Trump Handed Obama This Devastating Defeat

Trump handed Obama this devastating defeat

Barack Obama tried to make passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) his signature accomplishment in his final months in office.

The globalist trade deal would have allowed companies to send even more jobs overseas to Asia.

But on November 8th, Obama’s globalist policies suffered a stunning defeat.

From the start of his campaign, Donald Trump made opposing trade deals such as TPP and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – which was signed into law by Bill Clinton – the centerpiece of his campaign.

Trump traveled the country and campaigned in the areas where a formerly great American middle class had been hollowed out by globalization.

In towns across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa, Trump told crowds which numbered in the thousands that political elites in both parties had robbed them of the American dream by selling out to the forces of globalization.

And on Election Day, his message of “America First” carried the day.

Trump won states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that were considered part of the “Blue Wall” which no Republican had won in a generation.

And after his victory, Trump’s team was already laying the groundwork to end Obama’s destructive globalist trade policy.

His team shared a transition memo where they outlined their steps to drop out of TPP and renegotiate NAFTA.

Politico reports:

“President-elect Donald Trump plans to move quickly to fulfill some of his most controversial campaign promises related to what he derided as “job-killing” trade policies, according to an internal transition team document shared with POLITICO.


Within the first 100 days, his administration will drop out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and 100 days after that it could withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement unless certain demands are met, according to the described policy road map…


…The detailed 21-page road map features a summary and rationale for the plan and is interspersed with quotes of policy promises Trump made on the campaign trail.


Overall, the plan outlined to POLITICO largely mirrors what Trump said in a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 22, which described the actions he would take during his first 100 days in office.


Of all the controversial proposals, renegotiating NAFTA could have the biggest impact on the U.S. economy. On Day One, Trump’s administration will request that Canada and Mexico start to renegotiate the deal, which the New York billionaire has maligned as the “worst trade deal in history.”


Then, depending on how those talks go, Trump would consider withdrawing from the pact by Day 200, according to the description of the document.”

President-elect Trump’s victory – and immediate plans to kill global trade deals – is a complete rejection of Barack Obama.

Obama had hoped to cement a Democratic majority on the foundations of globalism and social liberalism.

But on Election Day – when all the polls showed Trump would lose – working class voters across America turned out in forces to repudiate this agenda.

Do you agree with President-elect Trump’s plans to drop out of global trade deals like TPP and NAFTA?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.




18 thoughts on “Trump Handed Obama This Devastating Defeat

    1. Lin Jp

      I didn’t and wouldn’t vote for President Obama (or either Clinton for that matter) because of his extreme policies. However, to be so disrespectful of our President is really out of line. I really hope America learns to be civil again.

      1. Sharon Jeanguenat

        LIBERALS are the ones that need to learn to be civil! While I agree on not disrespecting the President, the most UNCIVIL people are the ones on the left.

        1. Lin Jp

          It frustrates me too, but we adults have to hold our leaders feet to the fire. That’s how a democracy is supposed to work. Our leaders have given law-breakers a free pass and now we’re mad. We can be mad, but we have to be civil. It has to begin with us. I may not be saying it well, but it’s discouraging to see ‘my side’ often acting as nasty as those they criticize.

        1. Lin Jp

          And some protestors are carrying signs refusing to acknowledge that
          Donald Trump won the election, “Not my President.” We’re either a
          people governed by the constitution and laws or we’re a people governed
          by lawlessness. We’re one or other, we can’t be both.

  1. cathylovesyou

    The Election of Trump and the Republican party has stopped Mr. and Mrs Evil
    Pelosi must go next along with that nasty old piece of dirt Dirty Harry

    1. Sharon Jeanguenat

      When Trump is sworn in, nasty Harry Reid is done. In fact, I THINK he’s done at the end of this year. At least I hope so! Can’t happen soon enough! Now, if we can figure out how to get rid of Pelosi, & a few others like her, we might get this country headed in the right direction.

  2. Daniel Spickard

    This is what happens when you start passing one bill after another into law that the people don’t want! This is the kind of arrogance that just destroyed the Democratic party! So just remember this, if you want to stay in the congress you either do what the people want or the people will destroy you! Plain and simple!

    1. Sharon Jeanguenat

      It’s also why the GOP is basically in shambles! A LOT of people were fed up with the same old politics year after year, in both parties. I know a lot of Democrats voted for Trump, plus a BIG bunch voted for one of the 3rd party candidates, all because of the way they treated Bernie Sanders!

  3. jwood1952

    Definitely….Bush should have dealt with this when he had both houses, but he’s a globalist also so why would he right?

  4. jim jones

    NAFTA is responsible for closing the business where I worked for 30 years and my story can be multiplied thousands of times. It set America back 40 years.

  5. sc

    This REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE VICTORY for MR. TRUMP completely and irrevocably rejected obama and the dems globalist, socialist agenda. NOW, the problem will be in the CONGRESS, especially the SENATE, under the untrustworthy mcconnell who will undermine the TRUMP AGENDA. (bob dole did the same treacherous acts to PRESIDENT REAGAN). Disloyalty and dishonesty MUST not be tolerated by Mr. Trump. Also, the REPUBLICANS have a mandate. DO NO WASTE any effort to “share power with the dems” — DEMS LOST.. they are to be ignored and bypassed. The American Voter repudiated all dem agenda. They have no right to anything. Time to repay the “love” that they have continuously, constantly shown to republicans. IT IS PAY BACK TIME — IN SPADES. NO QUARTER–NO MERCY–NO SALVATION…

  6. Stephen Clayton

    Why does it take so long to pull out of these trade agreements or just void them out and start over with individual trade agreements with foreign nations? Perhaps the first things to do are to lower business taxes and repatriate the $trillions that are invested overseas – and even tie these funds to bonds for using this money for building internal infrastructure and thus create millions of new jobs. The Trump administration also needs to set tariffs on all imports coming from businesses that have fled the U.S. to gain a tax benefit as well as renegotiate their immediate return to the U.S. under the new tax law allowing thousands if not millions of jobs to flow back with them. The real beauty of creating millions of new jobs is two-fold: taking more people off welfare as well as benefiting from new tax revenues to reduce or eliminate the deficit. We certainly can’t pay down the $20T debt without a ton of new revenue flowing into U.S. tax coffers. Elimination of unnecessary government spending can also help greatly as well as killing all but the bare minimum of business-killing regulations. Allowing businesses within the U.S. related to coal, gas, shale, and oil production to thrive on their own will also drive millions of new jobs in those industries. And at the same time allow energy independence and eventually more exports of LNG, coal, heating oil, gasoline and diesel fuels thus reducing trade deficits. Allowing coal to thrive will reduce electricity production costs. Greater competition among the energy providers will drive down the cost of these products which will in turn reduce costs of all products that are shipped by trucks or trains. Overall, our future looks bright with a Trump agenda of new trade deals, lower taxes and increased energy production.

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