Trump will Personally Take On Anthem Protestors Now

President Trump has been unwavering in his defense of patriotic traditions that liberals are choosing to blatantly ignore.

Colin Kaepernick, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, was the first to initiate protests against the Anthem in August of 2016.

But over a year later the protests still continue, leading President Trump to take the matter into his own hands.

The president himself has decided to lead a petition against Anthem protesters.

Trump has recently organized a petition on the GOP website inviting those who believe in the patriotic symbolism behind standing for the Anthem.

Breitbart reports:

According to USA Today, “The Trump Make America Great Again Committee posted a petition Thursday on the GOP web site asking for signatures from supporters who believe in standing for The Star-Spangled Banner ”to show your patriotism and support,” first reported by The New York Daily News.

“The petition comes one day after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL Players Association, team owners and players met for two days in New York City to discuss, among other things, how to handle the anthem moving forward and enact social change on a national level.”

After two days of meetings with NFL owners and several NFL players, Roger Goodell said that the NFL would “encourage” players to stand for the anthem, but would not require them to do so.

President Trump has called out individual players for their protests in the past, but his tweets have fallen mostly on deaf ears as the players continued to protest.

In October, Trump tweeted:

But despite the action taken against the protestors, protests still continue by players like Kaepernick.

Players like Colin Kaepernick are claiming their protests are merely extensions of their freedom of speech.

But while their protests continue, many like Kaepernick are finding themselves losing sponsorships and contracts with networks.

Do you believe that kneeling or sitting during the Anthem is blatant disrespect?

Would you sign the petition against NFL players?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



29 thoughts on “Trump will Personally Take On Anthem Protestors Now

    1. John E Strom Jr.

      The $ BILLIONAIRE team owners are the employers.
      The players are the employees. Hired help.
      Jerry Jones should tell them to end their childishness or they’ll be traded. THAT will straighten most out – PDQ. The rest you trade, sell or terminate

  1. Bob Greer

    I will stand up for the flag and for Prez Trump….loving college football, nascar, and the World Series…this could end the NFL and I hope it does..

  2. Bob Nettles

    I am a 71 year old disabled veteran and as far as I am concerned the NFL can go to hell and I will not watch one more game this year. These players have to be paid and the owners no it. I will not watch multi dollar players disrespect our flag and the NFL backing them.

    1. John E Strom Jr.

      Semper fi, Bob. Thanks for your service.
      I agree, the NFL – especially those whining Afrikans – they can GO TO HELL. They pissed away any respect I had for them. No longe will I EVER watch a damned NFL game again. Trump and congress need to strip the NFL, NBA and MLB of ALL tax breaks. These teams are owned by $MULTI-BILLIONAIRES and most, if not all, hate Trump. The Afrikans just hate whites and America. Piss on both groups.

      1. rad77red

        i’m a navy vet & disabled & ride a wheelchair , but I can stand for the anthem & flag !! those that don’thave no excuse !!!!!!

  3. HCUA

    Crapper-nick can now go down to the nearest unemployment office and draw one hundred a week to help him get by, same as the rest of us.


    overpaid thugs many with criminal records, using, abusing women, drugs and alcohol. Give the money to the true heroes…the military. Ashcan the entire demonic distraction. Jesus could not have planned it better. Too many Americans rationalize chasing moronic, demonic garbage.

  5. Bill Whalen

    Goodall and the owners are solely responsible for not keeping order in their own house. NFL guideliness state very clearly what each player is required to do during the Nat Anthem, and that is stand and face the flag. This is only 60 secs or less of respect, but good old Goodall announces the players v=can do what they want. The American viewers have spoken with their choice.
    The disgusting display from Jerry Jones to kneel then stand for the flag, was a manipulation of the situation, helping to skirt the real issue. His strong words to get rid of any player who does not stand was a rouge. Jones is placating his team.

  6. John E Strom Jr.

    The liberal trash aren’t ignoring them they are DEFYING them. They HATE America and they hate conservatives. Jail them. Give them a police record.

  7. shetland pony1

    I disagree with all the players kneeling, but not because it disrespect the flag and Anthem. My question to anyone is who decides when you should stand, sit or kneel for anything? Everyone has a right according to the US Constitution, the freedom to protest. Everyone that disagree with the players has a right to protest. But what’s the difference? You’re exercising your right to protest against them protesting. The POTUS has more important things to do than to concern himself with athletes protesting. What if everyone who wanted to protest the Nations injustice, concerning equal opportunity by burning the flag? We would get the same results such as, lock them up, Go back where you come from. Everything concerning the flag and Anthem is about tradition. But burning the flag is not illegal according to the Constitution. If someone disagree it’s there right to not participate end of discussion. Kneeling is not a form of disrespect but a form of honor. That is why l disagree with kneeling to any person, place or thing. You should only kneel to All Mighty GOD.

    1. Confederate Freedom

      No one and I mean no one should be able to protest the American flag in any way.You want to protest then protest but if you want to disrespect the American flag in any way then you disrespect our country so why not get out and find a better country.These people need to be cleansed from our nation and removed to and environment that better suits them.United we stand divided we fall so let’s get like minded people and remove ourselfs of the others,in other words let’s live by the constitution we were built on.

  8. demarree1

    I want the flag displayed before every game and the anthem played. The networks do not show it anymore, they are cowards!! The hell with the NFL and the gutter rats that started this bullshit.

  9. Marie Jones

    i certainly would sign a petition against the protesters i have love and respect for the flag national anthem and the USA

    1. John E Strom Jr.

      These protests were designed to make President Trump look bad and build up support for Black Lives [don’t] Matter.

      The $BILLIONAIRE team owners wanted to send a message to the president that THEY controlled YOU who watch the NFL games – to undermine our president and our country.

      The idiot black players wanted MORE power so blacks would gain/regain the power they have enjoyed to riot – without consequence. BOTH the owners AND the players are childish and America hating slime.

      We can punish the clubs by turning OFF the television or NOT going to their games, by calling their advertisers and telling them you’ll no longer buy their products and by supporting the termination of ALL tax breaks for the teams, the NFL and the stadiums they get US to pay for. End ALL of them. And call those cities and let them know you want laws enforce for eveyone equally and NOT special rules for rioting blacks, he only creature in the World that destroys its own environment.

      The players need a lesson in civics as well. Don’t buy their sweatshirts and other memorablia and call THEIR advertisers and let them know they are losing your dollars. That’s ALL the owners care about and a good deal of what the players care about as well. Give it to them in “spades”.

  10. Dennis Broussard Sr.

    As a 30 yr vet, I find it very disrespectful and would sign a petition in a heartbeat. I’m already boycotting NFL products and TV broadcasts. Will continue to do so until these ingrates followers of a Muslin inbred, ingrate learn some respect for our country. I think the protesters suck a big one and are too stupid to realize how much they are causing hate and discontent in America. They are making things worse not better!!!

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