Trump Could Steal Huge Voting Demographic From Hillary According To New Poll

The liberal mainstream media and the Democrat Party elites propping up Hillary Clinton’s campaign are concerned and confused.

In a clear display of how out of touch the Washington establishment really is, they simply don’t understand why Trump’s immigration proposals are so popular among the Republican base.

Moreover, they are worried at how Trump’s immigration vetting proposal is gaining popularity across traditional party lines.

According to a new poll, many legal immigrants in the United States support Donald Trump’s immigration vetting proposal.

In fact, immigrants support Trump’s immigration plan by a 2-1 margin.

Of course, the liberal media and the establishment in both parties would rather ignore this poll and instead broadcast the polls favoring Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It’s no secret the media and D.C. elites have wanted to pass a comprehensive immigration bill through Congress for years, which would grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

The conservative wing of the Republican Party has fought hard against amnesty legislation, and ultimately defeated the infamous Gang of Eight immigration bill in 2013, even though powerful party members of both parties lobbied and sponsored the legislation.

But conservatives are not the only political demographic fighting against legislation that would favor illegal immigrants and pave the way for more illegal immigration at the expense of the American citizen.

Some legal immigrants are opposed to rewarding immigrants for breaking the law, as they don’t see why illegal immigrants should not abide by the law and follow the same process which is in place to become an American citizen.

That logic might explain why legal immigrants support Donald Trump’s immigration proposal by a 2 to 1 margin.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party have drawn a clear line in the sand on opening the floodgates and allowing illegal immigrants to stream across America’s broken southern border onto U.S. soil, with no intention of deporting them.

U.S. Border Patrol officials have said that Obama has directly ordered them to “stand down” and not enforce federal immigration laws.

Obama’s “stand down” order has helped spark another mass illegal immigration crisis this year, as was seen in 2014, where tens of thousands of illegal immigrants strolled into America every month.

Until the Supreme Court’s 4-4 split decision earlier this year which struck down Obama’s amnesty and upheld the 5th Circuit Court’s prior decision, at least two million illegal immigrants were set to receive federal welfare and other taxpayer-paid benefits.

Trump’s proposals to stop illegal immigration by building a wall on the southern border and vetting immigrants who come here from countries linked to terrorism marks a stark contrast to Hillary Clinton and Obama.

American voters have supported Trump and his immigration plans in the Republican primary, both vocally and at the ballot box, across the nation.

If this new poll which shows immigrants are supporting his immigration plans by a 2-1 margin holds true, then Democrats should be very concerned and worried on Election Day.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party have made immigration a key plank in their campaign’s message to win over Latino voters.  However, it appears that legal immigrants want a fair process that applies to everyone, even illegal immigrants.

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