Trump Just Warned China To Back Off For The Last Time

President Trump has had enough of the way China has been treating America, their partner in industry.

Last year alone, the United States lost hundreds of billions of dollars after being ripped off by the Chinese government.

But Trump just issued his final warning to China to back off — and their response may set a precedence for hostility between the nations for future generations to come.

So far, China and Canada are two countries who have been complicating trade matters with the United States tremendously.

But only one country has vowed to even the score.

President Donald Trump went after China for being “vicious” to the United States on trade issues during a tweeting frenzy this week.

Trump later added:

When you have people snipping at your heels during a negotiation, it will only take longer to make a deal, and the deal will never be as good as it could have been with unity,” he continued. “Negotiations are going really well, be cool. The end result will be worth it!

China is targeting our farmers, who they know I love & respect, as a way of getting me to continue allowing them to take advantage of the U.S.,” he tweeted. “They are being vicious in what will be their failed attempt. We were being nice – until now! China made $517 Billion on us last year.

Trump threatened tariffs on imports from China totaling roughly $200 billion dollars, which could devastate the Eastern country.

But China could not match our tariff rates, as their imports from our country do not measure up to the imports the United States receives from China.

While China’s Commerce ministry said the nation would act with “ necessary counter-measures”, they did not specify what their possible retaliation could be.

Ultimately, this means China is fighting back in other ways .

U.S. companies in China have already reported stalled approvals of products, worker visas, and other permits/licensing application.

A manufacturer that exports vehicles to China has also recorded a stunning 98% jump in “random” border inspections that have caused a delay in the production schedule.

Throughout the majority of his presidency, Trump has remained firm in his demands against China.

The trade battle between the two world superpowers has escalated dramatically, but Trump remains steadfast.

And finally, in a bold move, Trump initiated trade tariffs against the country as a regulatory trade measure.

He has remained defiant in his position that tariffs are a useful negotiating tool with certain countries, and maintains that he is willing to drop tariffs if and only if other countries remove their own trade barriers.

President Trump has spent the better part of two years defending and protecting the interests of the American people — and intimidation tactics by China will not phase that.

Do you believe China stands a chance in a trade war with the United States?

Do you think that China’s subtle “retaliation” tactics will have any major impact on the United States industry?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Dave Law

    President Trump is just getting started….. sure… short term pain for a long term solution. China can’t maintain the pressure.. .and they know it.

    • Sharon Holmes

      I believe you are right Dave. I think China will cave like one of their soft tools or hardware items, like screws, sold at Walmart. Yes, we may have to pay a dime more at Home Depot, but you can’t return their substandard crap at Walmart anyway.

      As much as I may feel bad for farmers who are losing money on their soybean pig food, and hate that Trump has now set up Billions of dollars in bail-outs to the farmers, who had gotten subsidies for years to NOT GROW crops. Time for them to have fair share of the economy. Small farmers are already history. Farmers today, are big corporations for the most part.

      • PROJON

        What China fears most, is push back from the Chinese people. A reduction in exports to the U.S. would cause unemployment in China to rise, with unknown consequences. Remember the Communists who rule China are ruthless as are all Communist regimes.Information is coming out of China that a lot of Chinese who came from the interior to work in the cities where most Chinese manufacturing take place have become disillusioned with the city life, the crowding, harsh working conditions and air pollution and are moving back to the interior. This could spell trouble for the Communists.

        • Sharon Holmes

          Right you are. Many years ago, I was talking with an ex_Gurkha Sergeant, and I sad, “Too bad about Tienamin Square (the massacre) and he said, “No, you don’t understand, First Mao said, everyone must work, but there were some who did not want to do the jobs, and Mao said Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta (with motions of machine gun), now everyone works.” So in effect they made the people work. They are not working in the cities because they want to, and it is a very hard life as most of them were raised in rural areas to begin with, and if the demand for cheap products falls off, and they have less work to do, there will be pushback eventually. Trump understands what he is doing, and he has set up a new fund to pay farmers to keep the peace here at home until the dust settles. But farmers have been getting paid not to grow anything for years, so now that will just continue until they find a new cash crop to raise.

          • PROJON

            Hopefully, the trade dispute between the U.S. and China will have consequences for the Communists who control China. Perhaps one day the Chinese people will unshackle themselves from this repressive form of government. What’s really odd, given what history has shown about the failures of Communism, improving the lives of the people, plus the murderous control they employed, there are some in the U.S. who embrace this form of government. Payments to farmers for NOT growing crops has been going on for decades and really doesn’t make any sense. There is enough hunger in the world, it would seem, there would be markets for all crops U.S. farmers are able to produce. I would imagine tariffs on farm products as well as manufactured products fits into the equation somewhere, but it’s a complicated issue and a lot I don’t fully understand, heck there’s a lot the officials who manage these programs do not understand. I believe President Trump has a better understanding of the economics behind the issue as well as his grasp on what makes the world go around than any president in recent history. I trust him to do what’s in the best interests of America.

          • Sharon Holmes

            I completely agree. I will put my trust in President Trump to understand the trade agreements and know what is the right thing to do for America. Perhaps we will see fewer full Asian shipping containers headed East, and fewer empty ones headed West. It is very noticeable when you live in the Western states. We would be much better off paying a few cents more for “made in America.”

    • littlesmoke

      Exacto! We turn around one of their “Superships” unloaded and they will cry like a Banshee.

  • PBHayes

    No other President in recent times would have the balls to take on China. Trump is smarter than them all and will get fair and balanced trade or we’ll stop buying their crap. Buy American or just don’t buy at all.

  • David Rice

    the demorats want us under china’s foot because they have been selling out the U.S. for the last 40 years. the stuff that comes from china is garbage. they us slave labor (children) to make the crap.

  • Turtle Keeper

    The problem is the up coming elections. If things get to rough on the farmers and such they will start whining and then if the Unions get effected they will campaign against the effort. Both of them worry about right now not look at the future and how good it will be. American Taxpayers have been supporting the World for my whole life. I wish that would come to a halt in my life time. Keep up the the Good Work Mr President.

  • cloustonenergy

    Chine could be smart and know that a half of a Fortune Cookie is better than no Fortune Cookie. The US could evaluate for awhile what a half a loaf can do rather than no loaf at all. What is justified? I side with President Trump.

  • Bob Russak

    As much of a short term problem the tariffs are, in the long run it will benefit all Americans. Trump is doing the right thing. I just wish he would get greater support.

    What I find truly amazing is he is keeping all the promises he made during the campaign and even more amazing is how much he has accomplished in spite of the obstruction of Dumocrats (not a spelling error) and the lies of the Lame stream news media. It is about time we had a President who actually puts American Citizens first and will not cow-tow to special interest groups……..Keep it up Mr President

  • Sharon Holmes

    I would like to be more concerned for the farmer, who certainly deserve our support, but they got on the soybean and ethanol (corn) bandwagon in looking out for themselves, not the American people. Farmers have been paid not to grow crops or only grow specific crops, for years, and gladly accepted subsidies without considering American citizens, who pay the bill ultimately in taxes or tariffs. Well, I do not want to eat tofu, so grow something Americans want to eat, or sell your crops somewhere else.


    Now that Trump is making a deal with the EU. He can turn their deal into an economic weapon against China! Trump knows that we can outlast China. Another thing that Trump can do against China is not permit them to buy any American companies or real estate and shut their markets out! CHINA, YOU ARE NEXT! GO TRUMP! MAGA! TRUMP IN 2020!



  • Bama Bill

    With the “Idiots” that have been running the country, we have sold most of our Manufacturers to China. Like “Homelite” chainsaws? They built great saws, but now where are they made? In China! Briggs & Stratton, same thing! These “College Boys” graduate, and get a management “Position”. Then in come the “Hatchet Men”, and out go all the people with decades of experience that built the company!
    Next step, Sell the company to “China”. They make millions, we get a big “Screw” right where it hurts the most! The Right Testicle! We need to buy the companies back, and build them here. Or just “reopen” them and let China sue us for using “Their Brand Name”!

  • Mark Ray Lloyd, Sr

    China is like the sick dog you carry to the vet and bring home and it get run over wasted time and money, no exports to china period and no imports. They remindme of the Japanese after wwII.

  • PhilipK

    China desperately needs Americans to buy their goods, we are a major source of their income, and if we stop, the mills of china will stop. President Trump knows this and will play it out to the max to get China to even up the trade imbalance. Go President Trump, we are behind you.

  • Ginette Z Cohen

    President Trump is a shrewd business man. He proved it by building his wealth. He masters the art of negotiations with a fair win-win protocol. He loves his country and fights aggressively to protect her against invaders but also from other countries. He does not allow anyone to take advantage anymore of the failed political economy.The politicians never knew how to manage their
    country’s money. They exceled in spending it and were scared to hurting other
    countries. That’s why we have 20 trillion of debt.
    When they leave office, they are millionaires or billionaire and our country is poorer.
    President Trump is taking care of our money. This money will be shared with his people. Not anymore with the elites, foreign countries or international organizations who are the part of the big swamp to clean.
    President Trump needs our help to make America Great Again for all of us.


    China has MUCH MORE to lose in the trade war with the U. S.!!

  • Dan

    Stick one in them that they will never forget Mr. President! Time for the Chinese to start playing fair or cut them off for good!

  • Dan

    Buy American!

  • Alleged-Comment

    Chinese are for the Chinese. That’s all you have to remember. And oh, they make CRAP products. Very crap products. My toaster by B&D and made in China just broke today. Hardly used.

    One of dozens and dozens of products made in China that I have bought that don’t last. About 90% of my stuff.

  • President Trump will bring China to the table and they will have no other choice but to balance the trade with us. If not, then Chinese products can be shipped elsewhere in the world! America can start producing all the things we need and use and it will make America a powerhouse of economic superiority.

  • littlesmoke

    I’m betting my “folding money” on Trump. He is the only one since Harry Truman who has the “Huevos” to strike a deal for the US of A. Hillary would have pocketed the $500 million+ for her “charitable” self.

  • Roger Martin

    Their economy will crumble if this continues, ours not so much.
    China needs us a lot more than we need them.
    If we start making everything we buy from them our country will be better off.
    Only the Establishment Elite Golbalists will be hurt (the same ones who have been selling us out).