Watch Hillary Get “Bernie’d” by Black Lives Matter

hillarylivesmatterWhen Bernie Sanders lost his stage to the protestors from “Black Lives Matter” it became national news. However, you hear nary a whimper from the same news teams when Hillary gets drowned out by them.

That’s exactly what happened during a recent speech by 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Clark Atlanta University. According to The Blaze:

Black Lives Matter protesters temporarily shut down Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s campaign event at Clark Atlanta University on Friday — but that didn’t stop her from trying to win them over.


Clinton was in the middle of her speech when the group of protesters began clapping and singing a protest song titled “Hell You Talmbout.”


The Democratic candidate put on a big smile and eventually nodded along as the Black Lives Matter protesters took control of the event.


Clinton eventually said, “Now, my friends, I am going to get to some very important points that actually prove that black lives do matter.”

Other videos from the event show Clinton literally speaking over chants of “black lives matter.”


It seems no candidate is safe from the political disruption group looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Mrs. Clinton did her best, unlike Bernie, to regain control of the room, but as we saw with Bernie, the Black Lives Matter crowd isn’t interested in civil discourse, only disruption.

How do you feel Mrs. Clinton handled the disruption? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.



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