Trump Team Coming Together

President-elect Donald Trump’s team is really coming together despite, once again, the liberal media perpetuating against him that things were “falling apart”.

And he’s not putting “yes men” alongside of him, either.

Trump’s choice for White House Chief of Staff will be Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus.

It’s no secret these two had some fundamental differences during the Presidential campaign, but it’s clear they have been buried.

Trump has also formally asked retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to be his National Security Adviser. Flynn accepted.

Here’s what you need to know to familiarize yourself with Flynn.

Flynn served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) between 2012 and 2014. He has also advised Trump on national security issues for the last several months.  Presumably, the main issue they discussed was how to defeat ISIS.

After leaving the DIA, Flynn became a big critic of the Obama administration and the Pentagon.  He took issue with a wide range of national security policies, including the administration’s approach to fighting ISIS and general foreign affairs.

Flynn was forced out of the DIA because he disagreed with the administration’s approach to combating global extremism.

But now as a national security adviser, Flynn will work in the White House and have frequent access to the President.

And this position does not require confirmation by the Senate.  Whoever holds it is typically shielded from congressional requests to testify or produce documents with constant vetting.

In recent public comments, Flynn has emphasized his view that the threat posed by ISIS requires a more aggressive U.S. military, as well as his belief that Washington should work more closely with Moscow to defeat them.

Flynn is also a champion of renegotiating the Iran nuclear deal, which was another foreign policy theme Trump pushed during his campaign.

With Flynn’s military experience, it seems like he’d be a shoe-in to lead the Pentagon. But without a waiver from Congress, he is not eligible to be Secretary of Defense because federal law says

“a person may not be appointed as secretary of defense within seven years after relief from active duty as a commissioned officer.”

Two sources told Fox News earlier this week that Flynn’s potential appointment is seen by Trump’s team as a way to tap into his national security expertise, without subjecting him to intensive questioning.

During the campaign, Flynn was thought of as a potential running mate for Trump before he chose Mike Pence.

And rumors are also spreading that Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate who lost to Barack Obama, is being considered for Secretary of State – despite having previously labeled Trump as a “fraud” and a “phony”.

But they’ve exchanged barbs throughout their history.  Trump called Romney “a loser” and said he “choked like a dog” during his ill-fated campaign 4 years ago.

Trump said about Romney:

“If he would have devoted the same energy and time to winning the presidency four years ago, as he is now on trying to destroy our party and the unity of our party, he would have won that election and we wouldn’t have had the problems that we have right now.”

Who’s the bigger man now?

Contentious?  Of course.  But that’s politics, baby.  If Romney is the right man for the job, then he’s the right man for the job.