Was Hillary Clinton Behind This Scandal The Entire Time?

For over a year, Democrats pushed for an investigation into the affairs of President Trump’s campaign in connection to any Russian ties.

The special counsel investigation was triggered by one key event- the leak of a “dossier”; its origin was previously unknown.

But now, a new story is coming to light with the authors known—and the truth may not surprise you.

Information just leaked featuring Hillary Clinton and the DNC as the real conspirators behind the infamous Russian dossier.

The Washington Post first reported this new information.

In their report, they revealed that a treacherous Republican first contacted Fusion GPS, the firm behind the compilation of the dossier.

Clinton and the DNC later continued the work of that Republican.

Breitbart News reported:

A Republican had contracted first with Fusion GPS, and Clinton and the DNC continued to fund Fusion GPS’s work, the report says.

According to the Post:
Mark Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to conduct the research.

After that, Fusion GPS hired dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community …

Before that agreement, Fusion GPS’s research into Trump was funded by a still unknown Republican client during the GOP primary.

The Clinton campaign and the DNC, through the law firm, continued to fund Fusion GPS’s research through the end of October 2016, days before Election Day.
The “Russian dossier,” whose contents Trump has denied and which has been widely discredited, is believed to have led the FBI to investigate the Trump campaign and several Trump associates.

Until now, Fusion GPS has continued to refuse to cooperate with congressional panels investigating Russian attempts to intervene in the election, and how the Obama administration probed those efforts. Democrats have also protected the company.

It is unsurprising that Hillary Clinton and the DNC we’re behind the dossier, as the investigation into President Trump’s campaign affairs dominated the media for months and gained his team bad publicity.

Hillary Clinton’s involvement is of special concern after news broke of another major scandal this week she is buried in.

Breitbart continued:
The revelation that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee were involved in procuring the salacious accusations against Trump that fed their own later accusations of Russian interference in the election lends credence to those who, like Trump himself, have regarded the Russia accusations as conspiracy theories.

Last week, Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal observed:

The Washington narrative is focused on special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. But the ferocious pushback and unseemly tactics from Democrats suggest they are growing worried. Maybe the real story is that Democrats worked with an opposition-research firm that has some alarming ties to Russia and potentially facilitated a disinformation campaign during a presidential election.

On the heels of revelations that the FBI was investigating Russian attempts to influence Hillary Clinton to approve a controversial uranium deal, Democrats will have more questions to answer about possible collusion with Russia. The FBI, too, will face additional scrutiny from Congress — especially as it agreed to pay Steele after the election for additional research into Trump’s potential Russia ties.

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18 thoughts on “Was Hillary Clinton Behind This Scandal The Entire Time?

  1. Scuttlebutt

    And this news surprises me???? NO—NOT one bit. Hillary & Bill Clinton have been getting away with murder for ages—–why would they stop now? After all—in the past, nobody has ever called their hand on anything. I just continue to wonder “WHY” they have been allowed to get away with all of the “tricks” they have both pulled all of these years? Just exactly “who” did they catch with their pants down????

  2. Ischgabibble

    The so called ‘Republican’ who initiated this dossier of lies is none other then Hillary Clinton herself dressed up in republican clothes. What better way to deflect then to appear as your opponent and stay hidden in plain sight. It is just dirty tricks as usual for the Clinton’s. After all they had all the monetary backing they needed from the DNC and Soros. They put this dossier out there to instigate fraud against Trump and his administration even before they won the election, perhaps in a vain attempt to insure Clinton would win, with or without Russian help. It is obvious Clinton had help now from Putin but it was of no consequence. $200,000 dollars does not buy much advertising today. I do not think Putin cared whether Clinton or Trump won. He just wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the political works to gum it all up and he sure has done that. Clinton used that and other things such as AntiFa and BLM to keep the vile hatred of Trump going and she placed, with the help of Obama, Comey, Lynch, Rosenstein, Mueller, and a lot of ‘dark government officials’ in place in the DoJ and FBI to keep the poison flowing towards Trump and to compile fake collusion with Putins people. We know now that the dossier and all the diatribe spewed out by the Clinton Cartel’s people are nothing more then a collection of lies put forward by Steele, his Russian and American collaborators, Soros, the DNC, and numerous members of the Democrat Party who even today continue to attempt to put forward the dossier as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The real truth is coming out now with the fury of a tornado ripping to shreds the lies and innuendos used by the left wing press to besmirch the President and the administration. The collusion of the left concerning the Russian scandal runs deep in the underground government operating within our current government, the DNC and the ‘media’. The fake investigation of the President must be brought to a stop and the real investigation of the aforementioned criminals must begin immediately, right after the arrest of Mueller as a member of the left wing underground and participant in the Uranium One treason debacle while still an employee of the FBI. America cannot wait. We must act now!

    1. MoonBeamWatcher

      RIGHT but WRONG . . . the SWAMP Rats in the GOP primary comishioned the initial dossier and when the new Bush was thrown to the curb THEY no longer needed it to attack “The Donald” and Fukashan or who ever asked the DNC if they wanted to continue the GOP work. U BETCHA they said and thought they had a “FREE HEADSTART” by picking up the FIRST EFFORTS . . . THE BURING QUESTION MUST BE: IF HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON IS SO unSCRUPULOUS TO USE THE ADVANCE CNN DEBATE QUESTIONS 2X THIS KNOWN LIAR AND MANWHORE ENABLER WOULD DO ANYTHING!

  3. James Pidd

    McCain was the guy who sent one of his staff to England to retrieve the dossier. There was more collusion against Trump than one can imagine. Never-Trumpers aligned with Dems. Dems aligned with Russia while pushing the narrative that Trump was colluding with Russia. That’s why they call DC a swamp.

    1. 8gary8

      President Trump is fighting an oligarchy of ESTABLISHMENT plutocrats! Thus, as he stated, “I take all of the slings and arrows for you. I take them for our movement, so that we can have our country back.”

  4. James Pidd

    Hillary is a self-described acolyte of Saul Alinsky and all of this is right out of his “Rules for Radicals.” Who can actually be surprised by this?

  5. Tom McKee

    And now that the spotlight is on Democrats and Hillary and calls for him to resign what happens? Robert Mueller files charges but they are sealed. Now, everyone will be speculating about those ‘charges’ and who was ‘charged’ instead of the uranium, bribes, the DNC, the Clinton’s and the FBI. How timely!

      1. Tom McKee

        It is the timing and uncertainty of the names and charges that I was addressing concerning diversion and detraction.
        Now we have the entire weekend of the talking heads ‘wondering’ and ‘speculating’, but I have seen no Democrats’ names being speculated about – only Gen. Flynn and Paul Manafort. We don’t even know the name of the Federal Judge who sealed the indictments.

  6. barbarakelly

    This is Hillary being convicted is the only way to shut her up. She is a menace to all of us. She thinks she is better then everyone else. When she is interviewed that aloftness shows big time. And the all smiles sides plenty.

  7. 8gary8

    The Clintons & Obama are the excusive, personification of political corruption! Are they not scheming, cunning & calculated? Do they not put self-interest ahead of national interest? Are they not intertwining, parasitic, politicians? In short, both seem to be shrouded anarchist!

  8. Sharon Jeanguenat

    John McCain was the Republican that did it. He’s a traitor & should be kicked out of the Senate. He’s a bitter old man, & needs to go home & stay there. No telling what other stuff he’s leaked.

  9. MoonBeamWatcher

    Untold story about “THE GRAY LADY” it’s known but not championed like the High Heels Donald’s wife wore! That was a gag-reflex challenge for a boat load of us! I’M SURE BOTH GOP and honest DNC members.
    BACK TEN YEARS AGO THE NYT SENT A JOURNOLIST TO EUROPE TO FLESH OUT AND SEE IF THE “Harvey Weinstein Audition Couch” was factural. IT WAS PROVED BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT TO BE ACCURATE BUT THE NYT Editorial Board chose to not publish this TODAY exposé!

  10. David in MA

    The names McCain, Clinton, Obama, Wasserman-Schultz and Schumer come quickly to mind….. and, maybe even RINO Ryan and RINO McConnell, (plus a few holdovers to be named later from the FBI & CIA.)

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