Trump Supporters Terrorized

As it draws closer and closer to Election Day, Trump supporters are holding rallies to gain media and social attention for the campaign, but as a result, are becoming victims of hate crimes and attacks from those who align themselves with Clinton and others.

These actions are particularly of concern around West Hollywood, a city in which “Donald Trump has been banned”. Pro-Trump rallies and supporters are being particularly targeted in this area.

An artist by the name of Tim Treadstone (whose stage name is Baked Alaska), an avid Republican and Pro-Trump activist, was attacked by two women Friday night after one such rally. The artist was attacked while walking out of a Mexican restaurant. The two women had not been previously provoked by Baked Alaska.

Baked Alaska made a statement about the attack, as reported by Breitbart:

“This blond girl grabbed my iPhone and threw it as hard as she could to the pavement. And before I could pick it up, the brunette who was throwing the food at people punched me in the head. My glasses and my hat flew off,” Treadstone told Breitbart News Friday evening. “There were claw marks on my neck.”

Authorities were contacted after the event and the two women subsequently tried to evade arrest in a nearby restaurant’s bathroom. After receiving a report from a couple who witnessed the attack, the two women were retrieved and arrested.

Trump ralliers had also been denied service at the restaurant where the attacks occurred. Upon entering the restaurant, many diners threw food and drinks, as well as calling out slurs to the ralliers.

Baked Alaska was one of the patrons denied access to the restaurant, reporting this to Breitbart:

“We walk in and all of a sudden pretty much all the customers started screaming at us, giving us middle fingers, and throwing guacamole, chips and food at our group,” Treadstone explained. “One of the female customers comes out and starts shoving us and physically saying ‘you guys don’t belong here,’ which was echoed by other tables at the restaurant. They kept saying ‘You’re not welcome here,’ just because we were wearing Trump hats. We weren’t allowed to eat at the restaurant.”

Another victim of the restaurant situation reported that the woman who attacked Baked Alaska was the ringleader of all the violence.

Breitbart reports:

“The patrons started throwing food. I’ve never seen anything like it,” author and lawyer Mike Cernovich told Breitbart News. “They were throwing nachos and guacamole at us.”

He described the woman who allegedly assaulted Treadstone as, “the instigator. She tried kicking all the Trump people out of the restaurant. She was the ring-leader of all the drama inside. She’s just a violent, feral person,” Cernovich said.

More violence occurred at the rally itself. Anti-Trump and Clinton supporters threw items such as canned drinks, open drinks, eggs, and even dog feces at the ralliers.

Baked Alaska/Treadstone has made it his intention to advocate against the violence, hoping to gain media attention so as to prevent such hostilities from occurring again.

Breitbart reports:

Justice needs to be served,” Treadstone said. “And we are going to make sure it is with the current laws in place so we ensure this doesn’t happen to other people.”

These violent attacks on Republican supporters cannot be tolerated. Many of the attackers are those that align themselves with Clinton. The Democrat Party’s candidate promotes violent and shady habits which are going to tear the citizens of this country apart.

What are your thoughts? Are the attacks directly related to the Democrat nominee and her actions? Or are they simply hate crimes?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.