Trump Allies Turn On Paul Ryan

Donald Trump supporters are currently condemning  the acts of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for his lack of endorsement of the Republican presidential candidate.

Since Trump announced his campaign, Ryan has been hesitant to offer any kind of support.

In October, Ryan blatantly announced that he would not support Trump with any campaigning or endorsements, as he didn’t support Trump running for president.

Due to his disrespect for his fellow Republican Party member, many of Trump’s supporters are protesting Ryan and his actions in Congress.

Instead, he insisted he would use the remainder of his term as Speaker of the House to enact policies that preserved the Republican majority in Congress.

Ryan, however, has been not-so-subtly telling Republican officials in their districts to “do what’s best for you and your district.”

CNN reports:

Reaction to Ryan’s decision illustrates the schism currently splitting the Republican Party. A person who listened to the call said the reaction wasn’t entirely positive — and that Ryan’s comments angered more conservative GOP members who believed the Speaker was essentially conceding the presidential contest to Clinton.

Consequently, Trump supporters have taken to making sure Clinton is not the only candidate to lose an election.

Members in Ryan’s circle suggested to the Speaker how the lack of support from Republican voters would affect his own upcoming re-election.

With his comments against Trump, the Speaker lost many Republican votes from Donald Trump’s allies in his constituency.

Furthermore, many Republican voters are in support of Trump promising a “new Washington,” while  Ryan seems to want to preserve the political status quo.

Breitbart News reports:

In interviews, Mr. Trump’s supporters said they were determined to harness the anti-establishment energy that Mr. Trump had catalyzed and to refocus it on the Republican leadership in Congress — a target many of them seem just as eager to take down as they are to bring down Mrs. Clinton.

Not only have supporters of the Republican presidential candidate been outraged at Ryan’s comments, but many in Congress as well.

Representative Lynn Westmoreland tried in vain to sway the Speaker’s mind on his lack of support for Trump, citing that unity in Congress is key — now more than ever.

Politico reports:

“I honestly don’t understand what Paul’s thinking — I don’t get it,” said Westmoreland, who is retiring after this year. “I try not to give advice to the Speaker, but I think it just really brought about, in my opinion, even more confusion to this thing.”

Overall, Ryan’s hesitation to stand behind his fellow Republican candidate may lead to his downfall in Congress, as he too approaches an election in November.

What are your thoughts? Is Ryan in the wrong for not supporting Trump as a legitimate presidential candidate for his party?

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4 thoughts on “Trump Allies Turn On Paul Ryan

  1. Mel Davis

    Ryan can’t seem to make up his mind about what is best for him personally, not what’s best for the Party and our country. Let him go, don’t encourage him to stay with the Republican Party he is not reliable.

  2. David Stewart

    Ryan is a political butt-kisser; he has committed poli-death, just may take a while to quit breathing our air!

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