. And by amateurs I include the foreign student in the Crescent Office at the White Mosque. It is time this Nation has a President. “W” is the last one to occupy the “Oval Office.” For 7.5 years the same room has been a
      Crescent Office infiltrated by an anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish non-American.

    2. Gary

      All we need to do is get rid of all communist/democrap, old republicans and pay more attention to who we hire for these jobs. Might also want to consider and IQ test and citizen ship papers to be able to vote. That would insure that no demwits ever get elected to anything again.

  9. Richard Bagenstose

    after the stupid report we don’t know any thing new , so what did we pay 7 milion dollars for , where was oboma , where was hillary , why was stevens in benghazi, the fact is , it’s a cover up to keep oboma and hillary safe , they are the reason 4 americans died that night, and al the evadance was destroyed by hillary and barry, that’s why it took so long to get the emails

    1. marshmil

      Yep Richard. You are on to them as well as a lot more of us. What did Chris. Stevens know that Hillary wanted squashed? Hmmm? But Rudy Giuliani says Hillary is not out of the deep fecal yet.
      Read US Code 18 USC 793. “Intent” is not an issue here. The FACT of having done it is all the Code addresses. She is guilty and therefore does not qualify for security clearance therefore cannot be a President of the United States of America. And if she so much as pretends to take the Presidential Oath of Office THAT will be the greatest Joke of US History. Only the brain dead will support and vote for her now. And brain dead includes a lot of people in cemeteries who apparently like to vote, some of them multiple times. Just watch!

  10. arnapuck

    Who was the reporter?
    Why was his name not mentioned?
    What game are you people playing?
    I know one thing – we will never know!
    This is Bull Shit !!!!!!!!!!

  11. barbarakelly

    TO THE LIBERAL/ DEMS———Stop while your ahead, Your goose is cooked and you no long rules over us. We the people are taking our country back. So step aside and watch how it should be done. and its not by TYRANNY.!~

  12. REM1875

    I watched him do a murder case on project ID, I think, before he became a congressman, I was very impressed.

  13. Frank

    Trey Gowdy, is the best we have had in office in my life time and I am an OLD man. I have seen the Clinton’s toy and abuse our Gov. system for toooooooo long they belong in prison…

  14. Cass Moret

    I’ve read many of the posts following the article about Trey Goudy. I even wrote some myself. Several suggest possible appointments after Trump is elected. Of all the departments and agencies, EPA has to be the most egregious. It will take a strong person to put a leash on it.

  15. Pete

    I agree Lauretta. would like this man as our Attorney General and get rid of the one in there and get rid of the head of the FBI. I wish he had run for President. Then there wouldbe no way we would have to worry about that lying —-

  16. Patty Grondin

    I second that, Trey Gowdy is outstanding, sharp and “cut them no slack”. He’s been right on in everything he’s said and smart citizens know that. The guilty ones are trying to make the stink, trying to convince citizens that the Bengahzi Select Committee is crooked. No way, the crooked dog yells and that’s from the Administration on down to the nasty Clintons on down the Democratic line. Trey Gowdy should have Attorney General, if he would accept it. And he’d be an awesome, no nonsense President!!!!!

  17. oat21

    Trey Gowdy is one of the finest politicians we have today, He’s honest forthcoming and would make a great Attorney General, Speaker of the House and ultimately a great American President.

  18. George

    Trey Gowdy for President 2020, if we still have a Country that is ! He seems to be one of the VERY few with ANY guts in D.C. Most of the rest are bought and sold low lifes and should probably be in prison with killer for selling out America ! ! ! As for pigslam . . . get it OUT ! It is as UN American as you can possibly get ! Maybe that will be Trey Gowdy’s next project . . . getting the stench of pigslam out of Our Country ! ! !

  19. ricktenny

    All I can say is thank God for Trey Gowdy. Some time back the Congressman told HRC. “Mrs. Clinton. you’re not worth 18 months of my life. There are a lot of other things I would liked to have been doing.” I may have that off a little. What those 18 months did for The United States, was shed a very bright light not only on the Benghazi mess but also showed just about all Americans the high level of HRC operates at. Now she’s asking for an even bigger job to put her expertise to work on. I will say it again, Thank God for Trey Gowdy.

  20. Bama Bill

    I would call Hillary a “Liar” if she said “I had sex with Bill last night”! BUT, as a veteran I believe all the men that survived the attack said. I would “Bet my life on it”! Read the book “Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors”, please. Then tell me if you think any of them ‘Lied” about what they went through. Veterans don’t lie about their experiences. Usually they won’t talk to you about them.
    Save your own ass, vote for Trump.
    Hillary wants “Open borders and trade”. What has happened to the “Illegals”? Free everything, allowed to break any law. Free school and college! Who pays for it? Taxpayers! So guess what you get? Your share of the “National Debt” is now $60,000! Another four years and you will owe about $100,000. Got that much cash in your account???
    Really, think about it. There aren’t enough jobs now, there will be fewer with another several million “Citizens” walking into the country. Schools and hospitals will have to care for them, FOR FREE, of course. More debt for you to pay for.
    Let’s hear how YOU will pay for all of Hillary’s “Free stuff”!
    FACT, today the top 5% of taxpayers pay 70% of the federal income tax. Look that up before you reply, please.

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