University Promise To “Protect Students From Trump”

In yet another ignorant defense by liberal social justice warriors, the University of California recently made a vow to “protect” illegal immigrant students from being deported. This pledge followed the results of the election declaring Donald Trump as the winner.

University President Janet Napolitano says the school will do whatever it takes to protect students within the law.

The Daily Caller reports:

Some of the principles include:


No confidential student records will be released without a judicial warrant, subpoena or court order, unless authorized by the student or required by law.
No UC campus police department will undertake joint efforts with local, state or federal law enforcement agencies to investigate, detain or arrest individuals for violation of federal immigration law.
Campus police officers will not contact, detain, question or arrest any individual solely on the basis of (suspected) undocumented immigration status.”

The school’s release of the unprecedented statement of “protection” is yet another cry foul from the left, after many liberals “grieved” following the results of the election.

The University of California released the list of principles in what they claim is their way of “protecting the civil rights and liberties of their students”.

The Daily Caller reports:

“While we still do not know what policies and practices the incoming federal administration may adopt, given the many public pronouncements made during the presidential campaign and its aftermath, we felt it necessary to reaffirm that UC will act upon its deeply held conviction that all members of our community have the right to work, study, and live safely and without fear at all UC locations,” Napolitano said in a statement accompanying the principles.

The University of California is one of many campuses across the nation that has declared themselves “sanctuary campuses” for students.

California State University is also another school following suit to the “protection of students” trend.

An estimated 2,500 illegal immigrants are enrolled in the ten campuses of the University of California.

Ironically, University President Napolitano previously served as Secretary of Homeland Security under President Obama, and was responsible for the deportation of thousands of illegal immigrants.

Her hiring yielded many protests at the university when students were made aware of her past as Secretary of Homeland Security. Students were even arrested as a result of the protests.

Millennial social justice warriors were outraged across the country with the results of the election, and now are looking for any excuse to cry foul against the President-elect and his predicted policies.

Liberals are coming up with more “defenses” daily, as a result of their loss in the election.

But protests and defensive policies, such as those found at the University of California, are dividing the county, and that is the very reason the country needs a leader such as Donald Trump, who promises to end the corruption in Washington and make changes to better the country.

What are your thoughts?

Do you believe the University of California’s vow of protection is uncalled for?

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  • Jake319

    No, I believe that some one going to school in California. As far more value then an overweight hillbilly drawing social security disability in Florida