Tucker Carlson Revealed the Big Secret About George Soros’s Link to This Crime

Tucker Carlson won’t back down.

Liberals – led by George Soros funded groups – are trying to force Fox News to cancel him.

But Carlson turned the tables and revealed the big secret about Soros’s link to this major crime.

Media Matters is leading the hit parade against Tucker Carlson.

The group – founded by homosexual and former conservative “journalist” David Brock – exists to terrorize the sponsors of conservative media organizations in order to put them out of business.

Over the weekend, they began releasing a decade-old audio of Carlson – who had been working at MSNBC at the time – making provocative comments on shock-jock Bubba the Love Sponge’s show.

The left-wing group hoped Carlson would grovel for forgiveness so they could use his admission of guilt to demand his advertisers drop his show and Fox News take him off the air.

But Carlson refused to apologize.

In fact, he fought back.

And on a recent broadcast, he revealed how Media Matters – which is funded by George Soros – is breaking the law.

Media Matters is a 501c(3) organization under the tax code.

That means they are tax-exempt and individuals can write off donations to the group as a tax deduction.

But that also means they cannot engage in political activities on behalf of a political candidate or party.

Media Matters routinely violates this law.

In 2016, Media Matters colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign to boost her in the primary against Bernie Sanders.

Carlson detailed how in a New Republic report, a former staffer told the magazine, “We were ‘running defense for Clinton’ one Media Matters staffer said, ‘defending Hillary from every blogger in their mother’s basement.’”

Carlson also reported that, “In a leaked 2015 memo from inside Clinton’s campaign, staff discussed cooperating, coordinating, colluding with Media Matters to attack Republicans and accuse the press of biased coverage of Hillary.”

This is flagrantly illegal behavior.

And it led to calls for the IRS to revoke their nonprofit status.

Former Bush White House Counsel, C. Boyden Gray, appeared on Carlson’s program and explained the legal jeopardy the Soros-funded group was in.

“They’ve misused you, they’ve abused you,” Gray began. “And they’ve abused me in a sense because I’m subsidizing an attack on your program and I don’t find that fair. If anybody wants to spend his own nickel attacking anybody on television, or what they have said, that’s fine, but I don’t think it ought to be subsidized by the federal government.”

Gray concluded by calling for the IRS to step in and strip Media Matters of its tax exempt status.

“They have been in violation for over a decade,” Gray added. “So it’s really outrageous. And I don’t know how it can be stopped. But I think maybe it’s time for someone to speak up at the White House and say, look, the IRS is controlled, it’s under the control of right-thinking people, or better thinking people, and let’s see if we can push the IRS to treat you fairly. And to treat all people fairly who don’t want to subsidize a speech they don’t agree with.”

Do you think Media Matters should lose the tax exempt status and face penalties for their illegal conduct?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.




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