Trump’s Trusted Colleagues May Be Planning to Betray Him

The nation is clearly divided when it comes to current political issues, but it seems the divide may extend into even the White House.

President Trump has been a firm advocate against one major foreign contract, and some of his staff have voiced their opinion against his decision.

But in an act of betrayal, a few of his trusted colleagues may try to revive the deal—and do it behind the President’s back.

President Trump has been promising for months to decertify the Iran nuclear deal.

But his trusted advisor, H.R. McMaster, has reportedly been meeting with Democrats in secret to plan a counter against the president’s decision.

Sources confirm that McMaster is planning to undermine Trump in order to revive the nuclear deal.

The Daily Beast reported:

In a meeting with Senate Democrats last week, President Donald Trump’s top national security aide had a message for those worried that the administration may scuttle the Iran nuclear deal: If Trump doesn’t have to see it, he won’t be able to kill it.

The point National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster conveyed, according to a congressional Democratic aide, was that “[Trump] wants this out of sight and out of mind.”

McMaster was more subtle and careful in his words when he hosted a group of roughly 12 lawmakers at the White House, conspicuously timed with the president out of town. But that was the impression he left, three sources familiar with the briefing tell The Daily Beast.

The Iran nuclear deal provides a somewhat complicated scenario for the president.

Though Iran is technically following to the letter of the sanction, Iran continued to build weapons and s

President Trump is met with a deadline every 90 days to indicate whether or not Iran has kept their end of the bargain— but so desperately wishes to end the support of the terrorist-laden country.

Some in the White House, like H.R. McMaster, wish to continue the sanctions regardless of the unknown terrorist activity.

The Daily Beast continued:

Under the terms of legislation passed around the negotiation of the Iran nuclear deal, the president is required every 90 days to determine whether Tehran is in compliance. The measure was designed to put President Barack Obama (and anticipated successor Hillary Clinton) in a bind—forcing politically-uncomfortable declarations in support of an unpopular nuclear accord on the regular. But in the age of Trump, the 90-day-deadline has presented an unanticipated problem.
“Trump doesn’t want to have to be embarrassed every 90 days,” a Senate aide told The Daily Beast.
Trump, aides say, has desperately wanted to announce that Iran is in violation of the deal, which puts caps on the country’s ability to produce fissile material and opens it up to stringent inspections in exchange for relief from international sanctions geared to impede the nuclear program. But the facts just won’t support it. Iran is living by the accord even as it’s moving forward with its ballistic-missile program and shows no signs of backing off its support for terrorist groups and regional destabilization. Even Gen. Joseph Dunford—the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and, in theory, Trump’s top military adviser—recently admitted that “Iran is adhering to its [nuclear deal] obligations.”

While foreign policy teams fret the fallout from the deal ending, President Trump concedes that terrorism can no longer be supported, and is expected to announce the end of the deal shortly.

Do you believe the Iran nuclear deal should end?

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s Trusted Colleagues May Be Planning to Betray Him

  1. milmac

    If McMaster is not the only betrayer, name the others. When colleagues is used it means more than one. One would be colleague.

  2. MARYANN33

    McMaster was put there at the request of Jared Kushner. He is so very bad for Trump and his daughter Ivanka is just as bad as they are Demoncrats totally..Brianwashed like all their age..What the heck are they doing in our White House..Trump had Bannon and Gorka who are 100% trustworthy. Gut he listened to Jared and has been off the mark ever since..God put Trump in there to follow his Gut and God not two snotty nosed 30 year olds neglecting their parental duties to work with Trump who need them like a hole in head..which is just about what they amount to..How dare they neglect their greatest duty to be full time parents of all these very very tiny children..Selfish to the core… McMaster fired Bannon and Gorka, and Jared talked Trump into crooked McMaster.

  3. MARYANN33

    If Trump does not get those two kids out of office, this will be a tiny detail of all the bad advice he follows in the name of family and not country…Get rat McMaster out now. Remove Ivanka and Jared as you would any enemy of our country now.

  4. Bill Gammage

    this whole article sounds like a leftist wishlist. Just how it is reading, I doubt there is any truth to this article. he is making assumptions inserting his own biased opinion and wishful thoughts into another persons dealings. go read it slowly again.

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