Trump Did This To Gain Record Support Of Military Veterans

Before the November 8th general election, many conservative pundits and critics of the polling industry said they weren’t taking into account “closet Trump supporters” – those who were planning to vote for Trump, but were too scared to be vocal about it for fear of being ostracized by their friends and neighbors.

Well it turned out those pundits and critics were right, and it just might have put the “scientific” polling industry completely out of business.

But there was one particular group who were unapologetically and overwhelmingly supportive of Donald Trump as their president.  In fact, this group came out in record numbers.

The Director of Military Affairs and Veterans Engagement for the Republican National Committee, Bob Carey, joined Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily recently to talk about the unprecedented record support of military veterans for Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

Marlow found it surprising that the media didn’t make a bigger deal about a candidate without any military background receiving such enormous support from veterans.

Carey applauded Trump for addressing veterans’ issues as “clearly and convincingly and repeatedly as he did.”

Carey said:

“He talked about the real problems at the Department of Veterans Affairs, how it’s in need of fundamental reform, and he talked to what all of these veterans are experiencing when they do go to the Department of Veterans Affairs – which is basically a Byzantine bureaucracy that seems to be more interested in perpetuating their own jobs than taking care of veterans.


And then he also talked about national security issues in real, clear, and unequivocal manner, talking about the threat of terrorism and the need to build up our armed forces.


Many of these veterans have recently come off active duty, where they go on five, six, seven, eight deployments overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan.


In large part, it’s because they have this really compressed deployment schedule because there’s just not enough forces.  And he talked about that.


He talked about how we need to increase the size of our armed forces, just to meet our current commitments.  That was first and foremost.”

It was clear from the beginning of the campaign that veterans’ issues and the current state of our military was something President-elect Trump deeply cared about.  It is an issue he holds close to his heart.

But it was also Trump who “laid out a 10-point plan” for reforming the VA that may have completely put it over-the-top to bring our veterans out in record droves – which as Carey said, is “one of his most complete and in-depth policy initiatives.”

Carey commented on the 10-point plan:

“One of the most key elements of that is to give the veteran the choice of where they get their health care, to allow the veteran to determine whether they go to a VA healthcare system, or whether they go to a private-sector healthcare system, and basically, make the VA compete for that veteran’s dollars.”

How could this plan not speak volumes?  What other candidate in presidential history has done the same?

Even presidents with military experience never had a total reform plan.

By evidence, just look at the current state of the VA.

Carey continued:

“[Donald Trump had] the highest veteran voter participation rate that I’ve ever seen.


Donald Trump crushed the veteran vote.  They turned out record numbers for him.  He had the greatest margin of victory among veteran voters, 61 percent to 34 percent.


That translated into 4.8 million more votes for him.  Almost two million more veterans showed up at the polls this election than 2012, despite the fact that we have about half-a-million less veterans because the World War II generation is leaving us.


Seventeen percent of the Donald Trump voters were veterans. They only make up nine percent of the population.”

It’s clear that President-elect Trump’s compassion and empathy struck a chord with our vets.

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