Trump Just Shut Down Obama

Donald Trump isn’t playing around.

The transition has been marked by the Obama administration undermining the incoming President at every turn.

So Donald Trump made a move that left the media howling in rage.

The Trump transition team issued a memo ordering all political ambassadors to vacate their posts by Inauguration Day.

The New York Times claims this is a “break with precedent”.

The Times reports:

“The mandate — issued “without exceptions,” according to a terse State Department cable sent on Dec. 23, diplomats who saw it said — threatens to leave the United States without Senate-confirmed envoys for months in critical nations like Germany, Canada and Britain. In the past, administrations of both parties have often granted extensions on a case-by-case basis to allow a handful of ambassadors, particularly those with school-age children, to remain in place for weeks or months.


Mr. Trump, by contrast, has taken a hard line against leaving any of President Obama’s political appointees in place as he prepares to take office on Jan. 20 with a mission of dismantling many of his predecessor’s signature foreign and domestic policy achievements. “Political” ambassadors, many of them major donors who are nominated by virtue of close ties with the president, almost always leave at the end of his term; ambassadors who are career diplomats often remain in their posts.


A senior Trump transition official said there was no ill will in the move, describing it as a simple matter of ensuring that Mr. Obama’s overseas appointees leave the government on schedule, just as thousands of political aides at the White House and in federal agencies must do. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity about internal deliberations, said the ambassadors should not be surprised about being held to a hard end date.”

Writing on RedState, the blogger streiff notes that by allowing Obama’s appointees to stay on, the Trump administration would be keeping political rivals who could create mischief for the new administration:

“The subtext here is that the incoming administration should put its agenda on hold and provide five months of government funded tourism to political appointees of the previous administration while they undercut the new administration. That’s great work if you can get it, but I find in hard to feel a lot of sympathy for super-rich liberal Democrats who could, if they wished, remain on station out of their own funds and let their kids complete school. Hell, Schapiro could even send his kids to public school and then no “lobbying” would be necessary.”

Nor is the move “unprecedented”.

Breitbart notes the Obama administration issued the same directive in 2008.

They dug up a 2008 Washington Post article applauding the move by the Obama administration.

The Post wrote at the time:

“The incoming Obama administration has notified all politically-appointed ambassadors that they must vacate their posts as of Jan. 20, the day President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office, a State Department official said.


The clean slate will open up prime opportunities for the president-elect to reward political supporters with posts in London, Paris, Tokyo and the like. The notice to diplomatic posts was issued this week.


Political ambassadors sometimes are permitted to stay on briefly during a new administration, but the sweeping nature of the directive suggests that Obama has little interest in retaining any of Bush’s ambassadorial appointees.


Most ambassadors, of course, are foreign service officers, but often the posts involving the most important bilateral relations (such as with Great Britain, Japan and India) or desirable locales (such as the Bahamas) are given to close friends and well-heeled contributors of the president.”

Trump is right to want his people in key roles.

And by doing so, he shuts down an avenue for Obama to keep loyal supporters in place to work against the new administration.



11 thoughts on “Trump Just Shut Down Obama

  1. SouthernPatriot

    Though the WaPo applauded Obama cutting off the Political ambassadors in a hard cut off date, they will shortly yell and scream that Trump is violating tradition and how things are normally done. This is yet another effort by Trump to “Drain the Swamp.” No need to hold on to rich leftists to undermine what Trump and his administration need to do over the next months.

    Keep up the great work President-elect and very soon to be President Trump and your advisors and soon to be administration!

  2. David Stewart

    Anything the Kenyan touched is hopelessly tainted; a rotten apple or potato in the cellar will contaminate all the rest! Only cure is to cut cleanly, get ALL the rot!

  3. drbhelthi

    Obviously, Trump is simply following the procedure used by Obama, which is not only legal, but also prudent. Simply viewed, the procedure is designed to assist the transition of presidents, e.g. new president, new staff.

    Of course, it is possible that the “western world media” will publicize that Putin told Trump to do it, in order to continue their agenda, scapegoating Russian leadership and attempting to hinder Trump´s entering the presidency. To identify the owners of western world media, search on the words, tapnewswire 96.

  4. YJ77

    Trump needs to go DEEP into the Justice Department, Defense Department, CIA, FBI, and NSA immediately with “firings”, even if those sent packing have to be given their salaries & benefits for 12 months after their departure. Otherwise he’ll never cut out the Muslim cancer already implanted in our security infrastructure by Obama.

  5. Stephen Clayton

    In order to drain the swamp all people appointed by Obama be terminated on Jan 20th. And all heads in the present DOJ, FBI, CIA, HLS should be fired and the remainder be properly vetted using a polygraph test to determine their loyalty to America and the Constitution. All present cabinet members and their organization of thousands of people need to be fired. Vetting of anyone remaining that was hired under Obama’s regime should include all financial records to determine if any have received payment by Soros or any of his many associated companies to determine possible criminal behavior. All of the Czars and their organizations that Obama has appointed should also be fired immediately, which will save $Millions if not $Billions of tax money going toward unnecessary regulations or corrupt government spending.

    1. proudvet

      Are you crazy, idiot. Let’s give that draft dodging teen rapist Trump a polygraph. Also have the tax avoiding waste show his own taxes. Trump is a disgrace to the USofA!!!!

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