Trump Has Big Plans For His Businesses Now That He’s President

In a bold move, Donald Trump recently announced his plans to leave his businesses prior to his inauguration on January 20th.

Trump claimed he was making the decision to put his businesses in the hands of his two sons so he can focus all his efforts on the Presidency.

Typically, such transfers are not an issue, since politicians simply move from political job to political job.

Donald Trump however, must put his business arrangements in good hands with his two sons.

Politico reports:

The president-elect, his family and their lawyers have been working since November’s election to sort through a complex set of legal mandates, tax questions and ethical constraints. Their goal is to allow Trump to maintain a stake in the company he’s built over more than four decades while turning over operational responsibilities to his adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric.


“As we know, it’s a very unconventional situation,” Conway told CNN. “Normally we have politicians moving from political job to political job. In this case, we have a very successful businessman, who’s brilliant and a billionaire, who has assets and holdings all over the globe, and that needs to have a transfer of power through the proper channels.”

He also specifically noted in his tweet that he is not mandated by law to leave his businesses, but feels it is best to focus on the nation rather than his private enterprise.

The Daily Caller reports:

Trump noted that though he is “not mandated to by law to do so,” he will leave his real estate empire in the hands of his two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, so that he can “focus full time on the Presidency.”


Furthermore, Trump stated there would be “no new deals done” during his time in office.

Trump also mentioned he will hold a future business meeting to discuss the transfer of ownership, cabinet picks, and more topics being discussed presently.

He also put forth the idea he would like his daughter, Ivanka, to be involved in the administration as well.

The Daily Caller reports:

On Sunday, Trump stated he would “love” to have his daughter, Ivanka, serve in the administration.


“We’re working that out right now,” Trump said in an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace. “[Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are] both very talented people.”

Trump’s aforementioned press conference will likely yield many answers to the situation, as well as definite plans for cabinet members and his family’s place in his new role as President.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Trump’s plan to remove himself from his business to focus on our nation’s well being?

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