What Black Lives Matter Supporters Did To This Cop Will Make You Sick

The racist, anti-cop Black Lives Matter group continues to reach new lows.

Their latest attack on law enforcement occurred at a Starbucks in Stockton, California.

And what a member of the group did to a local police officer will turn your stomach.

A local police officer entered the Starbucks and ordered a coffee.

A supporter of Black Lives Matter prepared the drink, and then allegedly spit in the officer’s coffee.

The group later bragged about it on their Facebook page.

Breitbart reports:

“A California Black Lives Matter group claiming one of its members happily spit in a local police officer’s Starbucks order is also saying they are proud of the incident, even as the Starbuck’s location is denying it ever happened.


A Facebook post on the Black Lives Matter sponsored page titled “Stockton Police Department, Corruption Reporting Page,” announced that a Stockton police officer was given a coffee order laced with spit.


“We are very happy to report that today this officer from Stockton Police Department got to have coffee at Starbucks with the public,” The post reads, “it was hot coffee according to our supporters served with a side of spit they even gave it to him with a smile and a nice comment.”


The post is accompanied by a photo of an officer and his wife and child and was posted on December 28 on a page that also features a banner that reads, “The thin blue line is a terrorist symbol.”


Many commenters at the page criticized the Black Lives Matter group for its cowardly and disgusting action, but the admin of the page replied to many stating they are proud of what they claimed happened. For instance, to one commenter who said, “That’s wrong” the admin replied, “But it feels so good.”

Starbucks management denies the incident took place.

But the local Black Lives Matter group claims management is lying and doubled down on their disgusting behavior by claiming another supporter who works at a different location also spits in cops’ coffee.

Breitbart reports:

After the Facebook post made a stir, though, the local Starbucks said it investigated the incident and later reported saying they can find no evidence and no employee who perpetrated the spitting.


“We are proud of our relationship with the Stockton Police Department, who initially notified us of this rumor. We can confirm there is absolutely no truth to this post, and we are disappointed with the suggestion,” the local Starbucks said in a statement released to Fox 40 Sacramento.


After the store’s denial, the Black Lives Matter group insisted that store managers are lying and that the incident did, indeed, take place, but they won’t say which employee did it so the employee won’t face any repercussions.


The group also claimed that another restaurant in the area does the same thing to orders by police officers, but the group refused to name the place.

Apologists for the group will try to play this off as a one-time incident or as not representing Black Lives Matter as a whole.

But this is just another occurrence in a long line of disturbing anti-cops incidents involving the racially charged movement.

During a protest in Portland, Oregon this summer, a Black Lives Matter leader called for cops to be run over or attacked with pistols.

And as Black Lives Matter protests continued to escalate across the nation, critics argued the anti-police environment created by the group led to the targeted assassinations of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Dallas, Texas, as well as the attempted killings of officers in Georgia, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Black Lives Matter members– and their supporters in the so-called “mainstream” press – likes to portray the group as a socially conscious organization working for the betterment of society.

But the truth is it’s a radical – and often times violent – anti-police movement that destabilizes American society.

  • BooBooBaby

    You know that these places will and are losing business by ALL people! Who would want to go to a place of business that has Racist people working there doing Gross Disturbing things to people’s beverages and food products! Just Yuck!

  • James D. Gerhardson

    Martin Luther King would be ashamed of and embarrassed by the BLM movement.

  • tb17

    Moral of story – STAY AWAY FROM STARBUCKS.

  • tb17

    It would be interesting to know what would happen if some of these BLM members were in trouble and could not get the police to respond to their needs.