Trump Just Came Through On A Major Campaign Promise

President Donald Trump has pulled through on many campaign promises in his first year as president.

Besides securing our borders and moving the U.S Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, there are very few promises that Trump has not carried through with — and the rest are in the works.

But one of his most significant campaign points mentioned during the 2016 Las Vegas presidential debate was just completed as well — and this proves that Trump is truly making America great again.

Trump has successfully managed to elicit a 4 percent economic growth in his short time as president thus far.

During a presidential rally in Las Vegas in 2015, President Trump promised the growth would be tremendous:

We’re looking at a 3 percent, but we think it could be 5, it could even be 6. We’re going to have growth that will be tremendous.”

He later reinforced his faith that the number would grow — despite backlash.

That’s why I believe it’s time to establish a national goal of reaching 4 percent economic growth. And my great economists don’t want me to say this, but I think we can do better than that. Now, they’re upset. They’ll be very upset. But I think we can do, and maybe substantially better than, that.”

In years past, the economic growth hovered around 2 percent — a historical low thanks to Obama’s economic policies.

But now in the second quarter of 2018, the economic growth rate rose higher than it had in years.

Now, economics are feeding off of Trump’s optimism, and believe these numbers may rise all the way to 5 percent.

Economists also attribute Trump’s new tariffs to at least 1 percent of the rise GDP (gross domestic product).

Both consumer spending and a rise in imports were documented as well — and called by Trump a long time ago.

The President also credited his recent tax cuts as helping spur the recent rise in economic growth.

As he works to help Republicans keep control of Congress after November’s midterm elections, Trump restated that the Democrats would raise taxes and undo the momentum.

He also noted that not one Democrat voted in support of the tax cuts, and that the rise in growth would once again fall and stagnate should Dems sweep the midterms.

Taking it one step further, Trump noted that the economy could continue on the upswing if Republicans remain able to support more of the President’s economy-building plans.

As the President campaigns for fellow Republicans, the fact that the tax cut program has boosted percentages may unify GOP moderates and Trump’s base with the shared goal of keeping the Republican majority.

Trump’s plans to continue to bolster growing the economy will also solidify his chances of re-election.

Despite the divisive political climate, one thing remains clear — the President has implemented one after another of his campaign promises.

And the recent rise in economic growth that benefits all Americans is something that Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans have little choice but to get behind.

Do you think the recent economic growth will continue as the nation heads towards the midterm elections?  Do you think it will unify the GOP to keep control of Congress?  Leave us your comments.

  • Gramma76

    President Trump has come through on a lot of his promises. The only one that so far has not happened is the Wall. That is due to the inactions of McConnell and Paul Ryan. IMO, they do not want President to succeed! Those 2 are only in it for themselves period.
    They do not care about keeping American citizens safe nor do they care about the American people and America period. They are hoping the base will turn against Trump and the Establishment can go on with business as usual. She Swamp needs to be drained completely and soon!
    We must save President’s agenda! Go Trump!!

    • Patrick Feeney

      McConnell and Paul Ryan are pro-criminal!

    • sam

      I never though Ryan would turn out to be such a turn tail . I guess Trump is stealing his thunder , and McConnell best get off his ass or be replaced .

  • doc suske

    Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!
    Go team Trump

    • sam

      Amen doc . Can we get it on our tax returns to donate money to the wall , like they want us too for the two parties ?

    • drew

      amen doc

  • sam

    President Trump has done more in two years than Obama even though of doing . Thats why the Democrats and Liberals hate him so much . The Democrats and some Rhinos have tried to get in the way but he managed to get things done . I am looking forward to his work after the midterm elections where the democrats can not get in the way . The Democrats are so upset I wouldn,t doubt for them to put a hit on him after the mid terms .

    • Kol

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    • Kol

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  • TheRpennington

    Thank GOD for President Trump ! No one else would have done it and he really is the greatest yet!

  • Bama Bill

    Trump has much bigger enemies than the Dems. The “Owner” of the Dems, Mr. George Soros and his “Open Borders” groups. Which in turn fund over 2,300 liberal groups. Do a search on open borders and see for yourself. Then you won’t be able to post against this. Be prepared to be shocked. The list of “Liberal Groups” that are shown should scare you?