TV Host Explodes: Shocked Hillary Wasn’t Charged With A Crime

Hillary Clinton clearly lied to Congress.

When she testified before the Benghazi Select Committee, House Republicans claim she committed perjury four different times.

And one TV host agrees. But what shocked everyone was on whose airwaves she declared Hillary committed perjury.

On “MSNBC Live,” Stephanie Ruhle interviewed Congressman Matt Cartwright (D-PA).

Breitbart reports:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” host Stephanie Ruhle played a montage of FBI Director James Comey contradicting Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statements before the Benghazi Select Committee and asked Representative Matt Cartwright (D-PA), “How is that not perjury?”


Ruhle said that while FBI Director James Comey said that Clinton didn’t do anything with her emails that merited prosecution, “[I]t’s not like he gave her a stellar review and an A+.” After playing a montage contrasting Clinton’s statements to the Benghazi Select Committee with FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress, in which Comey said that multiple statements Clinton gave to Congress weren’t true, Ruhle asked, “How is that not perjury?”


Cartwright responded, “Here’s what we established  when I questioned Director Comey. The question was, well, were there things marked classified that she sent or received? And out of the tens of thousands of emails that they were reviewing, only three of them had any markings whatsoever suggesting a possible classification, and I — there’s a clip from that I wish you guys would run.”


Ruhle then cut in, “But only three is not zero. You either did it or you didn’t do it. No?”

Cartwright answered, “What we’re talking about is we have three emails that had little c’s buried in the text someplace. I had the manual, and I showed Director Comey the manual, and the manual for classifying documents makes it very clear, that if you’re going to classify something, there has to be a header that says ‘Top secret,’ or ‘Classified,’ or ‘Confidential,’ or one of the levels of classification.  There has to be a header on the document, and the absence of those headers would have told somebody who understood this system that these — immediately that these documents are not classified. I put that question to Director Comey, and he said, yes, that would be a reasonable inference that anything not bearing a header is not classified. So, if we talk about three documents, that, by the way, Hillary Clinton did not send, she received, that have a little c which would indicate confidential, the lowest level of classification, somewhere in the text, that would be an improper classification marking, and the absence of a header would tell her that that is not classified information. So Director Comey said that very plainly, and I have to say, it’s a stretch to continue beating this dead horse.”

Hillary blatantly lying to Congress is why her poll numbers about her character are in the tank.

A recent NBC/Survey Monkey poll found only 11% of Americans find Clinton to be honest and trustworthy.

This finding gives hope to Republicans that Donald Trump can catch up to Clinton in the polls.

Even though Trump currently trails, Americans have judged Hillary to be a liar.

They are looking for a reason to vote against her.

If Trump can refocus the campaign on Hillary’s weaknesses, political experts believe he still has a path to victory.

But Trump will have to run a more disciplined, on-message campaign in order to do so.

Do you think Trump can exploit Hillary’s negative poll numbers and win the election?

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