Trump Sends McCain Powerful Message

During 2008, then-Republican nominee for President, John McCain, ran on a campaign of being a “maverick”.

McCain has always maintained the reputation he’s willing to buck his Party’s leaders ever since President Reagan was in office.

He especially made that title clear in 2008, when it was widely known he preferred Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman as his vice presidential running mate instead of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

But during Obama’s two terms, his maverick opposition was rather quiet.  Why is that?

Because now, McCain seems to be embracing his raging old role of being a maverick again.

Recently, Sen. Lindsey Graham and McCain drafted a joint declaration opposing President Trump’s immigration ban executive order.

McCain also broke with Trump over the decision to scrap the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, saying Trump’s proposed import tax on U.S. businesses relocating to Mexico was “insane”, and he took the lead in raising alarm about the reorganization of the National Security Council.

And then he found a reason to blast Rep. Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s nominee for the key post to run the Office of Management and Budget.  He said the longtime deficit hawk had spent his career pushing cuts to military defense spending.

At Mulvaney’s confirmation hearing, McCain yelled at the Rep. saying,

“All I can say to you, sir, is that I’m deeply concerned about your lack of support for our military.”

But most recently, McCain criticized the military operation in Yemen, which was deemed a success, although unfortunately, Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens was killed in action.

And of course, Trump clapped back at the maverick.

Of course, President Trump is right that his criticizms emboldens our enemies.  When the “loyal opposition” criticizes the White House on a military operation which was obviously successful, then it encourages Islamic terrorists to keep terrorizing.

McCain, being the maverick that he is, appeared vexed by the raid’s conclusion and described it as a “failure”.

But McCain’s memory must be becoming really short with age because he has been a large part of, if not has completely advocated for, numerous conflicts around the world.

All of which were a disgrace to America.

Trump also pointed out in his tweet:

And White House press secretary, Sean Spicer said during the White House press briefing,

“I think anybody who undermines the success of that raid owes an apology and [does] disservice to the life of Chief Owens.”

Clearly undermining Trump’s decisions will get you nowhere.

John McCain needs to bury his maverick persona because his juvenile objections and criticisms of Trump only reflects on his disloyalty to the American people.



20 thoughts on “Trump Sends McCain Powerful Message

  1. Jake319

    Trump should never be questioned……all hail
    The raid was not successful. Trump put those men in danger. So he could act like a tough guy for his supporters.
    They had to call in air support. Covert missions are designed not to need air support. A member was killed and all the intelligence was destroyed by the enemy while the seals were dealing with wounded and dead comrades. Trump has proved he knows nothing about leadership or organization. He’s an idiot.

      1. Jake319

        What does that mean? Facts are facts the terrorist that they wanted to grap got away and is now trolling trump on twitter…lol

      1. Jake319

        That doesn’t make any sense. “conducted the plan and the operation ” ? That’s redundant.
        Your just trying to apologie for your hero lack of knowledge and his inability to lead. It doesn’t help the military that he’s a draft dodger…
        Trump gave an order and. Seal died. It was not successful so the seals are to blame . Right? Trump owns this. Just like GWBush owns the responsibility of 14000 amputees from Iraq.

        1. drbhelthi

          Yes, it was redundant and you noticed the redundency. Yet, your robotic, brain-washed, value system distorted the meaning and you repeated your continued, robot-type of subterfuge.

          Obviously, you are so robotized that you are unable to exercise critical thinking values and can only think within the value system that your superiors have built into your thinking ability. Your are unfortunately an UNDERLING; an inferior STOOGE, who has been brain-washed to support the subterfuge of the USA.

          1. Jake319

            I’m not impressed with your rants. Really you represent the ignorance in America. The hostile idiots that are told over and over again lies and distortions by you masters at the corporate right wing media. I’m still waiting to hear about the Sweden terrorist attack that trump claims he saw on Fox news. You small minded paranoid people have no connection with reality. The right wing media has you scared and that’s the way they want you suckers scared and angry about things you can’t do anything about…

          1. Jake319

            True colors? Strange way to put it. I’m a Christian. I don’t see color. I abid by the teaching of Jesus Christ.

          2. rayhause

            There has been not one thing you have said came out of Christian Beliefs unless it was from radical’s bible.

          3. Jake319

            Don’t question my faith. I may become impatient with people who call me names.
            But I reject the opinions of people who have zero life experience. John mc Cain did what his country asked to the best of his ability. He survived a tour of duty that 1 in a million men could not. Trump talks to much. What he says has no reflection in biblical teaching.
            No soldier who has served deserves a bunch of lightweight politically blind losers defame their character. Ever
            Radical bible? That’s a bigoted statement.
            You have no credibility.

          4. Jake319

            This is a example of bearing false witness.
            You don’t know if Obama had a bible , a Torah, Koran, Mischifa. You don’t know!
            What I know is you heard some one say that. That’s all you know. Following these false profits will lead you in circles. Repeating hateful things does not make you smart. They expose your weakness of faith. Jesus Christ will judge us all.

          5. astrc

            Jake 319, is right Most of US citizens that are following what is going on within “OUR” government, & the people, running it, can only make judgments & comments on what we, “Hear” on see on T.V., unless you, “were there”, and know it from, “first hand”, knowledge., However we “All” have a Constitutional Right, to “Express” our opinions, (For or Against), “What we “Hear or See”, from the News Media. RIGHT or WRONG”.. insider information???

  2. drbhelthi

    It is amazing how super-rich elite have used western world media to cover the psychopathy of John McCain, beginning with his destruction of aircraft during his aviator training. McCain already had the nickname “Johnny wet-start” prior to the Forrestal event. Had McCain´s father and grandfather not been Navy admirals, his spoiled-brat history would read very differently.
    His history of captivity in Viet Nam, and subsequently as a politician, continues to display the psychopathy of a pilot who abused his fighter-jet to wilfully engage in a “wet start” as a form of “showing off”. Had this man received the punishment he deserved, he would not be in a position to continue to make “wet-starts” with his mouth, and continue to brain-wash his Arizona constituents.

    1. Jake319

      You are mad because Mc Cain stood up to trump the clown. 70% are standing up against trump the phony. Trump paid to not go to Vietnam . 6 deferments. They called trump ” wet dream” at his all gay military school. Much worest the wet start….

  3. Barbaracvm

    Vietnam, one of the reasons Vietnam hung in there for so long is because the media was against the US fighting in Vietnam. They knew that the US people would eventually stop supporting the US military. With a high casualty rate the people stopped supporting the war. They out waited us. Because we did not present a united front to the world the politicians lost the war.
    McCain is now doing what Fonda and the rest of the liberals did decades ago.

    1. Jake319

      You don’t know dick about Vietnam. If you are going to try and make a point about something. It should be about makeup or your thinning hair.

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