Trey Gowdy Was Accused Of This Awful Crime And You Won’t Believe His Response

Trey Gowdy was always one of the left’s top targets.

Democrats worked to destroy Gowdy because he helped uncover Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

But one major Democrat went too far and instantly regretted accusing Trey Gowdy of this major crime.

Elizabeth Warren was the first significant Democrat to jump into the 2020 Presidential race.

Warren claimed fighting Washington corruption would be her signature campaign issue.

However, she misfired right out of the gate.

Trey Gowdy recently announced he was joining the law firm of Nelson, Mullins, Riley, and Scarborough back home in South Carolina.

Elizabeth Warren seized on this announcement and accused Gowdy of pulling the typical Washington stunt of leaving Congress to join a high-powered lobbying firm.

And she claimed what Gowdy did should be illegal.

@TGowdySC foamed at the mouth with power in Congress, then retired because he claimed he didn’t enjoy it. Now it’s clear: Trey Gowdy just wanted a fat lobbyist paycheck. That should be illegal.”

Warren continued, “We need a lifetime ban on lobbying for members of Congress. And fix the swiss cheese def of “lobbying” so anyone who gets paid to influence Washington has to register. Public service shouldn’t be a launching pad for guys like @TGowdySC & @JoeLieberman to enrich themselves.”

Warren badly missed her mark.

Gowdy is not performing any lobbying work at Nelson, Mullins, Riley, and Scarborough.

In fact, he flatly declared he was done with politics when he made the announcement.

“There’s no way I’ll return to it,” Gowdy stated. “I’m not going to lobby. And if I enjoyed politics, I wouldn’t be leaving.”

Gowdy wasted no time firing right back at Warren’s massive lie.

“.@ewarren I’m not lobbying. Not now. Or ever. Perhaps you were cracking open a beer when that was announced. Don’t mind your criticisms. Just be more sensitive to facts,” the South Carolina Republican fired back.

Gowdy’s dig at Warren cracking open a beer was in reference to her cringeworthy New Year’s Eve Instagram video.

Warren tried to give off the vibe that she was just like everyone else by cracking open a beer in her kitchen.

Democrats made these personal “kitchen videos” a staple of their social media strategies after socialist radical Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez had posted an Instagram video of her cooking.

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke soon followed suit, and now every major Democrat films a kitchen video.

But Warren’s is especially awkward because she gives off the same Hillary Clinton aura of being just totally out of touch and unlikable.

And the Massachusetts Senator is still dogged by her false claims of Native American heritage.

Her lack of connection to everyday Americans, combined with her history of lying, is leading many voters to see her the way they see Hillary.

And that is why Republicans are hoping she will be Trump’s opponent in the 2020 Presidential election.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

  • SouthernPatriot

    I knew Trey wanted to return to South Carolina more to spend more time with his grandchildren. He made that clear a few years ago. Guiliani is too old to be AG, but I hope Trump appoints a bulldog to replace Sessions.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

      I had wished the same. We need someone to head the DOJ who’ll have the courage and integrity to apply the law to everyone equally.

  • Dick

    Tee Pee girl is at it again. She drank to much beer. Her Tee Pee full of shit.

    • Bama Bill

      Warren in a Tee Pee? No F’n way! Find out how many homes she “Owns” and get back to me, please. I could move back to Canada, but only if she becomes POTUS!

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

        I don’t care who is elected president, I’ll stay and honor my oath of office when I enlisted in the Air Force.

    • Bob

      That dadgummed firewater will get you, in the end.

  • Greg Mac

    Do real people still even listen to this phony Indian??>???

    • Bob

      Ya gotta get your laughs wherever you can find them.

  • Bama Bill

    God let Trey Gowdy e appointed as AG! Then maybe Hillary will finally go to prison? And Elizabeth Warren as POTUS? HE11 NO! That would start Civil War 2!
    And I’m “Locked and Loaded”! There is NO WAY she can ever be POTUS! PLEASE., read about Hillary’s “Recorded Accomplishments”. Became a lawyer, fired from first job for “Poor Work”. Now worth “Millions”! So she sat her A$$ on airplanes for “millions of miles”? She never talks about the four men that died due to her “TOTAL Incompetence”! At least Warren doesn’t have a “Body Count” of 118!

  • John Redman

    “Republicans are hoping she will be Trump’s opponent in the 2020 Presidential election.” Can’t you fools keep a secret?


    Only chance warren has is if Obama is her running mate.–then Obama would be chief and warren would be squa—just know that Obama will be on 2020 ticket if biden isn’t.Could be biden-bama.obama wants bad laws back on the books.I don’t cap creepy crat names.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Well, she does have a point. In the military we had a rule that if we were a major in the regular force we incurred a 5 year ban on joining any firm that we had done business with. I see no reason why we shouldn’t do the same with congress people and appointed officials.

    A politically incorrect conservative constitutionalist curmudgeon

    • John Redman

      “constitutionalist curmudgeon”, OK, as much as the author of The Constitution of No Authority (Lysander Spooner) maybe? I agree that all lobbyists should be self-funded private parties or be hung from lampposts (and YOU are a curmudgeon?) but I also assay that proposers of legislation first put their heads in nooses and die if the measure does not pass (Athens style).

      • John Redman

        BTW, I want to see what headwear you style before I put confidence in you.

        • John Redman

          I only claim to be “another one” but the Irish cabbie hat is personally appearance augmenting. Try it. If I see you in the supermarket, I will either complement you or, if wife present, her good taste in outfitting YOU.

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            I wish I still had a wife to keep me from fashion faux pas. but an Irish cabbie hat would be just fine. I like the leather ones for rainy weather. Usually now I wear this.

          • John Redman

            In Western climes, that’ll do. And my collection of hats has two leather examples, the rest felt. A submarine sailor, me, I can only guess that you were bomber crew?

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            I was an Air Force RC-135 reconnaissance “naviguesser” after I failed pilot training by trying to do in myself and my instructor in a minor landing mishap.


            My father-in-law was a Navy submariner, including on the early Seawolf and on the Thresher.

          • John Redman

            Well aware of the Thresher. I was on boomers, the 632 and 659 between ’64 and ’71. I was in NAVCAD in boot camp but failed eyes for astigmatism and was not allowed to shift to the navigator program. Life would have certainly been different had I known about my eyes before. But I loved submarines. I loved Rota and Holy Loch the most. I presume your FIL got off the Thresher in time. Did some time flying around without an engine in a friend’s aircraft and trained in a canvas Champ for a while. No hard landings but I ran out of money.

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            My FIL was supposed to on that shake down trial after repairs but a friend of his was assigned instead. He had a few speculations as to what happened.

            Without an engine? Do you mean a sailplane? They’re fun I hear, but I prefer an engine of some sorts.

          • John Redman

            Yep, that’s sufficiently ‘in time’.Certainly sorry for that. Main induction valve stuck open. Wife from Gales Ferry, a Navy town for sure, and several people known. Yes, a 2-place German thing. An engine sure got us up there. For fun, watch Steve McQueen/Faye Dunaway in Thomas Crown Affair and absorb the theme song sung by Rex Harrison’s son Noel (

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            My ex-wife was from Ledyard, near Gales Ferry. She now lives in New London. We were married on the sub base in Groton.

            My FIL would tell me about taking out an overhauled boat and the “excitement they’d have. They reduced some of it by instituting a policy of randomly pulling workers out and giving them a free “luxury cruise” down the Thames and out to sea. Quality control really improved. We did the same in certain units in the AF.

            Now to get back on track somewhat. Should we limit our politicians ability to go to companies they’ve worked with as politicians just as our Regular, nor Reserve, officers are limited?

          • John Redman

            After getting out, my Gales Ferry wife, now a PA2 at Norwich State Hospital, and I purchased our 1st house on Avery Hill Rd, Ledyard. We were married at the Lutheran Church in Gales Ferry. As to quality, I experienced that Newport News produced way better boats than EB. I later worked at the Sound Lab and got to work on every new fast attack from across the river prior to their sea trials.
            In as much as politicians will vote to self limit their career choices, I can only wish ‘Good Luck’. I still want to stick their heads in nooses Athens style.

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            Are you familiar with the Waylands or the Jacksons who lived in the Avery Hill vicinity?

          • John Redman

            My split level was on the corner of Avery Hill Rd and Arrowhead Dr, and no, those names are not familiar to me. I lived there between 1969 and 1974 when I graduated from UCONN and took a job at the Patent Office.

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez II
      • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

        By the way, Spooner seemed to be one of those libertarian types who went over the edge. I used to be a libertarian in college, but I left after it became too radical for my tastes.

        • John Redman

          Libertarian? Or just a brazen example of an honest (very good) lawyer. I fall into the Agorist or voluntaryist category but I’m a strict believer in the First Commandment (plus Love your neighbor as yourself).

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            Well, I wouldn’t want to be a pettifogger. 😉 In addition, there’s too many of them in Congress.

    • Bob

      Another maxim, from days in the Army; “Avoid wrongdoing or the appearance of wrongdoing.” It should be inculcated with incoming Congressional members.

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

        Absolutely! I’d even like to see the UCMJ civilianized and applied to Congress and Administrations. I’d also put them on the TriCare medical system.

        • Bob

          It would sure streamline things and eliminate most of the petulance that we are seeing, now.


    GOD that BI MBO Warren is creepy,,,