Trump Teaches Obama A Brute Lesson On Leadership And Patriotism

Unsurprisingly, the liberal mainstream media has refused to cover this story.

They tried to outright ignore it, and now they’re working hand over fist to make up excuses.

It’s so bad that they are now caught up in a double standard.

When George W. Bush did this, he was branded a racist and an incompetent, unfit leader.

But thanks to Donald Trump, the liberal media is exposed for what they are and America sees a clear choice at the ballot box come November this year.

Nothing reveals the true character of a person like how they respond when people are desperately in need.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going — and that’s exactly what Republican nominee Donald Trump proved this past week.

As riots and looting sent Milwaukee, Wisconsin spiraling into chaos, Trump recently moved in to hold a rally and deliver a much-needed speech on returning to law-and-order in the United States.

The situation in Milwaukee has been extremely dangerous, and the Secret Service probably frowned at Trump’s decision to risk going there.

But something had to be done.  As American Patriot Daily previously reported, journalists are fleeing the city and refusing to cover the scenes unfolding on the ground.  They don’t feel protected in a place that has delved into full blown anarchy.

The National Guard was even mobilized to help return the peace.

Fast forward to the present flooding that has rocked the state of Louisiana and has caused food shortages and people to lose their homes.

In a clear display of strong leadership, Donald Trump showed up and held a gathering to help hand out food and other supplies to victims in need.

Of course, the media has nothing positive to say of Trump’s actions.

And this is where the double standard is on clear display.

It’s reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina during the George W. Bush administration.

At the time, the liberal mainstream media blasted Bush for not doing enough to help the victims of Katrina and for not paying them an in-person visit.

But while Louisiana is flooding and Milwaukee is burning, President Obama is on a vacation and golfing with his family.

The media has done everything in their power to downplay Obama’s lack of leadership, and they’ve done everything to dismiss Trump’s display of what a President is supposed to do in a time of crisis.

They refuse to hold President Obama accountable, which is the complete opposite of what they did with President Bush, whom they shamed for not showing up and doing what was needed to be done when the country was in need.

To make matters worse, all the media’s golden girl Hillary Clinton did was “phone in” to speak with victims and first responders in Louisiana.

It’s sickening to watch this unfold in the news cycle as corrupt politicians like Clinton and Obama get a free pass.

Regardless, America clearly sees what is happening.

They know that Donald Trump showed up when the going got tough.  He showed up for the country when people needed him.

On the other hand — or on the other “line” — Hillary Clinton was nowhere to be found.

Voters have a clear choice for the type of leadership they want moving forward.

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  • longshorts

    Trump is showing Presidential concern to Americans in need, before he has had the chance to be elected President. That shows how very much we need a President like Trump.

    Obama doesn’t care (on “vacation” AGAIN, how many vacations did former Presidents take, or abandoned their vacation when their people needed them?), Clinton is busy taking care of her medical needs – and ignoring her Country with her selfishness. Obama should not be President, because his actions show that he is mentally incapable to be President, and Clinton is not physically or mentally able to be President. What choice is left? Trump.