Trump Just Broke A Record

President Trump promised to fix the economy during his presidential campaign.

And now, it looks like he is doing just that.

Trump just broke a record and helped thousands of Americans do what seemed impossible.

Trump helped them to find jobs.

And the economy is continuing to grow.

Unemployment at a Record Low

The Labor Department revealed earlier this week that the American economy was growing.

This means more jobs for Americans.

The unemployment rate is currently at a record low of 3.9 percent.

Americans hourly wages are currently rising.

Not to mention, the largest range of unemployment (from discouraged workers to those who are unemployed) fell .1 percent.

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President Trump Leading a Strong Country

Thanks to President Trump, the American economy is stronger than ever.

More than 201,000 jobs were just added.

Congressman Barletta (R-PA) said that Pennsylvania’s economy has been “terrific.”

can be a state among nations because of energy, because of our natural gas, we have more natural gas than the oil in Saudi Arabia.”

He also claims Trump is fighting for American workers who may have watched their jobs go to people in China or overseas.

And workers’ pay increased in August as well.

In fact, August was one month that pay increased tremendously.

This is a sign that companies are having to compete for their workers.

Many business people claim they cannot find the workers they need for specialty jobs.

These specialty jobs require a higher level of training or education, like welders or computer coders.

And jobs are raising incomes to keep their current workers.

And now, there are more job openings than unemployed workers it seems.

Mark Zandi, an economist at Moody’s Analytics, explained:

Wage growth is definitively accelerating. Employers are now struggling to fill open positions and have no choice but to raise wages quickly; Everything points to strong wage growth going forward.”

Now, jobs are coming back to the United States.

Trump is also introducing job-killing regulations.

And he is not done yet.

Trump Has a Plan

President Trump has a plan to add 191,000 more jobs in the next few months.

He also is fighting to get unemployment down to 3.8 percent.

He wants Americans to get back to work and for American jobs to stay within America.

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August 2018 was the 95th straight month the United States added jobs—and he does not want to break that streak.

Millennials and the Middle class are benefitting the most from these added jobs and pay increases.

And now, this may soon be the best year for job gains in modern history.

Do you think Trump will continue to fix the economy?

Do you believe that unemployed workers are fighting for jobs?

Or that the jobs that are left are skilled positions?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.




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