Trump Plans To Withdraw Obama’s Lawsuits

President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly considered withdrawing key cases filed under the Obama administration.

Trump’s victory has dealt a hardship for several of Obama’s main initiatives, such as transgender rights, abortifacient measures, as well as immigration regulations being loosened.

Trump’s administration will successfully undo years of damage dealt by Obama and his liberal agenda.

One of Obama’s most damaging and controversial policies is up for consideration.

The issue of transgender rights is a controversial one, at best. Earlier in the year, President Obama issued a policy stating all public schools were required to allow transgendered individuals to use the bathroom of their choice.

The Daily Caller reports:

The directive advised that the Department of Education read Title IX, the section of the federal code I concerning gender discrimination in education, to include transgender individuals, meaning a school may not discriminate against them in any way.

The Supreme Court heard the case in October and ruled that the schools were held responsible to the issue under the law.

When Trump assumes office in January, it is very likely he will order the US Department of Education to rescind the law that states schools must follow Obama’s policy.

The Daily Caller reports:

When Trump assumes office in January, he could order the Department of Education to rescind the guidance it issued to the school districts, making the first question moot. In that event, it is most likely the high court would remand the case to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to determine if Title IX requires public schools to allow trans-students to use their preferred restroom.

Another pressing issue currently of hot debate in the United States is immigration control.

Under Obama’s administration, immigrants were allowed to come and go as they pleased. Obama’s executive order that shields several million immigrants from deportation is thought to be one of the first Trump will rescind.

The Daily Caller reports:

The U.S. Department of Justice asked the high court to rehear the case in July after a ninth justice is confirmed. In the event of a tie at the Court, the parties have the right to request a rehearing. When Trump takes office, however, simply rescinding Obama’s order will end the case.

Furthermore, under the Obama administration, abortifacient measures and women’s health care measures were added to most insurance plans.

One group, the Little Sisters of the Poor, argues that the inclusion of birth control and abortifacient services infringes on their religious beliefs.

The issue was brought to the Supreme Court, where it was rogues that the group could deny payment of such services that were supposedly included in their insurance plans. Though it was decided the group could also sign a waiver to waive their use of such services. But the group believes that even the option to have such services infringes on their religious beliefs.

The Supreme Court moved the case to a lower court system in order for the Little Sisters of the Poor and the insurance companies to reach an agreement on the matter.

When put into office, Trump will likely either find a compromise suitable for the Little Sisters of the Poor group, or repeal the Affordable Care Act altogether.

One thing is for certain – the Obama administration certainly made an impact on our country, but not necessarily for the better.

With Donald Trump in office, there is hope to stop the inflow of immigrants, the use of contraceptives and abortifacient measures, and the push for social justice issues to influence laws such as the transgender bathroom bill.

What are your thoughts?

Is Trump going to repeal all of these cases? Or are there more important issues to deal with?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Obama has done so many terrible things to America. He acts like he wants to destroy the very fabric of all religious beliefs except Islamism. Regarding so-called women’s rights to abortion and particularly partial-birth abortion, except for extreme cases, in my mind is murder. Too many women use abortion as just another birth control method. It’s surprising that Obama didn’t enact an executive order giving parents the right to kill their children within the first 10 years of their lives. As a practicing Christian, and going directly against the unfounded beliefs of many liberals, a baby in the womb has the God-given right to life upon conception. More should be done to prevent abortion and provide for adoption of babies. Millions of lives are at stake and I truly believe that God will hold parents accountable if they murder their children before or during birth, which is the case with partial-birth abortion. The extreme cases where rape, incest and the life of the mother are probably minuscule when dealing with the millions of babies killed every year by abortion. It is a proven fact that many women and their husbands who agree to abortion, suffer from sorrow and guilt for unnecessary abortions when they could have easily chosen to give birth and allow their babies to be adopted instead.

    • CharlieM

      Abortion is murder. Pure and Simple.

    • Poor Richard

      I’ll take it one step further. I believe God will hold the blood of those aborted babies on the heads of those who support candidates that promise to keep abortion wide open. If one wishes an enemy of the Gospel well, they partake of their sin. I can’t imagine a vote being worth anything less. Don’t believe me, check out; 2 John 1:10-11. I felt obligated to add this to this discussion as a watchman; that is worth reading up on also. I’m just saying.

  • susan

    Go, Go, Go. Reverse all these bad policies. Not a good one in the bunch. Keep it up!

  • Rani

    Obama has made a colossal mess in this country and I just hope that before he gets out, he doesn’t do even more to mess up our country. Pres.-Elect Trump should push everything Obama has done off the books as soon as he takes office. Then, he and his team have the huge job of tackling all our other important issues that have gone down the drain thanks to Obama and Hillary Clinton. Both Obama and Clinton should have been impeached long before this election. Unfortunately everything they have done has sneaked up on the american people, but now we, the people, the ones who are taxed to hell and back, might be able to breathe again thanks to President-Elect Trump. Pelosi, Warren and Sanders should be cleared out of Congress because they’re the swamp people and need to go.

    • CharlieM

      It’s easy for these things to “sneak” up on the American people when a large portion of the people are either asleep, or just beginning to wake up. It did take much too long for the grass roots groundswell to reach winning proportions.

      Now we just need to keep them awake. Stay Vigilant all you Proud Deplorables.

      • Rani

        Very true. This time I know I’ll pay attention and I know you will too. We’ve had enough of sneaky politicians and I can’t wait until President-Elect Trump drains the swamp and term limits are put into place. At least that will help a lot. Have you ever seen such a tantrum these Democrats are having? It’s unbelievable and they’re clinging on like a bunch of cats. Donald J. Trump is just the guy to lead this nation at this time and bring back respect to the U.S. from all the other nations who have been on a free ride on our backs. I’m certainly “Proud to be a “Deplorable” and I’ll be vigilant.

        • CharlieM

          Yup. The Demonrats are like a two year old that thought he had a sure-fire way to fool Mom and Dad and abscond with the candy. Then, found out that the siblings told Mom and Dad.

          Then comes the temper tantrum. They think by screaming and telling more lies, Mom and Dad will give in. Tough Love. Let them throw their tantrum.

          • Rani

            Exactly what the Demorats are – going nuts because we’ve got their numbers.They’re reeling because they didn’t think it would happen. So sure of themselves as was Hillary. I hope they knock themselves out. We’ll watch them implode.

          • CharlieM

            We’ll watch with great glee!

  • marina knife

    The ‘progressives’ arguments in many areas are flawed & hypocritical; they have a steadfast objection to Church or rather the Christian religion possibly influencing or effecting the public arena in any way. The Separation/Church & State premis. To this end removal & objections to any form or expression of Christian iconography or utterance in the public space, yet other religious beliefs are supported. Removal of monuments of The Ten Commandments – yet very quickly a Baphomet statue can be erected in it’s place, no objection is made by the ‘progressives’. Enforcement of birth control right up to late abortion, under health insurance, this is a clear case of *State & Church being joined* – certainly the joining is more a case of ‘horns locked’. This ‘joining’ initiated by the State* – being the enforcer of the State’s will upon the Church – isn’t that the objection held against the Church and thus the support for the Separation of the two? The state can ‘join’ when it wants to force it’s will upon the other and impinge on individual’s *Right to conscience*, an act of force against another’s conscience, this other can’t defend itself against assault by the State upon a member of the Church of Christ. One side only can can choose on what issue and when the Separation is ignored. Totally flawed state of affairs.


    Abortion in case of rape is saying a baby conceived of rape is worthless. That is a tough one if one believes God has a plan for all of us.

    • Poor Richard

      Thank You!

  • redrider

    People who claim to be religious need to remember that God gave mankind the right to choose while we lived in the Garden of Eaden. If I make a bad choice I will have to accept the concequences for my actions. The bible tells about Adam and Eve, Cain and Able and many others. Right or wrong God gave us the right to choose. Freedom of Choice is a big deal, the prisons are full of people who made a bad choice and acted on that decision. Abortion is murder, but I should be able to make that choice for myself, then I should have to suffer the conciquences of my choice. I don’t need or want someone making that choice for me. That’s off subject. We need to get a lot of what Obama did to us fixed. I think President elect Trump will do this!

    • Pete Stadler

      I don’t know if you’re for or against abortion, but you said something remarkable “Abortion is murder, but I should be able to make that choice for myself, then I should have to suffer the consequences of my choice”
      You might suffer some emotional trauma (and/or the consequences of abortion medically), buy the true person that suffers is the aborted baby. I believe choice should be “I made the choice to have sex, and if that choice results in pregnancy, the only choices left are ‘do I raise the baby or give it up for adoption'”. Abortion causes intense pain to the unborn child, but its screams are never heard. No person, including the mom, should have a legal choice to murder. Most “liberal” policies and laws seek to remove the consequences of bad decisions.

      • redrider

        I can see that you kinda understand my remark. I’m a pro-adoption person, yes I believe that that’s the best idea. I have known 2 people who were orphans and one that his mother gave him up for adoption. All 3 were great people! Thanks for understanding.