Trump Countered Brilliantly To Democrats Bringing “Dreamers”

Democrats and Republicans have been feuding for hundreds of years, ever since the founding fathers conceived the constitution, although at that time it was the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party.

And although their feud goes through ebbs and flows of division, progress, and unity, the most divisive issue between them is currently about illegal immigrants flooding into the United States and complicating the lives of American citizens.

During President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress on Tuesday evening, Democrats had thought they’d hatched a “full-proof” plan to bring sympathy to high-achieving illegal immigrants – but Trump countered their plan brilliantly.

The Washington Times reported on the divisive tactics during his address:

“They battled across the airwaves for months.


On one side were the ‘valedictorians,’ the high-achieving illegal immigrant Dreamers who have become the face of the drive for a more lenient immigration policy.


Matched up on the other side were the ‘victims,’ those who had lost relatives to illegal immigrant crimes and who have gained a nationwide profile in the past 18 months, thanks chiefly to President Trump and his unorthodox campaign.


On Tuesday, both the victims and the valedictorians were in the same room, watching as Mr. Trump addressed a joint session of Congress.


The Dreamers — at least a half-dozen — came as guests of Democratic lawmakers, who said they wanted Mr. Trump to see the true diversity of the country.


‘This is what America looks like, where it doesn’t matter where you’re from, ethnicity, language, race, sexual orientation — it makes America great,’ said Martin Batalla Vidal, a Dreamer who said he is a member of the LGBT community and who is part of a major legal case challenging the limits a federal judge put on President Obama’s deportation amnesty.  Instead of building walls, we should be building bridges,’ he said.


The victims, meanwhile, were the guests of Mr. Trump.


Sitting alongside first lady Melania Trump was Jamiel Shaw Sr., father of a 17-year-old boy shot in 2008 by an illegal immigrant gang member.


Also in the first lady’s box were Jessica Davis, widow of a deputy sheriff, and Susan Oliver and Jenna Oliver, the widow and daughter of a detective.


Both officers were killed by an illegal immigrant who went on a shooting and carjacking rampage in 2014.  That man had been deported twice before but sneaked back into the U.S.


Mr. Trump told Jenna, ‘Your father was a hero.’


‘What President Trump did, and no other candidate on either side has acknowledged, is the tragic effects of illegal immigration,’ said Maria Espinoza, national director of the Remembrance Project, a network of families struck by illegal immigrant crime.”

And though the White House issued a statement claiming they were open to total immigration reform – meaning it would be an incentive-based program for immigrants to achieve citizenship and green card status through progress and contribution to society – there must be a compromise on the issue.

In fact, the issue isn’t with these high-achieving “Dreamers” at all, and don’t let liberals convince you otherwise.  The issue is with the illegal immigrants who crossed the border and are convicted of serious crimes.

They shouldn’t be here.  They should be deported.  How is this even debatable?

And yet we have sanctuary cities and an illegal immigrant “Underground Railroad” being perpetuated by the liberal media as if we’re protecting slaves from the Trump “regime”, or like we’re living in Nazi-occupied France and Germany, rounding up the Jewish population.

Whether liberals realize it or not, that’s the image they evoke, which compounds upon itself the hyperbolic extremes that Donald Trump is just like Adolf Hitler.

If the Democrats would pump the breaks on their hyperbolic extremes, then maybe the Trump administration wouldn’t have to continually retaliate with an equal-opposite argument – because it’s petty – and it confuses people – and it’s severely divisive.



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