Trump’s Plan For ISIS Could Be In Jeopardy

Under the Obama administration, little was done to effectively eradicate ISIS.

Now, President Trump has a plan to take out the terrorist organization for good.

That could be jeopardized, however, due to an intervention by a supposed ally.

Currently, the U.S. plan of attack against ISIS employs the use of the Syrian Democratic Forces, a militant group composed primarily of Kurdish militias who have it out for ISIS.

But a U.S. ally is stepping in and may try to take out the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Daily Caller reported:

Current U.S. strategy against ISIS relies on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Syrian rebel group largely composed of Kurdish militias. The problem is, Turkey regards these groups as existential threats to its existence and believes they are deeply tied to the PKK. The U.S. has special operators embedded within the SDF’s ranks and believes it is the only group capable of retaking the ISIS-held capital of Raqqa in Syria.

Turkey attacked SDF-controlled villages Wednesday, according to SDF spokesmen. Turkey’s operations appear geared towards taking the SDF controlled city of Manbij, which is right along its border. “The fight for Manbij will derail the U.S.-backed campaign against ISIS and create opportunities for al Qaeda to expand further in Syria,” ISW’s assessment declares.

The Syrian Democratic Forces likely play a key role in President Trump’s plan to eradicate ISIS, and any loss of theirs is a loss for the U.S., as well, in the fight against Muslim terror.

Defense Secretary Mattis and President Trump have already increased the amount of ground strikes against ISIS, including employing more foot soldiers.

The Daily Caller reported:

Trump and U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis have already quietly escalated the U.S. ground war against ISIS, which includes additional assistance to the SDF. “There are signs of full support from the new American leadership — more than before — for our forces,” an SDF spokesman told Reuters Feb. 1.  Trump also indicated in July he was a “big fan” of the Kurdish forces and wanted to balance his strategy with Turkey. “It would be really wonderful if we could put them somehow both together,” he told The New York Times.

“Further escalation between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds would severely jeopardize – and likely halt indefinitely – the campaign against ISIS in Ar-Raqqa City,” ISW declares.

The fact of the matter is, if Turkey decides to escalate their attacks against the Syrian Democratic Forces, the United States will lose support overseas.

While the U.S. has recently increased the amount of foot soldiers and military in that area, it has also increased the strikes against ISIS.

Losing support of the Syrian Democratic Forces may have proved to jeopardize President Trump’s plan.

But both President Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis are working to solve the conflict of the situation, and this complication may be just a mere hindrance.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Turkey’s intervention will hinder U.S. tactics against ISIS at all?

Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.



3 thoughts on “Trump’s Plan For ISIS Could Be In Jeopardy

  1. George T Horvat

    Turkey is actually our enemy. That will prove to be true in the near future. Erdogan wants to resurrect The Ottoman Empire in the worst way. That’s why he is trying to drive all the Christians out of Turkey and is brainwashing the youth of his country. That so-called coup last year was a put-up job so that he could gain more power and get rid of most of the secular laws. “DON”T TRUST THIS RABID MUSLIM! EVER!”

  2. Reynald Deschamps

    It is very well documented that ISIS is a CIA / Israeli / NATO intelligence creation used as proxy forces to remove Assad (who has support from the Syrian People and Russia ) ISIS did not exist before we invaded and destroyed Iraq, You will never see ISIS attacking Israel..
    As a matter of fact the criminal thugs from ISIS are mostly mercenaries from Saudi Arabia who works covertly with Israeli intelligence
    Naive Americans never asked How Isis got their money weapons and training and never wonder why ISIS target EXCLUSIVELY Muslim countries that NATO /US/ Israel want to destabilize or dismantle for regime change ?.or NATO member European countries who are reluctant to follow the US perpetual war in the Middle East agenda.
    During his campaign Donald Trump stated that we should work with Russia to destroy ISIS instead of trying to remove Assad while destroying Syria he was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT !
    Of course now he is in the White House under the Israeli Lobby influence and control he changed his mind selling us the old cold war propaganda promoted by NATO “Evil Russia” bombing Syria… NOPE they don’t THEY BOMB ISIS who is covertly supported by the CIA
    click this attachment and find the FACTS :

  3. jim jones

    My, My the knowledge of the internal workings of the CIA and other government activities is pervasive, folks must have been reading slime balls emails.

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